And the first broken bone goes to…


Yes, I know, we all probably would’ve guessed Hurricane Lane (I know I put my money on it), but poor C-bug has claimed the first cast.


Yesterday he jumped off of his bed onto the floor (like he does every day, not even a big jump as the bed’s very low) and must have landed just right (or wrong?!). He screamed & cried, but was over it pretty quickly and went right down for a nap. When he woke up, he was upset & couldn’t walk on it–but eventually limped around pretty well that night, so we decided to see how he was doing today before taking him in. He slept fine & didn’t really complain much, but was still limping this morning–and you could tell it hurt him if he put weight on it.

Well, after some x-rays, it turns out he really did break his foot (at least one metatarsal, maybe two) and got his first little cast. He was perfectly behaved the entire time getting x-rays and the cast put on–such a brave boy. Mama is sad, but we are very thankful that he only has to wear the cast for two weeks, since little ones his age heal so quickly. Phew–it would be rough without the pool all summer! He’ll have it off just in time for his birthday party.

I have to say, he looks pretty cute in his little green cast (he picked his favorite color, of course). Here’s to hoping for a quick recovery for our sweet and tough boy!


So… we didn’t quite make it to age three without any broken bones – but we can still claim we’ve never had an ER visit… for now! 😉

However, there will be no more monkeys jumping OFF the bed for a while!

{I was planning to post the raffle tomorrow, but with all of this going on, I didn’t have the time or energy to finish getting it ready (obviously)–so look for it on Monday! Thanks!}


adoption update #1… of I’m sure many

I know it’s been a while since we posted anything about the adoption – that’s because we were thrown for a bit of a loop, and were trying to figure out what to do and how to proceed.  Long story short, we had to switch agencies (if you want the whole story, just ask me in person).  The problem was, we had done SO much research trying to find the original agency (and felt like we’d ruled out so many others) that we couldn’t decide if this was God closing the door on Ethiopia, or just this agency.  After much prayer, MORE insane research (ugh!) about ET, domestic minority adoption, special needs adoptions, foster to adopt… we still felt like God was calling us to ET.

We have also felt more and more open to a number of special needs the more we researched, and as we did our homestudy.  I’ve said before that I love China’s waiting child/special needs program & wished there was one for ET.  Well, there isn’t the same thing, but we found a program that I think is as close as we can get for where God wants us.  During the week we’d been praying so hard, a packet for an agency I hadn’t really looked into arrived in the mail–and lo and behold, they have an Ethiopia special needs program.  I think God may still send signs through the mailbox…

We are now approved through America World’s Ethiopia waiting child/special needs program, and will be both on the healthy child/traditional list and the special needs list.  We could get a referral for either, depending on how our criteria matches with the children coming in who need to be placed.  We’re very excited, though a little nervous as the special needs list is much shorter so our timeframe could move up.  AWAA’s current wait time is pretty consistently 18-24 months for a healthy child right now.  Of the people on their traditional program list, only 25% are also on the special needs list, so obviously we could get a referral faster–or not.  It just depends!  A little crazy but we’re excited.

Let me tell you, this was a wilder ride than I’m describing, and there were many moments were I questioned everything… but thankfully, this happened before we sent in our first payment so we only lost the small application fee–praise the Lord.  AWAA is pretty sure they’ll be able to accept our current homestudy with just some minor changes–praise the Lord (I did not want to redo a $1500 homestudy!).  I think we’re both even more excited, anxious, and emotional about this, and definitely less naive–praise the Lord.

I don’t really know why this played out this way so early (everyone said adoption was a wild ride full of twists & turns, we just didn’t expect them right off the bat!), but I have to trust that it’s all in God’s plan and that his timing is perfect.  I have no doubt that he needed to open our eyes and hearts to special needs and that we are far more open than we were when we started, largely due to the homestudy process and conversations with our social worker (who we wouldn’t have worked with if we had started with this new agency in the first place).

