Today you boys are two and a half!  I thought I should write down some things about each of you that we want to remember.

At 2.5 years old, you both:

  • LOVE Curious George (we read stories from our CG storybook over & over!), Thomas the Train Engine & Friends (C’s favorite – James; L’s favorite – Percy or Thomas), legos, blocks, balls, painting/coloring, trucks, and playing pretend.
  • Love to play chase (chasing each other or mommy & daddy chasing you all around the house) & ask for “piggybank” (piggyback) rides all day long.
  • Go to bed about 7:30-8 and sleep till 7-7:30, with an afternoon nap that usually lasts about 2+ hours, sometimes 3.  (Lane still busts out a 4 hour nap now & then!)  Please hang on to that nap as long as you can.  You also still sleep in the same room, in your own cribs (or “tents” as you call them… the crib tent was worth every penny!).  You talk to each other for a while before you go to sleep (C often chatters to himself for an hour before falling asleep… it’s ridiculously cute to listen to & gives me a longer break to get things done!).  I need to write down some of these conversations because they are so funny, and so sweet.
  • Are still pretty darn good eaters but are definitely starting to get a bit picky.  You will still eat anything we eat, but sometimes it takes a while to get you to start.  Dinnertime is interesting lately… not quite as relaxing as it used to be!  You eat HUGE breakfasts.
  • Wear size 2T – sometimes smaller in pants (since you’re officially out of diapers!).  I don’t know exactly what you weigh since we only have annual doctor visits now, but it’s somewhere around 27-28 lbs each (you still seem to weigh about the same-Lane probably a little bit more now that he’s catching up in height)  You still have tiny feet – only in a size 5 or 6!
  • YOU ARE BOTH POTTY TRAINED!!! Woohoo! As of 29 months.
  • Have actually made the 2’s seem easy so far – honestly, it’s been SO much fun… but this past week, well, it’s making me think the “terrible twos” might begin around 2.5.  We shall see… I have a feeling it’ll include some of the most fun, hilarious, & sweet moments as well as some of the most challenging & nonsensical moments 😉
  • Make me SO SO happy we had twins!  I honestly feel like those without twins are missing out now.  Your interactions with each other, the conversations you have & just the amazing relationship you have with each other–it is amazing to watch and I love having two the same age.  Two is way more fun than one right now… you know, now that you’re so much more independent & don’t depend on me for everything!   We’re really enjoying our little family of four.

Cullen Wayne, at 2.5 years old, you:

  • have an awesome vocabulary.  You talk all day long & I love seeing how your mind works.  Your memory is amazing (you definitely have your dad’s crazy memory… it’s already better than mine! ha).
  • love to have things in order, clean, etc. People joke that you’re a little OCD but Grandma says she loves that you help her wash windows & notice that some of her votives are missing tea lights 😉
  • could build with your legos or do puzzles for hours. Once you get focused on something, you’re zoned in.
  • may be “strong-willed,” but you’ve actually been our “easier” child lately.  Now that you can communicate so well, you don’t get upset as often & have been such a fun little buddy lately.
  • You’re a great helper, sous chef, & sidekick and you love your mommy.  I love your sweet snuggles & when you hold my hand.

Lane Davis, at 2.5 years old, you:

  • are hysterical.  Seriously, you crack us up daily because you think everything is funny & laugh at yourself constantly.
  • are a wild man.  We jokingly call you “Hurricane Lane.”  You may have a laidback, easygoing personality – but you give us a run for our money with your climbing, jumping, crazy little self!  So athletic. So silly.  Our little monkey.
  • are talking a lot too, and making sure your brother lets you get a few words in, at least. 😉 You LOVE to sing.
  • are a snugglebug.  You ask to sit with us all the time – and obviously we always oblige, because who wouldn’t want to snuggle with you?!  You really love on your daddy and miss him so much when he’s at work.
  • have decided you’re not going to let anyone boss you around anymore – you’ve become the instigator & run the show lately! It’s kind of funny.
  • are completely attached to your bunny.  It goes everywhere with you–even in the car, but you know it has to “nap” in your car seat while we go in somewhere – what in the WORLD would we do if it got lost?!?!

We love you boys SO much – more every day, soomehow – and thank the Lord for you.  We have been blessed beyond belief to have you as our sons! 


fall family pics

Back in October we had a little family mini-session with Lindsey Lee to get some pictures for our families & for Christmas cards.  I wanted to post some of our favorites (obviously you’ve seen some on the Christmas card!).  She was a miracle worker because we definitely had your classic 2 year old meltdown during the pics, however you couldn’t tell looking at them.  I think we got some winners! (but of course I’m pretty biased when it comes to these boys.  Cutest twins I know.)

