Spiderman lives here…


Ladies, are you ready for the gun show??


His brother got a frog. He gave it a kiss about 300x today. Yep, that’s our kid walking around kissing his forearm!


The boys’ first tats… Courtesy of GRANDMA being in charge, and got them at… (gasp!) CHURCH! We live on the wild side around here-such rebels.



Before we had kids, Jeff & I played on another church’s softball team with a bunch of our good friends (from college–about half of the girls played softball together in high school… and then brought back husbands from the same college.  Actually, the same housing group, so they’re all great friends.  Yep, it’s a good time.).  Fast forward about 2.5 years… we’ve all had about two children each and were actually able to play together again (no one really wanted to play pregnant, as it turns out, so we had to wait for a “pause” in baby-making, ha).  Every Thursday night we got to go play – including 4 sets of married couples playing together… it was fun.  (Though I can’t say the Wednesday night pre-game strategy pillow talk was super romantic, but hey–couples who play together stay together, right?  or something like that…)

watching Mommy & Daddy warm up

The best part though, was bringing all of our little boys (yep, all sons–apparently none of us have the capacity to make females thus far) to watch us play & hang out together.  Cullen & Lane LOVED it & talked about going all week.  They couldn’t wait to go watch mommy & daddy play “soc-ball” & wear their matching shirts.  They have fabulous grandparents & Aunt Ashley, who brought them to all the games that were before their bedtime.  Lane would watch the entire game, cheering his little heart out, with Jeff’s little child-sized gloved on his hand.  It was adorable.  Cullen liked to play in the dirt with the dump trucks & some friends like Lincoln, William, Jack & Tommy–but they both hung out in the dugout a lot with us, too.  Oh, and those boys can run some bases–all of them.  Little studs.

this is how Lane holds his glove right now... needs some work, but it's adorable.

the brothers having some fun before the game starts

It was a fun season and we even ended up going undefeated & winning the championship–apparently we’re getting better with age! ha.  Until next season… way to go, Providence.

Mommy, Daddy, & our future Little Leaguers


what I love about you

what I’m loving about you two right now…


I love that you are a leader.  I’m proud that you’re getting so good at sharing with your brother (most of the time).  You have been so sweet lately, so eager to please.  Don’t get me wrong, you still have your moments… but so far the two’s haven’t been too terrible {yet}.  You love your brother so well – when he was scared of the dark you told him “Yane, I take care a you!” I love your memory and the things you remember.  I love seeing how your brain works.  I LOVE that we can carry on real conversations now.  You are so interesting & fun to talk with!  I love when you wake up from naps before your brother (a lot more rare now, you’ve been taking pretty long naps yourself)–how excited you are to get some one-on-one time with me.  It makes me so happy.  I love your sweet smiles and your precious little voice. I love that you can sing the lyrics to “Maniac” while Lane busts out the dance moves. I love how determined you are, and how focused you can be on something that interests you.  I love how social you are & how excited you get to go to preschool, Morning Grace, & out to see friends.  I love the way you love me – the hugs & kisses you give me so freely, and how much you like to cuddle with me on the couch.  I love you!



I love how funny you are.  You make everyone laugh; your daddy & I crack up at you all the time.  I adore the way your beautiful blue eyes light up when you smile a huge, genuine smile.  I love how attached to your bunny you are, and how much you love your sleep.  I love how easy-going you are and at the same time, what a wild man you are.  You’re such a monkey.  I love that you want to do things yourself & copy your daddy’s every move (like wearing his hat on your head backwards 24/7).  It’s so fun how much you LOVE coming to our softball games & watch the entire game excitedly with your little glove on your hand.  I love the way you cheer for mommy & daddy.  I love how much it means to you when I tell you I’m proud of you, and how much you tell us you’re proud of us too.  Your dance moves–amazing and hysterical.  I love the way you grab our faces with your hands & kiss us so hard.  I smile so big when you tell your brother “I wanna kiss!” I think it’s incredible the way you make each other laugh harder than anyone else could, and that you truly are best friends.  I love your crazy little shuffle walk, the silly faces you make, & your obsession with having socks on.  I love you!

