pieces of the pyles 3.26.14

No court date yet, but we expect to hear it any day!!!

I feel like I’ve read some REALLY good adoption blog posts lately.  Wanted to share a couple for anyone who’s interested…

THIS POST.  Written by my sweet friend Marissa – if you want to get a picture of what older child adoption will probably look like for us, read this.  Also, it’s just a really sweet reminder that even though we’re totally unqualified and unprepared (no matter how many books we read!) to parent this girl, we just need to LOVE her, do our best, and trust that only God can heal her and he is faithful.  Sister, you did an incredible job writing this!!

Why orphan care must be more than international adoption.  What we are learning, where our hearts are, and where we keep asking God to guide us in what he wants us to do about it. Good stuff, but not easy.  Here’s her follow-up post as well.

This short film had me in tears… it’s about a child in foster care, but so many of the themes are similar.  I know T (and we) will struggle with a lot of these issues.  It’s 12.5 mins long but very well done.

We went on a little family getaway weekend together a few weeks ago to a friend’s cabin – mountain cabin, fire, smores, hikes, happy family. It was really nice to get away and enjoy these little guys (and some date nights next to the fire after they went to bed)!  Can’t believe we’ll be a family of five before too long – as hard as it is to wait, we’re trying to make the most of our sweet time as a family of four.




Fraternal twins, identical sleepers.




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  1. Thanks for sharing those articles. It gives me a new lens into T’s background and how to be praying for you and Jeff as you parent her. I saw the video recently….broke my heart. We just have no idea … Love you guys and are so thankful that you listened to that small still voice in your heart. Waiting with you!!! love, MomP

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