I love this kid.

I asked Jeff today, while we were spending some cuddle time alone with Lane–Do you still just sit there staring at them, baffled at how amazing and adorable they are? {or am I the only one?}  His response: Oh yeah.  Somehow I’m still in awe that they’re mine!  Will it ever stop?  I kind of hope not.

Lane Davis has had a hard time with all the transition & changes of moving, poor little guy.  However, this past week it seems like he is really BACK.  Back to his old, carefree, hilarious, happy self and I have been laughing non.stop. I’m so thankful!  Love this kid.


things that make me cry.

Becoming a mom has made me so emotional!  So many little moments make me tear up.  Some things lately that have touched my heart…that I want to remember when these boys are grown:

  • We sat down at the table for dinner the other night (the 4 of us, 2 boosters-no high chairs, 4 plates, 4 forks/spoons–wow!) and Cullen started urgently shouting “pray! pray!” This was the first time he’d asked to pray spontaneously on his own (with us–apparently he did it with my parents while we were on our trip!).  “Dear Jesus…{some parts we understood, some we didn’t at all but he sure was sweet about it}, AMEN!”  Tears. Especially since Lane chimed in too as soon as Cole began his little prayer.
  • When one sneezes now, the other shouts “bess you!” so. cute. I sure love getting “bessed” too.
  • They are now praying for individual people when we say bedtime prayers at night.  And it always starts out, “Dear Jesus… thank you {for}… JESUS.” then daddy, mommy, bro-bro, and on.  I smile as I hear them name each family member or friend they so dearly love.
  • the spontaneous “love you’s” (which sound like “luvsyoo”).  It’s an indescribable feeling to have your child say “love you” back after you say it–but even more incredible when they say it on their own! I also love how quickly they learn the times that Jeff & I always say it–when saying goodbye or leaving, at bedtime, and so on.
  • hearing them learning the words to “Jesus Loves Me” and asking me to sing it all the time.
  • the way they keep shouting “LUVSYOO!” after I shut the door for naptime/bedtime & wait for me to yell it back from the hallway.
  • the way they care for each other.  If one gets hurt or is upset, the other comes running to give his brother a hug & a kiss. They hate being apart (Lane the most) & “yane”/”cuwey” (Culley)* is still the first person they ask for upon waking up if their brother has woken up before them.  So sweet.  I pray their relationship continues to grow strong as they get older.
*sidenote – yes, Lane has FINALLY figured out that Cullen’s name isn’t “yane” too.  That was quite a long run of both calling each other “yane”!

um, yeah - this picture totally gets me too. precious brothers.

the trip!

Last week Jeff & I left for 5 nights in the Dominican Republic for our (belated) 5-year anniversary.  When we got married, we decided that we would try, if at all possible, to take a big trip on “big” anniversaries (every 5 years).  We’re thankful we were able to go since we’re in between pregnancy/nursing babies & we have amazing grandparents who were willing to watch the little guys!  (can’t thank y’all enough… the 4 grandparents (& Aunt Carolyn!) took turns with the boys, and we came home to 2 happy guys, a cleaned SUV, AND a lasagna/salad dinner for the next day! hello! Grandparents of the year! 🙂 )

We had a wonderful time together – the beach & resort were gorgeous and it was so nice to have some time to ourselves, adult conversation, AND… SLEEP! Lots of sleeping in, clearly (oh, and lots of food–one night we definitely did have two dinners.  It was all-inclusive…gotta take advantage right?!).  It was a great chance to reconnect & be refreshed.  BUT – we were 110% ready to come home the last day – we were dying to see our boys!  We both said it was the first time we were actually looking forward to coming back from vacation!  There was quite a lovefest when we got home.  Great trip!

“are you having twins?!”

In honor of a recent (hilarious) conversation with my small group ladies, in which we affirmed that there are a lot of people in this world who are either ridiculously inconsiderate, socially inept, just plain silly–or all of the above–what is the worst (or most hilarious) comment you have received while you were pregnant? I was/have been astounded by some I’ve heard from friends!

As in, WHY IN THE WORLD would anyone ask a pregnant woman if she’s absolutely sure there aren’t twins in there? {and obviously this is a common question!} I always respond to hearing that yet another friend’s been asked this one by saying that-trust me-even if you ARE having twins, you don’t want to hear that! No one wants people to suspect it by your size!

So-let’s hear it…


Happy Mother’s Day.

So thankful for my mom – for raising three children in a way I want to emulate more & more the older I get. For helping me raise my sons & being such an amazing grandma. For being one of my best friends.

So thankful for my mother in law – for raising such an amazing man, who is a better husband & father than I could describe. For loving her children & grandsons so much that she drives 8 hours here & back once a month to see them.

So thankful for my mama friends – for encouraging me and laughing with me. For inspiring me, giving me new ideas, & letting me learn from you. For venting about our frustrations, commiserating about pregnancy, endless diapers, toddler meltdowns & the craziness that is our lives now. For understanding why we wouldn’t trade it for the world. (but we would take an uninterrupted meal & a morning of sleeping in, thank you very much.) {and for those trying to become a mama, missing their mama, or missing their children – my heart goes out to you & my prayers are with you, dear friends}

So thankful for the two little boys who made me a mommy (oh, and their wonderful father who helped too 😉 )–it’s overwhelming to even think about how much I love them & desire to be the best mom I can possibly be for them. Praise God for this blessing, challenge, & honor. Lord, guide me, mold, & shape me, and show me how to raise these two little boys in a way that would honor you & bring you glory.

…and thankful they are so darn cute. It makes the meltdowns much more manageable!



jenn’s baby shower!

This weekend, Holly & I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower for our dear friend Jennifer.  She is having a baby GIRL soon & we are so, SO excited!  Since Holly & I are 100% boy moms (four little guys between both of us), we were pretty thrilled to decorate with all kinds of pink & girly touches and enjoy a lovely ladies’ morning!  Thank you SO much to those who helped out, and thanks to everyone who was able to join us  and shower Jenn with love–it was such a great morning.

{click to enlarge}

If I said I cannot WAIT for this baby to get here, it would be a massive understatement!  We are thrilled for Brian & Jennifer, love this little girl so much already, and are praying for them as they become a family of THREE! (including a “rather good” 22 hour labor where they will “weather the storm” together, according to an epic {hilarious} video of the daddy – priceless, Brian.) We love y’all.