So… we’re moving forward!  We are redoing lots of paperwork as well as beginning to work on our dossier, which is all kinds of new paperwork.  This also speeds up the timeframe on some payments, which is no small thing, but I am just doing my best to trust that God’s going to provide if we are faithful and do what we can!  I want to be honest about the financial aspect for anyone who may be considering adoption (and so God can get all the glory!)  When we send in all this paperwork, our first fee of $2500 is due.  Then when we finish our dossier, there are several fees due totaling about $9000.  Yes, that is a big chunk of change…I have worried about it and I’ve been nervous, anxious, fearful, doubtful–but between wonderful godly friends’ advice, quiet times, etc. I am continuing to realize that there’s not a lot of point to that – so I’m giving it to the Lord and trusting him!  He’s never failed us before.  I’ve got some great stuff together for a little raffle I’m going to post sometime this week so be on the lookout. 🙂

So that’s what’s been going on!  Never a dull moment… but I know it’ll all be worth it the moment we meet our daughter.

Nobody can fill Daddy’s shoes…

{the boys and I had fun goofing off with Daddy’s clothes as part of his Father’s Day gift!}

Jeff – no “buddy” can fill your shoes… but they sure look awful cute trying.  We love you!

right after he fell over backwards in Daddy’s shoes, which he thought was hysterical… and it was.

ha, I love them.

ha, I love them.

Play hard, party hard, apparently.


We love you, daddy.

You are our best friend. You’re our protector and leader. Their wrestling buddy, piggyback giver, and ball tosser. My constant helper, teammate, and selflessly serving better half. You make our sweet little life together possible by working so hard to provide for us. You make our lives happier with your humor and love for fun. You are the most amazing father and I couldn’t have asked for a better daddy for my sons. Thank you for being you, and for giving me my dream job being these boys’ mommy.

We love you.


P.S. to our dads and grandpas, thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for us. Thanks for the legacies you’ve left us as godly men, fathers, and husbands. We love you so much!


Some things the boys have been saying lately…

  • I burned my hand pretty badly on the oven broiler (while it was on) last week. The next night, I went to pull something out of the oven and Cullen said “Mommy, are you gonna burn your hand AGAIN?”
  • After I finished a cup of water, Lane took it, filled it back up, and brought it to me. “I’m a nice boy, mommy!” I finished it and he filled it up again. “I’m the BEST boy, Mommy!”
  • Cullen, after we’d talked about how God hears our prayers and speaks to us: “Why can’t I hear God talking when we pray?” wow, kid.
  • On the same note, this is from a few months ago but I wanted to record it, too – We had read a Bible story and were talking about God. Cullen: {after a huge hug} “Mommy, I love God. I gonna be a Christian.”
  • Lane: “I wanna sleep over at Grandma’s house like Cullen too!” Me: “Well buddy, you have to be able to sleep in a big boy bed like bro bro. Grandma doesn’t have cribs anymore.” Cullen: “I KNOW! Laner, you can sleep on the couch with a pillow and a blanket just like Uncle Kyle!!” {my brother sleeps on a couch pretty much as often as he sleeps in a bed}
  • Me: “Well, Daddy and I are married. Someday, hopefully you’ll get married too.” Lane: “I’m gonna marry YOU, Mommy!!” (every mama loves to hear that, don’t we?) Me: “Well, I’m already married, but maybe there’s another girl you’d like to marry someday?!” Lane: “ASHY!!!” (oh dear…your aunt is not really an option either) “Mrs. Jane!” (she’s married too, so sad) then finally…. “Clara!” (finally someone you are not related to and/or is already taken – bingo… start sucking up to her daddy now, son)
  • Today they became obsessed with a little baby doll their friend Allie had. They begged me to go by them baby dolls – so we looked at Walmart. I was trying to just buy them two little cheap ones, but Cullen didn’t want any of them… because they were white. “Mommy, I want a dark baby!” 🙂 {I guess this is just the beginning of me realizing that there really is a lack of “color” in many more areas than I have realized… I am grateful for my eyes being opened, slowly but surely, to so many things through the process of bringing baby girl home.} So, we are now on the hunt for some fitting baby dolls. However, Lane has decided he now just wants a REAL baby to love on and wants his baby sister to come soon. Sweet boy.


does this mean he’s really a “big boy”?

