pieces of the pyles 2.20.11

Cole has started to call Lane by his name instead of by “bro-bro”… so he runs around yelling “YANE! YANE!” quite often.  Apparently Lane followed his example – he also thinks that’s C’s name!  Pretty funny when they’re both yelling “YANE!” at the same time.

We’re supposed to close on our house at the end of this week!  YAY!  Then it’s renovation time.  I am currently losing my mind over pant chips and loving it.

We had a very happy low-key Valentine’s Day making red velvet truffles & coloring V-day cards with my little guys, then out for Mexican & our tradition of sweet cards + funny gag gifts with the love of my life.

The boys are picking up so many new words lately!  However the ones they pick up quickly are very random & slightly hilarious – who learns “golf cart,” “hummus” & “Elemenopee” (a book) before so many simple words they haven’t caught yet?!

I am so grateful for how much my sons love each other.  Really, I don’t think they fight much at all given that they are always together & for how young they are!  They won’t eat a snack without taking some to their brother, bring each other loveys & give hugs & kisses when the other is crying. Anytime they do something sweet for each other they look at me & say, “nice?!”  The few times they are apart (even just in different rooms) they’re asking for each other.  It’s so sweet to watch.

Last but not least, my grandpa got hitched this weekend!  Photos to come… nothing like finding love again in your seventies–it was pretty cute.


3 responses

  1. I love the way they interact with each other. Just wish I could be around them more often. Can’t wait to see you guys again. Love you! Gramma

  2. I was sharing the Yane story with Amy and she decided that would have to be a nickname for them as they grow up. Yane 1 and Yane 2. I thought that was cute too.

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