Daddy time

This weekend Lauren was able to attend a photography workshop (a birthday present from me this year) and that allowed me to have a morning with my boys.  It’s been tough since I started working at the bank because with my commute, I get a lot less time with them and relished the opportunity to hang out for a few hours.  Not that I’m complaining about having a job… that part is very nice and is allowing us to get a new house and start the next chapter of our lives as a family.  It is just a little hard when I get home most nights during the boys’ dinner and get to see them for 90 minutes (or less with traffic or meetings).

Needless to say I had a great time with them and enjoyed the moments of them relying solely on me for their care (minus a quick trip to Wal-mart with just Laner while Grandma Z hung with Cole).  Maybe they ate more graham crackers in a couple hours than they do most weeks, maybe we slid down slides that weren’t meant for 2 toddlers and their grown daddy, maybe Lauren had to ask me if I gave them any fruits or veggies for lunch… I did. It just took me a second to remember what 😉

As cool as it was to just have some time with my two sons, it was even cooler for Lauren to be able to go to this workshop.  I tried to surprise her with it, but she’s sneaky and found out about it (ok, so maybe I wrote down the info on a post-it and left it sitting out like an idiot… she still snooped for it in my mind! ha!)  She came home pretty excited about all she learned and using terminology that I wasn’t at all familiar with (did you know that ISO is pronounced “eye-es-oh” and not “eye-so”?… yeah, apparently only amateurs call it that… who knew?)  A cool class taught by a friend of some friends. (

Sure, maybe I’m biased… but I’ve always thought my wife took dang good pictures (maybe she just has great subjects?).  However, her confidence in photography and her ability to “make the camera work for her” (in manual) have increased exponentially.  I’m so excited for her to continue to develop  and take better and better pictures.   It’s something she really enjoys and I definitely want to encourage her to pursue it as I think she’s really good and can even make me look decent in pictures, which is no easy task.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of evidence to follow…



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