“happy gramma”

The boys totally know how to say “happy birthday,” but all afternoon today, my amazing mama’s birthday, they just kept running around shouting “happy gramma! happy gramma!” (Laner said we should get her a bicycle for her birthday… and a helmet. Safety first I guess–nice, buddy. Culley wrapped up one of his own books-sweet or a sign of a future re-gifter?)

Jeff made eggplant parmesan from scratch (it was incredible as usual – yep, I’m a lucky girl) and I made my Grandma’s pumpkin pie for dessert, my mom’s favorite. I don’t think any of us in our family really ate cake for our birthdays growing up–mom’s a pumpkin pie b-day girl, I’m cheesecake, and all the boys (including Jeff who joined right in) are suckers for my mom’s chocolate cherry trifle.

The boys were in a hilarious mood & let’s be honest, grandmas are pretty easy to please anytime grandchildren are involved. So yes, I think she was…. a “happy gramma.”

Happy birthday, mom – can’t tell you how much we love you! Thanks for all you do for us.

the pumpkin patch post

Oh yes – a fall tradition, right?!  Just about now every blog around is posting their pumpkin patch pics, I know.  We actually went twice this year – the first time, last week, I took the boys by myself (no stroller or anything… I never would’ve attempted this alone last fall.  What a difference a year makes!) with some friends from church & their kiddos.  We had a great time at Hodges Farm on a relatively quiet weekday.  The boys loved running around the patch with Ari, Eli, & Jones, pulling the wagons around, seeing the horses, pigs, goats, & donkeys… oh, and of COURSE – the tractors.

pulling Ari around in the wagon - he knows how to treat a lady right 🙂


Yesterday we went back with the grandparents (Jeff’s parents) who were in town.  It was a different place on a Saturday – packed & HOPPIN’!  If you’re local & haven’t gone – you should go.  It’s such a cute farm.  They had all the usual pumpkin patch festivities (Grandpa & Grammie treated us to a hay ride) as well as a big produce stand, plenty of delicious food & drink stands (pumpkin ice cream anyone?!), &  tons of activities.  We indulged in some good ole fried pickles – OH HELLO; Jeff got ripped off by insisting on buying a $1 cup of apple “cider” (his favorite), which turned out to be a tiny styrofoam cup filled with ice & a little shot of APPLE JUICE.  When he turned around I saw them get out a plastic container of cheap apple juice & pour it in. I cracked up laughing at his sad little “I’ve been fleeced” face.  Other than that, everything really was great.  A fun-filled fall day at the farm!

wagon ride with Grammie

this would be the best picture I got of the two of them. Getting two 2 yr olds to sit together & smile for a cute pumpkin patch pic=Mission Impossible. oh well, this is genuine brother love, right?

Grammie & her boys

Lane and the "punkins." I love the way they pronounce it right now.

love this pic of my C-bug

anyone need some little farm hands?

not a great picture, but a great day together.

the abc(d) song

We caught Cullen singing the ABC song on video… my favorite parts of this video are (a) when he keeps getting distracted because he has to put shoes “away” – just SO Cullen; & (b) how he says “Now I know my abcd…” instead of “abc’s.”

gosh I love this kid.  and really just cute toddler voices in general – but obviously, this one & one other, especially.

what if everyone

This morning we got to participate in our church’s serve day, What If Everyone – this time with the boys, too!  We took Cullen & Lane to a nearby retirement home, the Laurels, to visit with the sweet folks there.  Let’s just say that it would’ve been no big deal if Jeff or I hadn’t been there, but the boys were the stars of the show (and you know they loved that).  The residents loved seeing some little guys!  It was really sweet, & we both said we’ll have to take them back again soon for Bingo Night. 🙂

Lane was a little shy at first, so he hung out with Daddy & his bunny (of course) till he warmed up to everyone. And he sure did warm up!

C "dancing" while we sang hymns

hanging out with Kristi (babysitter extraordinaire - aka one of his favorite people)