*Click on a picture to enlarge & scroll through them all.

Birthday Girl

I’m a really lucky guy… I mean, ridiculously lucky.  Nah, I’m not a card shark and I don’t play the ponies or the numbers, but I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 6 years now and this is the 10th birthday that I’ve been privileged to spend with her.

Lauren, you’re everything I could hope for and so much more.  The boys and I are extremely blessed to have such a special person in our lives.  You’ve successfully potty-trained twin boys (I may have played a small role… but you were the one to make it all happen), you have helped our boys to start learning Scripture, you have been my confidant in career confusion/frustration, you’ve been able to create some creative and extremely delicious meals (healthy too!) for us on a budget and manage to look more beautiful every day.

Thank you for making life so much fun and for making me laugh like no one else can.  Thank you for raising our sons to love the Lord and for managing the craziness that is our home!  Thank you for always taking care of me and pushing me for the best in all things.  Thank you for loving me when I’m unlovable.  Thank you for documenting our life through this blog…

Happy Birthday Lauren!

All my love,



Yesterday a certain country song came on the radio. Lane got crazy excited & shouted,

“MAMA! This is my JAM!!!”

I’m so serious. We then proceeded to have a dance party in the kitchen as we sang along to his “jam” at the top of our lungs. Just another reason living with two year olds is hilarious. I love my life.

(yep, that’s Laner the other day when he got into my makeup. Oh, that kid. He makes me laugh.)

Love the Lord your God…

We got the boys a set of Truthcards for Christmas.  If you haven’t heard of these, they’re Bible memory verse sets with picture cues on the front of each card.  We’ve been working on a verse together each week (including Jeff & me… I mean really, if the two year olds can memorize them then obviously we can too) and it’s been great! I make up motions to go along with the verses & we act them out together randomly throughout the day (sidenote: hearing your children speak God’s word is so precious). Here are the boys at bedtime saying Deuteronomy 6:5… {Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength!} 

christmas recap part 3 – zaepfel fam & just us.

{last one, I promise!} We spent Christmas Eve with the Zaepfel family – my parents, Uncle Kyle, Aunt Ashley, Grandpa & Rosie.  Jeff, Ash, & I hosted our traditional 3-course fondue dinner – always a favorite.  We went to our church’s Christmas Eve service and took the boys in for the first few songs-well, they were so good they stayed with us the whole time – it’ll be a sweet memory of them sitting on our laps snuggling & singing Christmas songs.  We also got to have candlelight for the first time in years – made me so happy!

We were able to spend our first Christmas morning together just the four of us and it was really sweet.  We opened stockings in our PJ’s, read the Christmas story in the Bible, gave the boys just a couple special gifts, and just spent time together.  It was so nice–and there is nothing like watching your kids get lose-their-minds excited about gifts you’ve picked out for them.  We kept it small but meaningful and they loved them–Jeff & I had the biggest smiles on our faces watching them play with their things (favorite toy from us: little shopping carts with food.  They love to play check-out & have me “scan” their purchases then pay for them-“Mommy do the beep beeps!”).

After that, we hopped over to my parents’ house for our traditional brunch & opening gifts.  Jeff may or may not have spent a good chunk of present opening time helping Lane do his business on the potty while we were entertained overhearing his singing, book-reading, & words of encouragement to his son. 🙂  Then we had naps, Christmas dinner with the fam, ate cake & sang Happy Birthday to Jesus (the boys were so cute!), and hit the road for Hilton Head!  Yep, as predicted – best Christmas ever.  Until next year…

christmas recap part 2 – pyles fam

Grandpa & Grammie came down a few days before Christmas & stayed until Christmas Eve.  During that time, the boys perfected their potty training (we like to make things interesting when grandparents come) & got showered with gifts.  We had an early Christmas with them, Aunt Kristen, & Uncle Ron (oh, and Maggie).  They got a Thomas & Friends talking wooden railroad set, which Cullen proceeded to play with every minute he was awake for  the next 2 days (LOVES it!).  Thankfully, Culley’s favorite train is James and Lane’s is Percy (they both like Thomas but C usually has it), so we don’t have too many fights! They love it & I’m looking forward to hours and hours of playing trains together (C: “Mommy, you build train tracks with me?”).  The boys loved opening gifts & ended up “helping” open almost every present, no matter whose it was.  At the end of the  “Christmas” night, I realized we never took an extended family pic together, so I got the boys out of bed to take one before their aunt & uncle left.  Hopefully the Pyles side is getting used to taking all these crazy photos by now! 😉