Charlotte weather is schizophrenic lately… 60’s & sunny, then snowing the next day.  But we got a fun dumping on Saturday – fast & furious – and we had a great time playing in it!  The boys woke up from their nap and were SO excited to see it snowing outside.  It makes a snowy day even more fun!  I was glad I could finally dust off my camera –  it was so pretty outside.

IMG_4173 IMG_4175 IMG_4180 IMG_4183 IMG_4189 IMG_4191 IMG_4197 IMG_4209 IMG_4212 IMG_4215


I was so glad we finally got a good snow for the boys – we didn’t get any at all last year and it’s just so fun to watch them enjoy it.  We were glad Grandma & PopPops could come over to play too!  It pretty much all melted the next day and the roads never got bad–a nice way to get a snow day in!


my valentine.

This is our 11th (I think?!) valentine’s day together.  We met the first week of my freshman year of college.  It does NOT feel like it’s been that long, but it’s hard to remember life without him too! I felt like taking a little walk down memory lane today…


first buckeyes game together at the shoe.


first time we saw each other after becoming long-distance my junior year… we look downright giddy don’t we?


with my handsome groomsman – I had just had knee surgery 2 days before this but it didn’t stop me from “dancing” the night away with my date!


finally – we were wed. 2006.


honeymooners in Riviera Maya


and then we started a family… this is a few weeks before two became four!


first family picture – a couple of weeks after the boys were born & we could finally get them close to each other with all the wires.


and now… love him more every day.

Jeffrey Thomas,

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I am so incredibly grateful you’re mine today and every day.  I won the jackpot getting to be your valentine for life–seriously.  You are a better man than I ever could have imagined–more loving, caring, helpful, generous, hilarious, kind, loyal, and humble than I hoped for.  I don’t want to take you for granted because I know you’re one of a kind–and that I am ridiculously blessed to have you.

I love that you… constantly make me laugh, even at my own expense.  are raising our boys to be real, godly MEN and giving them a great example.  know me better than I know myself.  don’t put up with my junk all the time but push me to be a better person.  are so committed & loyal to your friends–your guys AND their families.  push yourself to be “all that you can be” (don’t finish that sentence… 😉 ). still write me love notes in a journal.  are such a hands-on, involved, loving father.  are spoken so highly of by co-workers, friends, and family.  are truly my favorite person in the whole wide world.

I am so excited to spend today with you and our boys–just being together and enjoying one another.  I am one lucky lady to have three amazing valentines!

I love you,


your big brothers love you already.

Just some snippets of the boys’ conversations about their baby sister–to show her someday. They are so excited for her.

“She can wear my baby clothes, but if she doesn’t like them we can go buy her some pink ones. And we will give her a pink bunny like our bunnies!  With her name on it!”

“I want to get on a plane and fly to Ethiopia and make her a yummy dinner.  And then we can have a birthday party.”

“Can we make her baby food? I’ll help you make it for her mommy.  We can use bananas!”

“I want to share my toys with you, baby sister.” “And I want to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with you!!”

“I wish we knew her name. It takes too long!” (so true, buddy.)


3 months waiting!

Yesterday marked 3 months since DTE waiting for little Pyles #3-and about a year since things started getting put in motion!

We got takeout from a local Ethiopian restaurant and got to try lots of different dishes. It may not look like the most appealing food you’ve ever seen-but it really was delicious! The boys loved scooping all of it up with their injera (soft spongy bread). Yum!

Praying for you, sweet girl-waiting with great anticipation!