Pieces of the Pyles 4.30.11

a few phone pics & tidbits…

Tucker has settled back into things from the grand farm life & has decided to sleep like a human every night:


Apparently the boys like the new rug:


Learning to eat big boy-style at the table:


…but it looks like we still need some practice feeding ourselves yogurt:


I think 21 months is old enough to put ’em to work:


And finally, some sweet brother love:




I love Easter–celebrating what the Lord has done for us, eating yummy food & spending time with friends & family. We trade off years going to Ohio & staying in NC, & this year we were home with the Z’s.  The boys were old enough this time to enjoy some old and new traditions with them–hunting for eggs, singing songs, reading books about what Easter really means, & praying over them that one day soon they will fully grasp that God loved them so much that he sent his son to die for their sins on the cross, then rose again.  He is risen… he is risen INDEED!

we planted our first vegetable garden on Good Friday (which coincidentally was also Earth Day... look at us!)

Farmer Jeff

Zaepfel family on Easter Sunday 2011

baseball caps from Gramma & GrandPops in their Easter baskets

we found a cap to fit C's genius-sized head! 😉

C was a little under the weather... so he got some extra snuggles.

I love men in pink & seersucker!

Mommy & Cullen

Daddy & Lane

Easter egg hunt

We had some sweet friends invite a bunch of us & our little ones over for an Easter egg hunt & luncheon.  So fun!  The boys had a GREAT time.

happy birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEFF… also known as “daddy” ’round these parts.

Jeffrey Thomas – honorable. wise. respected. hilarious. daddy of twins extraordinare.  helpful (understatement). servant.  leader.  godly.  just plain FUN.

I am blessed (& I know it) to call you my husband and so thankful you’re my partner in life.  I can’t imagine my days without you & am so, so proud to be your wifey.  You’re just the best.

Cullen & Lane love you to the moon & back – they surely lucked out to get the best dad in the whole wide world, huh? 😉

Happy birthday – you are so loved by all your family & friends!

dandelion wishes

a new favorite backyard activity… our overgrown yard is full of them right now!

and oh, how loved I feel when my sons come running, those “weeds” in their little fists, yelling “mommy! mommy!” as they hand me their sweet gifts.

…maybe we can just keep the yard full of weeds?

the house, part I

OK, finally – some house pictures!  I’m just making myself go ahead & post some, because if I keep waiting till I think things are “finished” & ready – you’ll never see any.  Our home is always a work in progress – we like new projects too much!  So here it is, the first part of the new house “in progress”.  The boys were napping, so I couldn’t get their room, & the other upstairs rooms aren’t really high on the priority list–so I’ll post them as we do some work on them!  Here’s the rest…




Family room looking into the kitchen - love our kitchen! We're planning to paint the cabinets & install a butcher block countertop on the island soon.

other side of the kitchen



from the kitchen looking into the family room. We just put a picture gallery wall on that right wall & got rid of the boxes - made a huge difference in the room! The hallway at the end leads to a powder room on the left, then the office & playroom.



at the end of the family room - opens up to what will be our office/sitting area when it's done.

the office (front of the house) into the play room. I have all kinds of ideas for this room!



entry way into the dining room (taking the picture from the office)



moving upstairs... master bedroom & part of our bathroom. Getting our new duvet next weekend - can't wait!

from our bedroom into the upstairs hallway (and Tucker). First left is a guest bedroom/future baby #3 nursery, then on the left is a linen closet, laundry room, & bonus room. On the right is the boys' room & a bathroom, & at the end is the guest bedroom.

So there you have it – a glimpse into the remodel!  We are so happy here, & so thankful for the Lord for providing such an awesome opportunity.  We still have a million projects running through our heads – but that’s the way we like it… we’re having a great time making this house our home.

the natural

Uncle Kyle & GrandPops taught the boys some very important skills yesterday –

My favorite part is how he takes a practice swing before really going for it. I mean, I think the kid’s a natural…! 😉

(also, they both can do it pretty darn well – just didn’t get a clip of Lane yet!)

2 almost two

I’m not sure why, but all of a sudden it’s hit me – I DEFINITELY no longer have 2 babies, I have 2 little men on my hands.  I glanced at them the other day & realized they will be 2 before I know it… and they’re beginning to act the part.  Please, prayers & tips for handling two “terrible twos” at once?!  Any good/magical books to read? 😉

Things I LOVE about this age – the huge jump in vocabulary; the cute little voices & funny way they say things; their ability to go up & DOWN the stairs on their own safely (my arms were about to give way carrying 2 up & down all the time); their curiosity; the way they pick things up so quickly – counting, letters, words, colors, concepts!; their attachment to each other & care for one another; their laughs; their oh-so-different personalities!  There are so many moments I just stare at them, struggling to comprehend how much I love them, marveling at how handsome they are, and wondering why & how we got so blessed–are we really their parents?

Things I’m not so fond of – how quickly they can tear the house apart (holy moses, they are into EVERYTHING!); the beginning of temper tantrums & fighting with each other; their love for unrolling toilet paper in a nanosecond; how much they hate diaper changes now (I mean guys, it ain’t too pleasant for me either!); throwing food on the floor at meals; that they aren’t snuggly babies anymore (I’m one of those weirdos who LOVES the newborn/tiny baby age, I know, I’m crazy–but just bring me your newborn if you need a break & I can get my fix).  It’s not all sunshine & giggles; there are certainly many moments where they are both crying/whining/screaming, clinging to my legs while I wonder how to take care of them both at the same time, and praying for patience.  Nothing will teach you to be more selfless quite like motherhood!

One thing is for sure though–somehow, every single day, I love Cullen more.  and somehow, every single day, I love Lane more.  And for darn sure, every single day I love my husband more for being my partner in this crazy, challenging, wonderfully amazing adventure called parenting.

Working on it!

We’re in!! I know I need to post house pics, as sweet friends & family from out of town (& out of the country-love you Pullens!) keep reminding me… But we have had so many projects going & things out of place… So here’s a filler post for now, promise it’s coming this week! Here’s a bit of what we’ve been working on!

Pyles family came to visit to help w projects & snuggle boys! (thank you so much!) We fixed the whole fence (& welcomed Tucker home!! Yay!!!), hung blinds, installed garage door openers, doorbells, lots of bath fixtures, & more importantly found tractors at the park nearby that we LOVE being able to walk to!


Jeff & I made a chalkboard wall for our kitchen & put in a bead board backsplash today after they left-we did it mostly while the boys were asleep & it turned out so great! (plus I ended up using a pneumatic nailer to install pieces after Jeff cut, while still in my church clothes & dangly earrings-yesh)

Bonding with my husband while caulking. Ah, home improvement!

& we didn’t even mind when this boy woke up needing some “wa-wa” (water) & snuggles- I think he gave the nearly-finished project his stamp of approval!

Pictures coming soon-& perhaps a video tour?!

We LOVE this place.