four, soon to be five.

We’re busy little bees over here packing & organizing & sorting donations (WOW y’all are awesome – the kids and staff at the orphanages & TH are going to be so blessed by all these donations!  They are much needed!).

A couple of weeks ago, Elizabeth from Almond Leaf Studios took some photos for us to document our last time as a family of four.  Can’t believe we’ll be a family of FIVE soon!!! Check out some of the photos in her blog post.  Love my guys!

Elizabeth is a contributor for Inspire Weddings & Marriage, the magazine I’m a part of, and we just love her!  So grateful for these pictures.  Can’t wait for there to be a fifth in our family pics!




2 responses

  1. So excited for you all…..three more days!!! And loved the family photos ~ they’re all beautiful! Love you all and will continue our prayers as your dream of a family of 5 becomes a reality! God is soooo Good!!!

  2. Just got the scoop from your mom via Skype, so we feel all caught up on your exciting news and travel plans. We can’t WAIT to see the first photo of all five of you together! Love and prayers from all of us to all of you.

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