boy, noun: a noise with dirt on it.

This morning as I dropped the boys off at preschool, Cullen said, “Mommy, I hope you have a fun day!”  Bless him. 

After preschool and naps, we set out to have a fun afternoon, and what’s more fun than digging in the dirt?

I needed to weed our garden box so we could plant this weekend.  Sure, we’re a bit late, but better late than never right?  We’ve been busy little bees.  I figured I could use some helpers and I knew two little men who were perfect for the job.

A little help from our doggy friend didn’t hurt, either.  Man’s best friend… or at least Cullen’s. (after bro-bro, of course)

I can’t tell you how much I love being a boy mom.  I really can’t tell you how much I love being these boys’ mom.

After we’d finished pulling the weeds, we just dug around & played in the dirt for who knows how long.  With their hands occupied, they talked to me about anything & everything–I’m amazed at how fun it is just to hang out & talk with them at age 2.  The things they remember and the way their brain works constantly both amazes me and makes me laugh out loud.

After a little while I went to go get dinner ready, until I heard a little voice asking, “Mommy, will you come dig in the dirt with me some more?”

Well, of course I will.  Dinner can wait.  They’re not going to think digging with mommy is the coolest forever.

But for now, I sure think it’s pretty darn fun.



Last week Jeff & I got to enjoy a little getaway just the two of us, as a 6th anniversary trip! Jeff got sent to NYC for some training, so I went with him. Since all of his expenses were paid… all we really had to pay for was my flight & activities. We stayed at a sweet hotel (the W, right in Times Square), got to enjoy romantic dinners out (a luxury by itself!), saw a show, explored the whole city & its sights on foot, & did a little shopping. People asked what I did while Jeff was in his trainings–um, SLEPT. IN. Insanely late. Then walked around, got coffee or a bagel… all by myself, without my two little shadows (it’s amazing how small of a purse I could carry!). Who am I?!

We had a blast together. Jeff had let the hotel manager know it was his first trip to NYC & he was bringing his wife – I guess they must’ve thought he was some high roller because they took such good care of us! They upgraded our room to a high level corner room (GREAT view), there was a gourmet cheese/jam platter waiting when we got there, we got free drinks at the lobby bar (cause you know I wasn’t spending $18 of my own money on a pear martini…), they called to ask how we were sleeping each day (it was loud) & if I needed chamomile tea or earplugs at night, and they sent us off with a soundtrack from the musical we went to. SO not what I’m used to… for some reason the Hampton Inn doesn’t really treat you like that?!

Of course, it wouldn’t have been possible without our collection of babysitters. Grandma & PopPops stayed with them at night (and took them to get “softball pancakes” at Denny’s which they talk about literally every day now), Aunt Ashley came for a day (WITH the baby girls she nannies-rock star aunt! They are still talking about the fort-building), and Aunt Kristen drove down for a day (and took them to Chick-fil-a & Build a Bear, SO fun!). They also had preschool one of those days – yay preschool. Thanks so much for letting us have this {quickly planned} trip! (I called my mom just to throw the idea out there & she said “Lauren – you have to go. We’ll figure it out, we’ll make it work – you need to go!” Now that is a good mama.)  We sure missed those boys but they had SUCH a good time while we were gone 🙂

Until our 7th anniversary…




double trouble.

This is what happens when I turn my back for approximately 30 seconds…

Oh, and don’t let Lane fool you – he was the mastermind behind all this – he just moved away & acted all innocent once the camera came out! (and yeah, my kids think life is more fun with no clothes on)

And here’s our crazy monkey cracking himself up, as usual…

Oh these boys.  They make me laugh.

around the house

Some projects we’ve been working on lately…

finally got around to hanging this old window I picked out while antique shopping with some of my dearest friends!

shelves Jeff built me for my birthday! Love them. Still need some more plates to add to this little collection...

entryway gets a little facelift

I LOVE this old school desk that's on loan from my mom. It came from my great grandma. (hoping I don't have to give it back for a very long time?!)

I love a man installing bead board.

the finished product - our quick weekend project: a "mudroom"! This is right when you come in the garage door by the kitchen. Jeff designed & built it, and I painted & accessorized. I think we make a pretty good team. 🙂


Always a work in progress… but we love it!

Pieces of the Pyles’ 3.2.12


{rainy day indoor “camping”}

{a real treat-actually RIDING the mall rides with Grammie}


{a fun morning with Megha & Neha, & Devan, Charleigh, & Logan! Miss my old teaching buddies.}

{we are loving that we can do family movie nights now-all snuggled up!}

{the boys’ first hockey game for Jak’s birthday! So fun!}