How you can support us!

Thank you so much for considering supporting our family in our adoption.  There are a few ways you can help us.

First of all, pray! We would covet your prayers for our family–for all of the logistics that go into adoption, for our finances, for our emotional wellbeing, for our future child and his/her birthmother, and for God’s name to be glorified through all of this.  We have already seen some amazing answers to prayer and know God is working.

Second, financially.  It’s hard to ask for help with this, but adoption is expensive.  Our costs will add up to about $30,000+.  This includes agency fees, international program fees, documentation fees, travel fees, and of course our child’s care.  If you are able, we are so grateful for your contribution (and if you can’t, we totally understand–we’d love for you to join us in praying for our family and our future child through this process!).  There is a button on the sidebar of our blog which links to a PayPal donation site–these funds go directly into an adoption fund bank account we have set up.  If you are interested in making your donation tax-deductible, consider donating through our wonderful, trustworthy agency AWAA – here is a form for making a tax-deductible donation.  We cannot thank you enough for helping bring our child home!!

*** At this time, we believe we are basically FULLY FUNDED!  Thanks to our three fundraisers (we did a raffle, a spaghetti dinner, and a family Christmas photo mini-sessions) and grants from Hand in Hand and the JSC Foundation, as well as generous donations from our AMAZING family and friends… we are incredibly grateful to be prepared to accept her referral whenever it comes AND have most, if not all, of our travel funds covered! THANK YOU so much for being a part of our sweet girl’s story.  We love you!



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