mama’s always right.

We’re moving out.  Our time living at my parents’ is coming to a close, that we know.  So now, I plan to spending the next 6-8 weeks appreciating all the positives of living with family:  babysitting. Company during the day.  Grandparents around 24-7.  Uncle Kyle.  Visits from Aunt Ash.  All of this equals spoiled, insanely loved little boys.  And sure, perhaps I don’t have much privacy or space to call my own… but as it turns out, I have my MOM.

Mom’s always right.  You could not have paid me a million dollars to say that in middle school, or frankly to even get me to believe I’d ever admit that (I was obviously way too cool to think my mother had any idea what she was talking about.) But people, it’s a fact of life–we all come to realize, mama’s always right.  Particularly when it comes to raising kiddos.

I can’t get rid of this horrible diaper rash. Go get some Balmex–it’s the only one that works. WHY WON’T HE SLEEP? I think he might be ready to drop the morning nap. If tell Cullen no, he’ll just do it again…if I tell Lane no as firmly as I have to tell Cullen, he bursts into tears.  Why do you think your brother & sister got different punishments from you?  I TOLD you I didn’t love them more!

I mean, seriously… it’s like why even try to figure it out on your own when somehow her advice ALWAYS ends up working?!  Thanks mama, for helping me figure out the mysteries of bebe life.  You’re a certified genius.  Maybe someday I’LL get to be the one who knows it all… someday.  {oh Jeff, honey, I’m still always right… just ignore all of that.}

Listen to your mamas, ladies & gents – she knows what she’s talking about.  Now how do I get them to stop throwing food on the floor???


4 responses

  1. I love you honey! And you’re a wonderful mother – I’m so glad I get to help you raise such talented and special boys. Thanks for the props – it made my day!!!

  2. I LOVE this Lauren! It is soooo true!! How is it possible?? One day these boys better be banging down the doors to get all our wisdom too 🙂

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