“my daddy”

Just a few reasons Jeff can be sure he’s loved around here:

1. Lane has started referring to him as “my daddy” – as in, saying “thank you my daddy.” “I love you my daddy.” presh.

2. Yesterday in the car on the way home from the park they were fighting over Daddy. One would say “my daddy”, the other would say “no, MY daddy!” and on and on it went.  It was the cutest fight I’d ever heard.

3. This:

They now ask me every day to write letters to Daddy while he’s at work. We leave the little love letters on the fridge for him to find when he gets home.  It’s a fun and sweet little ritual.

4. Even though Jeff’s always still at work, Lane wakes up from his nap every day asking for (a) Daddy & (b) MONSTER TRUCKS! {What am I, chopped liver?}

5. They want to dress just like their father – button down sleeves rolled up, boat shoes cause they’re like Daddy’s, and they will ONLY wear a hat if Daddy has one on too.

See?  Daddy’s two biggest fans.  Well, his biggest fans after me, at least. 🙂

Love these boys.


Road trip recovery…

Jeff had taken the day off yesterday since we’d be getting in so late the night before from driving home. Good thing, as it turns out, because this is how I found him in the afternoon:

Um, yep, that’s my husband conked out next to a toddler potty, surrounded by various toys C-bug must’ve thought he needed to help him sleep. Meanwhile, sleepyhead Laner was upstairs working on a FIVE HOUR nap. (I woke him up after 5 hours and he STILL went right back to sleep for the night 2 hours later.  I’m straight up jealous of his sleep habits)

…um, ya think we might’ve been just a little tired?!


Off we went on another road trip to Ohio to visit the Pyles clan… thankfully this time the boys were better travelers.  They didn’t really sleep at all while we were driving, but thanks to Mommy’s multitude of assorted {endless} snacks and Clifford DVD’s, they were pretty content the entire time.  We had a nice time visiting Grammie & Grandpa, Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Pyles, uncles Art, Rick, & Gerald, and “Aunt” (we fully give her this title!) Deanna (and enjoyed meeting Brad, though we missed out on the guitar-playing… haha). Oh, and Auntie Carolyn too, of course – we love her.  The boys enjoyed playing with dump drucks in a pile of dirt in the backyard for hours & riding on Grandpa’s “tractor”… aka riding lawnmower.  It was fun to see good family friends at their church as well–they have been so sweet to our family!! We’ll see you all at Thanksgiving!

cooking with Grammie (you know how these boys love to cook)

Boys & dirt - best friends. (I love shirtless little Lane!)

Deanna made an insane, quick trip to see us - we are SO glad!!

I love these boys so stinkin' much.

love this pic.

Pyles boys.

haha. So glad the big reunion brought y'all into town so we could see you!

C cheesin' with Gerald

our monkey having a barrel of fun.

Pyles family, minus a few. {4 generations}

Pieces of the Pyles’ 8.18.11

(Aka, iPhone picture dump)

The boys are going to church preschool 2 mornings a week in the fall…

How are they already old enough for this?! Where did the time go? (don’t get me wrong-I’m excited for them & for me & we def. think it’s the right decision for our family right now-but still-kinda crazy!!)

Lovers, not haters.

Tucker lovers as well-especially C.

Ink pen explosion- goooood times.

I just love this pic. Pure joy-kid loves swings.

We’ve been loving impromptu walks around the block this week with the cooler weather. This was after the pool. Getting older has its advantages-I love not always needing the big ole double stroller & exploring with my boys!

And this one’s for daddy. I found this dancing guy at a yard sale–score. (though I’m not convinced about rooting for the Browns 😉 )

#1 Dad

It’s been a fun weekend-started early with a Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, & The Band Perry concert with our good friends Bert & Holly-so nice to get out together sans kids again!


And now I have to brag on my husband, the father of my children. I got out by myself no less than FOUR times in 2 days. He watched the boys twice on Friday so I could go get a haircut & go on a birthday date with my sweet friend Abby, and later go to my members-only night at the Mothers of Multiples sale to stock up on the boys’ winter gear (they will be stylin’ for a steal).
{See? Stylin’. They got so excited to see the new stuff they put it on over their jammies!}

He kept them again Saturday morning so my mom & I could go to the half-price hour at the sale for some fun stuff, and THEN that afternoon I got to go see the Help (so good!) with my girls. At that point I was feeling a bit guilty for “leaving” them with him alone so much, as if they’re not his own kids and he’s not fully capable and great at it. (and the boys were napping part of the times I’d been gone so I used that to justify the mommy guilt of leaving THEM! ;)) Why do we do that as moms? I am married to one amazing dad, and I am blessed to have many friends with husbands who are also amazing–willing, capable, and hands-on–pretty awesome. They’ve got this. They enjoy some time alone bonding with their kids. And sometimes we do need some “me time”–it makes us better moms & wives.

