In all the excitement, I totally forgot to post it here… but if you haven’t seen or heard, WE GOT A COURT DATE!!!!!!!!

Our agency called on Friday and let us know – we will be in court to make T legally our daughter on APRIL 10th!!  Friday was a blur of comparing flight options and figuring out our plans – but we got some great flights booked (thank you Jesus) and we leave on Monday the 7th!  One week!! We will be meeting our little girl for the first time on Tuesday, April 8th.  WOW.  We will also get to spend Jeff’s and T’s birthdays together in Ethiopia!  The boys are going with us and we’re all so excited.  

So we’re in a packing frenzy and trying to get everything sorted out – would love your prayers!  Here’s what you can pray for specifically as some have asked:

  • that the Lord would prepare us emotionally – Jeff and me, and T.  Just so many emotions and we’re excited, anxious, nervous… overwhelmed… also, T hasn’t been doing great lately, so just pray that our time together would give her the precious glimmer of hope that she needs! Pray for her health as well.
  • for safe flights and that the boys would do well on the long trip (I really think they will, but it can’t hurt to have extra prayers!)
  • for all of us to stay healthy the next few weeks and especially while we’re in country
  • for a sweet time of bonding while we’re there, and for the opportunities we’ll have to love on other kids/babies as well.
  • for her heart when we leave, that she’ll trust we are coming back – and that we’ll be able to return soon to pick her up and bring her home for good!

Thanks so much, dear friends!  Cannot believe that after nearly 7 months, the time has finally come! WE’RE GOING TO ETHIOPIA!


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