“homeless” no more!

We {actually} closed on the house today!  We thought we’d closed on Friday – signed the papers & all, the money had been taken out of our account & we had keys – only to get a call Fri. night that the seller (the bank) was refusing to sign some papers! Thankfully our attorney was able to get everything straightened out today & the house is OURS!

Let’s all have a moment of silence for Stressed-Out Jeff… Goodbye, Stressball, now you can relax! (or take out your frustrations on the nasty carpet!)  Demo starts TONIGHT, & the crew can start tomorrow – just one day late, thankfully.

Home sweet home… in about a month.  We’re so grateful.


Grandpa gets hitched

This weekend we welcomed a new member into our family – Rosie!  We lost my grandma on New Year’s Day two years ago, and my grandpa was devastated (as well as we were).  After 52 years of marriage… I can’t imagine.  Little did I know but I was actually already pregnant – we found out 9 days later (and praised the Lord for some good news to look forward to in such a time of grief).  This past weekend, he married the 2nd love of his life (“I’ve found two good women in my life.  The first lasted 52 years… I don’t think this one will last quite as long!” haha) – and while we still miss Grandma terribly, we love Rosie & especially love how happy Grandpa is again.  He’s back to his old, hilarious & chipper self!

The big day…

We got to stay with our WONDERFUL hosts, Jim & Jeannette, again – thank you both SO much for opening up your beautiful home to us! (the boys LOVED Jeannette  – she’s the one in that cute photo with them cheesing!)

pieces of the pyles 2.20.11

Cole has started to call Lane by his name instead of by “bro-bro”… so he runs around yelling “YANE! YANE!” quite often.  Apparently Lane followed his example – he also thinks that’s C’s name!  Pretty funny when they’re both yelling “YANE!” at the same time.

We’re supposed to close on our house at the end of this week!  YAY!  Then it’s renovation time.  I am currently losing my mind over pant chips and loving it.

We had a very happy low-key Valentine’s Day making red velvet truffles & coloring V-day cards with my little guys, then out for Mexican & our tradition of sweet cards + funny gag gifts with the love of my life.

The boys are picking up so many new words lately!  However the ones they pick up quickly are very random & slightly hilarious – who learns “golf cart,” “hummus” & “Elemenopee” (a book) before so many simple words they haven’t caught yet?!

I am so grateful for how much my sons love each other.  Really, I don’t think they fight much at all given that they are always together & for how young they are!  They won’t eat a snack without taking some to their brother, bring each other loveys & give hugs & kisses when the other is crying. Anytime they do something sweet for each other they look at me & say, “nice?!”  The few times they are apart (even just in different rooms) they’re asking for each other.  It’s so sweet to watch.

Last but not least, my grandpa got hitched this weekend!  Photos to come… nothing like finding love again in your seventies–it was pretty cute.

Daddy time

This weekend Lauren was able to attend a photography workshop (a birthday present from me this year) and that allowed me to have a morning with my boys.  It’s been tough since I started working at the bank because with my commute, I get a lot less time with them and relished the opportunity to hang out for a few hours.  Not that I’m complaining about having a job… that part is very nice and is allowing us to get a new house and start the next chapter of our lives as a family.  It is just a little hard when I get home most nights during the boys’ dinner and get to see them for 90 minutes (or less with traffic or meetings).

Needless to say I had a great time with them and enjoyed the moments of them relying solely on me for their care (minus a quick trip to Wal-mart with just Laner while Grandma Z hung with Cole).  Maybe they ate more graham crackers in a couple hours than they do most weeks, maybe we slid down slides that weren’t meant for 2 toddlers and their grown daddy, maybe Lauren had to ask me if I gave them any fruits or veggies for lunch… I did. It just took me a second to remember what 😉

As cool as it was to just have some time with my two sons, it was even cooler for Lauren to be able to go to this workshop.  I tried to surprise her with it, but she’s sneaky and found out about it (ok, so maybe I wrote down the info on a post-it and left it sitting out like an idiot… she still snooped for it in my mind! ha!)  She came home pretty excited about all she learned and using terminology that I wasn’t at all familiar with (did you know that ISO is pronounced “eye-es-oh” and not “eye-so”?… yeah, apparently only amateurs call it that… who knew?)  A cool class taught by a friend of some friends. (www.lindseyleephotography.com)

Sure, maybe I’m biased… but I’ve always thought my wife took dang good pictures (maybe she just has great subjects?).  However, her confidence in photography and her ability to “make the camera work for her” (in manual) have increased exponentially.  I’m so excited for her to continue to develop  and take better and better pictures.   It’s something she really enjoys and I definitely want to encourage her to pursue it as I think she’s really good and can even make me look decent in pictures, which is no easy task.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing lots of evidence to follow…


love you.

My firstborn son said “love you” back to me yesterday–I know I can’t adequately describe the feeling… love that boy so much!

Can’t really top that, just had to record it… so here are some cell phone pics tossed in:

discovering the crazy fun of splashing each other!

bath is so fun with a buddy!

boys in baskets.

mama’s always right.

We’re moving out.  Our time living at my parents’ is coming to a close, that we know.  So now, I plan to spending the next 6-8 weeks appreciating all the positives of living with family:  babysitting. Company during the day.  Grandparents around 24-7.  Uncle Kyle.  Visits from Aunt Ash.  All of this equals spoiled, insanely loved little boys.  And sure, perhaps I don’t have much privacy or space to call my own… but as it turns out, I have my MOM.

Mom’s always right.  You could not have paid me a million dollars to say that in middle school, or frankly to even get me to believe I’d ever admit that (I was obviously way too cool to think my mother had any idea what she was talking about.) But people, it’s a fact of life–we all come to realize, mama’s always right.  Particularly when it comes to raising kiddos.

I can’t get rid of this horrible diaper rash. Go get some Balmex–it’s the only one that works. WHY WON’T HE SLEEP? I think he might be ready to drop the morning nap. If tell Cullen no, he’ll just do it again…if I tell Lane no as firmly as I have to tell Cullen, he bursts into tears.  Why do you think your brother & sister got different punishments from you?  I TOLD you I didn’t love them more!

I mean, seriously… it’s like why even try to figure it out on your own when somehow her advice ALWAYS ends up working?!  Thanks mama, for helping me figure out the mysteries of bebe life.  You’re a certified genius.  Maybe someday I’LL get to be the one who knows it all… someday.  {oh Jeff, honey, I’m still always right… just ignore all of that.}

Listen to your mamas, ladies & gents – she knows what she’s talking about.  Now how do I get them to stop throwing food on the floor???


We got a house!!!

Long story short – but after much prayer & deliberation, we ended up letting the short sale house go & putting an offer on a bigger, more affordable foreclosure (in the same neighborhood).  There ended up being 4 offers total on it (quite the dramatic finish to this saga, in true Pyles fashion), but WE GOT IT!

We’ll close the last week of Feb. – then will spend about 3-4 weeks on the rehab/renovations before we can start moving in.  The place is pretty trashed right now, but it’s big & has a great floor plan – we’re excited to renovate & update it & make it our own!

Praise the Lord for providing this wonderful home – we are humbled & grateful!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to pick paint colors…and cabinet finishes…and countertops…and appliances…!!!!! {that sound you heard is me squealing with excitement!}