5 months {really} waiting

So, I totally forgot it was the 11th this time.  I was in the kitchen, chopping up veggies for the meal I’d planned for dinner, when I realized it was our 5 month date.  Turns out, I was already cooking an Ethiopian meal just because we’d been craving it!  Love how that happened.

We have certainly had our doubts and questions lately with why it’s taken so long.  Other families are starting to be submitted for PAIR, and some are moving very quickly (hallelujah!!) while others are getting stalled like us.  It doesn’t make sense.  But, we have felt so much more peace this month, even without much news.  We are so thankful for our friends who are praying for us.  Our discipleship group spent a while in prayer for us, and felt like God was telling them to pray for peace and patience – and we feel that. We’re so grateful.

Our BRI is on the 28th – it will happen while we sleep Thursday night/Friday morning.  We’d love your prayers for her birth relative’s travels for the interview, and that we’d quickly receive good news that we’re getting our PAIR letter and moving on to the next step!

We know God is faithful and he will bring our girl home at just the right time.  We rest in that!


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