So, apparently Cullen is sleeping in a big boy bed now?!

Let me back up… I don’t think I ever mentioned on the blog that a couple months ago, we moved C into his own room – this was the first time the boys’ cribs had ever been in separate rooms.  They have always slept great together – and LOVED being in the same room – but we got to a point where they were waking each other up (especially naps as L goes to sleep immediately and takes quite long naps, while C usually stays up chatting and playing for almost an hour before taking his shorter nap) and we decided to move them.  It was quite traumatic for all as they were NOT happy about being separated, but after about 2 nights everyone was back to sleeping wonderfully–and tired 2 year olds are just not good.

Anyway – so that had been going well, and C’s new room already had a full bed in it that we left in there.  We have loved that all four of us can lay in it together & read books before bed… in their cribs.  Neither had ANY interest in sleeping in a bed and that was fine with me–we’re not exactly in a hurry for a crib at the moment.  We’d taken their tents off & they never climbed out, so I figured maybe sometime later this summer I’d try beds–simply because I wanted them to be able to sleep in beds for traveling or sleepovers at Grandma & GrandPops/trips to Ohio.  But I wasn’t ready…

Well, I guess Cullen was anyway.  On Friday night he told me, “Mommy, I want to sleep in my big boy bed tonight.” I said it was fine, figuring he’d lay in it for two minutes (we’ve done that before) and call me to put him in his crib.  Except… he never called me.  He fell asleep and slept all night.  Then took a normal nap the next day… and has slept in it perfectly ever since.  What?!  What about the ceremonial “last night in the crib” and mentally preparing myself?  Jeff thought I was crazy sitting on the couch tearing up that night.  Sure, I’m glad it was so easy… but my mama heart just was not ready for this {very last} transition!  I hadn’t even decorated his “new” room or big boy bed yet… cause you know that is vitally important to boys. 😉  But I am proud of him–and he is sure proud of himself.

What is with my kids forcing me into transitions?  Cullen was the one who decided he was done with his pacis and just gave them up.  Lane decided he didn’t want to wear diapers anymore & wanted to go in the potty, so we potty trained.  Now C-bug is sleeping in a bed.  Ready or not, mama – they grow up!

The good news for me is… Lane still does not want to sleep in a bed whatsoever.  The kid LOVES his crib.  It’s ok if you’re still in a crib when you’re 6, right? 😉

Cullen sleeping in a big boy bed for the first time–with his stuffed dog “Tucker” laying on his pillow bed next to him. 🙂  Yes, I went in and took a picture. Jeff again thought I was crazy. Come on, everyone does this, right moms?!

pieces of the pyles 6.2.12

What we’ve been up to lately…

Strawberry picking! We got to go celebrate Jones becoming a big brother soon with a fun outing at the strawberry patch. The boys loved it – and they had a blast playing in the huge sandpit, racing ducks with a water pump, and my personal favorite–fresh strawberry & peach slushies! DELICIOUS.

Edi’s 2nd birthday party at the Birkdale fountains – brilliant idea, Kelly 🙂


Saw this the other day – so true for me!


Loving time with friends… had to throw in this cute one of the BOYS (with Jack & Welles!):


On the adoption front… our homestudy visits are over & we’re waiting for the final draft to be approved.  I am working on putting together our first fundraiser – a raffle that I think is going to be pretty great!  Several friends have SO kindly donated some awesome crafty things and gift certificates for their businesses for us to raffle off.  If you have an Etsy shop or small business/whatever and want to be a part of it, let me know… we are so so grateful for such sweet friends who are helping us bring our girl home!

Praising the Lord for all he’s been teaching us even as this journey is still in the early stages… “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you.”  Psalm 9:10