Oops, I certainly meant to post this a long time ago. Oh well.

The night of our big Charlotte snow also happened to be the night of Jeff’s GORUCK Challenge. For those of you with no idea what this is, he and 79 other men (in his F3 workout crew) PAID money to spend “8-10” hours (which ended up being 13+) getting hazed military-style (think endless exercises such as pushups, burpees, etc. along with them trying to mentally wear you down) and covering “15-20” miles with a backpack excuse me, RUCK full of BRICKS on his back. They also carried other various heavy items such as LOGS. Oh, and it was one of the coldest nights this winter here, got down to about 19 degrees. No big deal. Jeff, having full confidence in his Ohio yankee blood (maybe too much confidence), was actually excited about the snowy beatdown situation and dressed “appropriately”:


*Side note: he grew that crazy (or as his friends called it, “glorious”) beard for the GORUCK. I was pretty happy when he trimmed it immediately after – I’m just not fond of him looking a good decade or so older than me…

The event started at 10pm and lasted until about 11:15am the next day. I was nervous all night hoping he would be ok (and it didn’t help when a friend, whose husband was doing it with him, texted me early the next morning saying she’d had to go pick her husband up at 5:30 am because he’d passed out due to hypothermia! Thankfully he is ok, but man.). I packed the boys up the next morning to go surprise daddy at the finish (although the boys kind of freaked out because they were scared of all the “military men” – 80+ guys running/screaming, and the fact that daddy couldn’t immediately come hug them). Here’s all the guys at the finish:


It was crazy. When we got home I asked Jeff “on a scale of 1-10, how hard was it?” His answer (and Jeff is not someone to exaggerate or act like something was too hard): “14.” Well, that says it all! He also said he’d never do it again but by that afternoon (after a 4-hour nap and so sore he could barely move–not to mention he still had no feeling in most of his fingertips) he was already talking about doing the Heavy (the 24+ hour one). Men… I do not understand. 😉


If you want to read ALL about it (probably more than you ever needed to know, but it’s a great recap for the guys who did it), you can find their backblast here.

And here’s the video Brian did (he followed the guys around all night filming… thanks BP, you are the master!), although I know it was hard to capture everything since most of the beatdowns took place at all hours of the night when it was pitch black!

Well done, babe – you’ve got all my respect. Proud of you for the months of training and the fact that you never quit. You are hardcore. I’m happy to be the one at home with the boys sleeping under my warm covers so you can do this–such a sacrifice, I know. 😉



4 months waiting!

Yesterday was 4 months since DTE waiting for our little girl!  The wait is hard… but it certainly has a purpose.  God is teaching us so much & opening our hearts to so many things.  I was telling Jeff how ready I am to add to our family (though I trust God’s timing is better than mine!) and he said “we’ve only been waiting 4 months, that’s not that long yet.” True – but we started this process over a year ago… we’re invested a little more than 4 months. 🙂  I got VERY antsy this month, I guess the “baby fever” has officially returned after all these years.  I’m ready… and yet after some honest & transparent talks with a couple of dear friends and my husband – I’m content in the wait again, or trying to be.  I know God’s plan is far better than mine and I can’t WAIT to see the story unfold! I  just know you are going to be one special little girl!

Jeff & I were out of town for a little anniversary getaway so we missed celebrating together on the 2nd – so today we did a little mini-celebration when we got home.  I just baked some Ethiopian honey bread (my first time baking bread from scratch!) and we prayed for you.

Your brothers got to go to Build-a-Bear this weekend with Grammie, Papa, & Aunt Kristen to spend some bucks they’d gotten for Valentine’s Day.  Cullen decided that instead of buying something for himself, he was going to buy you a “princess” bear because you needed a pink bear.  Completely unprompted, he used his money to buy a special gift for his little sister.  “And we can leave it by the door so Mommy & Daddy can take it to Ethiopia when they go get her.”  Such a sweet, tender little heart at the age of 3 1/2.  Clearly we are all in love with you already!

Can’t wait to meet you…