First day of “preschool” 2013

The boys had their first day of “preschool” yesterday… Just a little different this year. We loved everything about their school the past two years so it was a tough decision, but we’re keeping them home this year to do preschool with mommy & a group of friends with kids their own age. It’ll save us some money, give us more time together, and maybe keep us occupied as we want for sister. 😉

We had our first “group” yesterday & the boys loved it! Looking forward to a fun year learning & playing together.

Silly boys…love them.





9 months waiting

Yesterday marked 9 months since we mailed our dossier. If we’re 9 months “paper pregnant” as they call it, does that mean she’s due soon? Probably not 😉

Honestly, with all that happened this month-Jeff’s MRSA & hospitalization, the wedding, the boys’ birthday, & the past week at the beach, we’ve been pretty distracted from adoption “stuff” this month. I didn’t have time to stalk to waiting child list like usual. We realized that many of our agency adoption buddies (most of whom are adopting from the WCL-so thrilled for them!) are all traveling now for court as they try to squeeze everyone in before court closes for the rainy season. As much as I wish we were joining them (and avoiding the process changes!), God knew. We would have been a disaster with all of this MRSA mess. So, we’re feeling pretty content with where we are–God’s timing may be different than our own (remember that time we had twins 8 weeks early?!), but it’s ALWAYS best.

So, we keep waiting! We are both feeling pretty content in that this month, for once. 🙂 We know this may very likely mean our process after referral will be longer, but we just have to trust that God knows best & will go before us in that. Court closes in the next week for rainy season and will not reopen until early to mid-October, so I’m going to take that as a good reason to relax & enjoy the next couple months before things get going again and the new PAIR process starts.

We continue to pray for you every day, precious child, and love you so much.

I thought this was a great article that sums up a lot of the adoption craziness:

We were driving home from the beach yesterday so we thought it was a great excuse to grab yummy ET food to go! I was craving it this time. We really have loved Ethiopian cuisine–we are both so excited for the real thing when we get to travel there!