Monday morning snuggles

Sweet brothers snuggling on a cold, rainy morning-love them so much!




True love

You know your husband loves you when he runs out to pick up toilet seats, towel bars, & a dryer vent for the new house & returns with these as well:

Mmmm… That’s true love right there folks. In the form of delicious Easter candy… can’t go wrong.

feels like Christmas Eve…

our STUFF… we haven’t seen in 7 months!! Not even sure what all’s in there anymore…

The POD has been delivered… the house rehab is complete… it’s moving weekend!!!  We are so excited – and in LOVE with our new house.

Sweet Cullen is doing a good bit better, praise the Lord – his fever finally broke & he is slowly getting his energy back.  His cough/breathing is still pretty bad (he really can’t sleep much), so we’re praying that he continues to get better – but SO thankful for improvement & avoiding the hospital!  God is good.  (also good?  pneumonia-killing antibiotics & a nebulizer full of albuterol.  We continue to be very thankful for modern medicine!)

We will have to post pictures of the house soon… once we get semi-unpacked!

progress… and pneumonia :(

Tons of exciting progress at the house this week!

All rooms painted (painters did the wrong color downstairs & I thought I was crazy for a bit {how in the world did it turn out that light??} until we realized it wasn’t right! They fixed it & we love all the colors)

Tiling & grouting done in the laundry rm & master bath-



Granite in, appliances delivered, hardwoods in, & our IKEA farmhouse sink was installed-we were pretty darn excited about this & we love it! Better pictures of everything next time when there are lights & I have my real camera.


Carpet is going in today & everything is DONE! ready to move in!!!

However, it’s been a little hard to concentrate on house stuff as C-bug has gotten pretty sick. We’re so glad Lane is better but C got worse & went back for chest x-rays yesterday. Looks like our poor little guy has staph pneumonia. 😦 He started new, stronger meds & breathing treatments last night.


Poor baby 😦 lots of snuggling & loving on him going on around here lately (wrote this whole post on my phone while holding him in my lap… I can only watch so much Thomas the Tank Engine!). We’re praying for quick healing & trusting that the Lord has his hand on him. We’re all a bit overwhelmed, but if moving in gets slightly delayed because of this, oh well. Cole is our priority! We’d certainly appreciate prayers for him. Thanks.


It has been a rough several days. Lots of this:

and this:

and this:

{both boys have bacterial infections & wetness in their lungs, & Lane has an ear infection as well… they are the sickest I’ve ever seen them since they came home from the NICU.  so miserable and sad.  but still cute.  poor babies – they’re on some strong antibiotics so we’re hoping they turn the corner very soon.}

and of course, we’re supposed to move in to the new house this weekend which means we’ve had a TON of house projects to juggle, and packing that sure hasn’t been done!  Murphy’s Law says this would be the one week they’d get sick all winter.

thank GOODNESS for family & friends who have pitched in & are taking care of us & our little sickies so we can survive! Painting, tiling, grouting, prepping the floors for carpet, babysitting, consoling sad, sick babes.

{seriously, thank you. SO much. we can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!}

MOVING DAY is finally coming!  Wait till we post pictures of the house – what a makeover it has gotten! we’re so excited.

…and we’re definitely looking forward to being back to normal and playing lots of this:



A friend of a friend lost their newborn baby last week due to complications at birth.  My friend’s little boy was born very early & is in the NICU (oh how I remember those scary days).  I keep hearing of sweet little ones being diagnosed with major illnesses…and now all of this in Japan!  Honestly, it’s tempting for me to begin to fear and worry.  I can’t imagine, can’t fathom life without my boys.  Yet, I know that fear and worry are not of the Lord.  If I am abiding in Christ, then I know I’m commanded to trust him with everything.  Everything. {gut check}

So instead I’m choosing to (or at least trying to!) gain some perspective from it.  Choosing to snuggle my boys a little tighter.  Laugh a little harder when Cullen imitates his dad’s funny phrases and Lane shows off his 19 month old dance moves.  Be amazed that they can count to 10 with me, know all their body parts, and can follow multi-step directions (not trying to say that my sons are geniuses, just that we all should think our kids are geniuses!).

I’m trying to be more thankful for my husband who works so hard in order for me to be able to stay at home with these boys–even on days where naps are short, poopy diapers are abundant, and tantrums are plentiful.  Trying to be more grateful for my sons who love each other fiercely.  For my family and friends. For the many, many blessings God has given me.

I’m trying to practice patience and slow. down. To rest in this time, this moment in our lives instead of anxiously anticipating the next phase as I am so prone to do.  To realize that I won’t have to change their stinky diapers, wipe their snotty noses, or clean up crusty oatmeal from their hair for the rest of their lives–but that the sleepy snuggles, open-mouthed baby kisses, and the way they think mama is the best thing since sliced bread will not last forever.  {and unfortunately, I’ve heard that neither does naptime… gasp!}

So, once again, it’s time.  Time to give my fears & worries over to Him daily.  Time for me to remember to replace complaining & a bad attitude with gratitude and a little perspective.  I pray that God will break me & mold me into the mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend… he has created me to be!  Little by little.

…but it would be nice if naptime lasted forever, don’t you think?!

more house demo

If you need to take out some frustration, I’d recommend knocking out a wall.  Good way to spend an afternoon.  Tearing out vinyl?  Not so fun–but I’m sure once the hardwood floors are in, it’ll be well worth it! {click to enlarge}


fifth anniversary!

Today we’re celebrating 5 incredible years of marriage together!  We both can’t believe it’s already our fifth anniversary – time does fly when you’re having fun! (and married to your best friend)

When we first got married we decided that one of our dreams/goals was to go on a “big” trip together on the “big” anniversaries (every five years!).  We were planning to be laying on the beach in the Dominican Republic this week… but had to put the trip off until May once we’re settled in our own place & the grandparents can switch off staying with the little guys.  We can’t wait!

Tonight, however, my parents offered to babysit so we could go away for the night–so we’re taking advantage!

I love anniversaries. and seriously love who I get to celebrate them with!


Demolition & renovations have begun at the new house!  It’s crazy to see the house with all the flooring in the entire house ripped out, all the ceilings scraped, taped, & mudded, and drywall & exterior repairs underway.  Jeff & some VERY kind friends & family have been working so hard over there ripping up carpets, tearing out vinyl & hardwood–I’ve mostly been on toddler duty but I got to sneak over & take a crowbar to my entryway floor for a bit too.

Some “before” pics of the new place! (click to enlarge)


It’s been hard work, but I think deep down Jeff’s enjoyed it… we’re getting very excited to see the final result!

Happened to stumble upon “thejeffpyles” tweeting about the experience – and I quote:

“Nothing makes you feel like more of a man than demo. At least until you whine like a little girl about the cuts/scrapes/bruises you got…”