The Pyles Fam

Our little family…

Our little story…

Jeff & Lauren

…just the two of us

2 + 2 = 4

…became the four of us on July 26, 2009 when God blessed us with twin baby boys, Cullen Wayne & Lane Davis.

Now we’re exploring life as an instant family of four… with all of its ups, downs, challenges, and unexpected blessings. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

first birthday

second birthday

third birthday



One response

  1. Hi
    I went to school/church with Jeff in Ravenna. I was good friends with his cousin Deanna. One of our other friends emailed me your link. I love looking at pics and reading your story.
    I actually found out last Wednesday that my husband and I are expecting twins. What a shock! haha! It was so great seeing them both in there moving all around. We are really excited to find out what we are having. They are acting like they will be able to tell us later this month.
    I had a couple of questions since you just went through this experience.
    Everything I read is talking about early labor and possibly having to be on bed rest. Do you have anything to add on that? Also, I have a small frame build too and I was excited to see that you looked wonderful after having the twins. Did it feel like the weight fell of quickly? Also, since I am smaller I dont know how it is possible to gain the amount of weight they want you to gain. I am starting my 13th week and I have gained 6-7 lbs. I am trying to eat healthy and monitor my calcium and protein intake. I am dreading the fact that the babies may have to spend time in the hospital without me. I cant imagine how hard that must have been for you guys. I am glad to see everything is working out great for you now. I am also wondering about stretch marks with twins. Are these inevitable?
    Did you guys buy two of everything or just a few things? I am so confused right now as I just found out less than a week ago we were having more than one baby! It’s so exciting though!
    Twinsburg, Ohio has a twins day festival every summer so maybe next year we will see you there!
    Thanks for reading my questions and good luck with the new little Pyles! 🙂
    Lisa Loughry

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