Anyway. So I get home from the movie and what I find is far from a frazzled dad, 2 crying kids, & a mess–he took them BOTH to the grocery store and did our entire weekly shopping for me while I was gone! (at a store with only standard grocery carts no less, meaning C had to sit in the bucket with all the food-color me impressed that the 3 of them worked that out!) Then he got up with the boys & let me sleep in late this morning too. Um, yes-dad of the year. Or at least the weekend.

Nicely done, Jeff Pyles. Thanks for giving me a weekend to feel reenergized & refreshed after a rough week complete with being stuck in the house with sickies, myself included. (the boys caught the weird summer cold going around then passed it to me, woohoo!) You are superdad in my eyes. Shoot, you’re so good with twins, you probably could’ve handled triplets just fine…but let’s NOT go there. Point being–I love you, you’re the best, and I’m so proud you’re my husband and my boys’ daddy.


Ended the weekend with a fun family day topped off with (Jeff’s) homemade eggplant parm with the grandparents! YUM. (more brownie points for Jeff, as if he needed them.)

cullen and lane at TWO.

Today we had the boys’ two year well visit, so along with recording their stats I wanted to record some things about each of them at 24 months 2 years (weird to stop calling them by month, now they’ll be just “2” for a whole year??).

They’ve been 2 for two weeks and already I am juuuust wondering if I’m going to make it this year. Y’all – I’ve heard horror stories of “the terrible twos” – but TWO “terrible” two’s? What does that MEAN? It’s like everything is extreme – either they are breaking down having a temper tantrum and it is the end of the world OR they are insanely cute & smart and making me laugh so hard I nearly spit out my coffee (which is also extremely necessary for survival). Some days it gets so hard some moments that I just have to put them in their cribs for a few minutes of quiet play time, crack open my Bible, & pray – and some days it’s so sweet & hilarious that I can’t stop texting Jeff pictures & comments about how thankful I am for this life. The other day after a particularly difficult morning with C, he ran up to me after nap, wrapped his arms around my leg and, clinging to me, shouted “Mommy! I proudayoo!”–and my heart melted. Boys – just keep giving me some snippets like this as we go through this year together, ok?

2 year stats: (they are both doing great! Praise the Lord!)

Cullen Wayne – Weight: 25 lbs, 8 oz (10-25th percentile); Height – 34 in (25-50th %); Head – 52 cm (off the charts of course)

Lane Davis – Weight: 25 lbs, 6 oz (10-25th %); Height – 32 3/4 in (10-25th %); Head – 48.5 cm (50-75th %)

They’re still little guys, but growing consistently & doing awesome developmentally. After 2, they no longer adjust for preemies, but we pretty much stopped adjusting a while ago – we’re so thankful to the Lord for how well you have done & how far you’ve come! So proud of you both.

At 2 years old…

You both:

  • are completely obsessed with trucks and tractors. OBSESSED. You also love airplanes, balls, bats/golf clubs, and pretty much all things BOY. It’s amazing how innate it is.
  • sleep around 12 hours at night (7:30/8 till 7:30-8 or so) & take 2-3 hour naps (Lane will still bust out a 4 hour nap at least once a week – God bless you, child.) If we’re at home during the morning you do about 30-45 mins of crib time in your room together playing with toys & books and chatting with each other. 🙂 (and Mommy gets a late shower, hallelujah) You both climbed out of your cribs once right before your birthday, but after removing your bumpers & disciplining you, neither of you has done it again yet! (we plan to keep you in cribs as long as we can!)
  • are still pretty darn good eaters with hearty appetites – it’s amazing how much food you eat. Thankfully, you both eat very well and very healthy… but I have a feeling the two’s could give us a run for our money as I can tell you’re beginning to get a little picky sometimes (Lane).
  • have so much energy – you are active, curious, adventurous little boys!  It is only by the grace of God that we haven’t had to visit the ER yet with the way the two of you are full throttle all the time, and the fact that you come from parents who are pretty darn familiar with injuries!
  • love your family fiercely, and love each other with a loyalty I’ve never known–you can’t even bear to sleep in a different room for a nap. You have to be together. Even when you fight, you get over it quickly with a “sowwy” & a hug/kiss.
  • count to 10, sing lots of songs with me (ABC’s & Jesus Loves Me are your current favorites), and are putting together sentences (which are hilarious). Your vocabulary is bursting – so fun to watch.
  • are all about your routines – you know how the day should go & you thrive on consistency. You really like your bedtime routine & tell us what’s next/what to do – you love brushing your teeth, reading books (ending always with a couple Psalms from the children’s Psalms book Aunt Katie gave us to read to you in the NICU), praying for your family & friends, & all of us smothering each other in hugs & kisses before shouting “I luvsyoo!!” from your cribs as we walk out the door. Your daddy & I love it every single night.

