It’s real!  It does exist! And WE HAVE IT!

On Tuesday, March 4th… our 8th wedding anniversary… we got the best gift – a call from our USCIS officer saying our PAIR letter had been issued!!! The BRI was on Feb. 28th, they cleared us the same day and mailed out our letter the next day, Saturday March 1st.  SO fast, I cannot believe it.

We have been on cloud nine!  We scrambled to certify our dossier documents (drove three hours to Raleigh yesterday, played at Marbles children’s museum while we waited on them to get certified, overnighted them to our agency, had lunch with a friend, & drove home!) so we can get our COURT DATE!

God is faithful – and we finally have our letter.  We’re getting so close to seeing sweet T’s face!

<<celebration dance>>

Thank you for all your prayers during this HARD wait since October.  We have truly felt them.

…come onnnnn, court date!


One response

  1. Wow! Great anniversary gift!! We are beyond excited for you all and look forward to the day that you will bring her home! Praising God for his love and faithfulness towards your family. Woo Hoooooooooo!!!!

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