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • are still “strong-willed.” I know some people have a negative connotation with this, and believe me, it’s hard – shepherding you can be a challenge like I’ve never known – but I also think it’s an amazing quality. I just pray that your daddy & I can raise you in a way that shapes this will into something that does amazing things for God’s kingdom.
  • are orderly and a bit of a perfectionist – maybe slightly OCD… just kidding (yes, I’m well aware where this came from, thankyouverymuch). You love to line things up according to color, size, etc. You hate it when your crazy brother ruins your order or knocks down your straight tower of blocks. You are mommy’s helper & are awesome at helping me “clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere…” (as you sing along).
  • take on the role of “big brother” (by a whole minute!) so well – you’re always looking out for your “bro bro” – making sure “yane” gets what he needs & isn’t missing out on anything. It’s very sweet.
  • are such a pleaser & love attention. You thrive in situations with new people – our social butterfly. People always think you are the wild, outgoing one – which is true in public with people you both don’t know as well – though when we’re at home, it’s Lane who’s the wild man & you are more subdued!
  • love to color and can nearly tell me how to spell your name. Your favorite phrase is “what’s THAAAAT?” 🙂 The way your brain works makes me smile & laugh every day. You are so good at showing people you love them. What would we do without you, son?
Lane Davis, you:
  • are our silly monkey. You are a CLIMBER. You’re so strong and you can and WILL climb on anything in .2 seconds. I’m actually sort of thankful that you’re good at it because at least you seem to rarely hurt yourself before I can come grab you. 🙂
  • LOVE your bunny. Your lovey rarely leaves your side right now. You still suck your thumb when you’re holding it, but only then. I still think it’s adorable. However, I shiver at the thought of it ever going missing!
  • are showing some promising signs of “athleticism & coordination” which pleases your dad to no end. You love to catch & throw the ball, swing & hit the ball off the tee & thrown to you, wrestle, & hit golf balls.
  • aren’t as vocal as your brother, but are just as darn smart. It amazes me the things you pick up on and learn just from observing.
  • are still very laidback & easygoing–such a sweet temperament. Cullen will take something from you & half the time you don’t even care. Your brother has strong preferences about what color plate he wants, etc. and you are perfectly happy to take whatever’s left. Sweet boy, I don’t know what we’d do without you.
We love you boys so much! It’s such a blessing & an honor to be your parents.

and this rooooad keeps windin’…

…through the prettiest country
From Georgia to Tennessee
And I got the one I love beside me…

We took a road trip the day after the boys’ birthday to Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Basically the beautiful middle of nowhere in the mountains.  Jeff’s grandparents live there and have a great little property of land, a pond, a stream, flower gardens, and the biggest “backyard” vegetable garden I’ve ever seen.  Add in two tractors, two four-wheelers, home cooked Southern meals every night (fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, pickles, fried squash, homemade biscuits, etc, etc…) and you have boy heaven.  The little boys had a grand old time, too good to sleep well apparently. 😉 Jeff & I enjoyed a few hours to ourselves floating in tubes down the river as well, and we spent a morning visiting the little town of Dahlonega – I have many sweet memories of going there with my Grandpa & Grandma when we used to go stay with them at nearby Big Canoe.  I think Lane & Cullen are ready to be country boys & live the farm life!

ok, last birthday post, I promise.

{I think}

These are pics from their solo birthday trips on Sunday, and their actual birthday on Tuesday.  On Sunday we took turns taking them each out individually & left the other with the grandparents.  This is a tradition we’re hoping to continue every year to make sharing a birthday a little more special.  It was great – so nice to spend time with them where we could both focus on just one child.  We’ve always had two, so these little glimpses of just having one are a lot of fun (and seem easy in comparison to our usual routine! not that we would trade it).  Lane got to go ride the carousel, play around at the play place, & have some frozen yogurt (it was burning hot out, we had to find fun indoor things!).  Cullen wanted cookies so we got those & went to the park.  Poor child got a bit jipped because we realized our original plan wouldn’t work because everything had closed early on Sunday – but he still had a blast at the park!  We’re already making plans for bigger & better next year, we enjoyed it so much.

On Tuesday Daddy had to work, obviously, so we had some fun play dates with their friends Titus & Eli – and baby Nora & Allie dropped by for a bit too.  Then Grandma & Grandpa took them out for ice cream and they came home for a fun pizza dinner (you should see how excited they get over pizza) with Jeff & I and opened presents.  They had a BLAST with all the birthday festivities – Cullen wanted the next day to be “birfday” too.  ha.  Sorry bud.  We go to the doctor for their 2 year well visit next week so I’ll have to post their stats then.

So thankful for our two 2-year-olds… love them SO very much!