wait… 18 months?!

The boys are 18 months old today – a year & a half… it didn’t even dawn on me until Jeff texted me in the morning asking if I realized it was their half birthday (& I always realize!).  The past 6 months have gone by so fast – I know everyone always says that, but it’s true!  If the past few weeks are any indication, 1.5 years old is SUCH a great age… I am LOVING it! (trying to milk it for all it’s worth before we hit the 2’s!)  I finally have gotten to the point (yep, it’s taken 18 months apparently) where I can 100% honestly, fully say I am so glad we had twins instead of a singleton.   I figured I’d better record some things to help remember the boys at this age.

At 18 months, you both:

  • run, not walk; climb everywhere & on everything; are BUSY BUSY BUSY!
  • take one nap in the afternoon (as well as a half hour of quiet play time in your cribs right before dinner) & sleep 12-13 hours at night
  • say several words but still aren’t super verbal – Cullen talks more but Lane has an awesome babble language that C seems to get, but we totally don’t!  Are picking up new words every day though – lots of fun.  You understand almost any directions we give you though – sometimes directions with multiple steps.
  • really love each other–you are sensitive to the other’s needs, you crack each other up, you play together well the vast majority of the time–it’s SO fun to watch.  Every once in a while Lane resorts to pulling hair & C tries to hit/push–but mostly, you are really great brothers right now!
  • are still pretty great eaters – we are thankful for that.

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • LOVE cooking & baking!  Anytime you see us start cooking or hear us talk about making food, you run to the kitchen & want to help! Your IKEA toddler pots, pans, & utensils are a huge hit.
  • love your routine & consistency – you can handle changes, but you really appreciate if we generally stick to your routine each day.  You know when we walk in your room around 5/5:30 that it’s quiet play time & start tossing toys into your crib.
  • say please (“peeeessss!”) in the stinking most adorable way ever – sticking your whole face out & smiling as you say it.  I have it on video cause I just love it so much.
  • have to have utensils at every meal–you use them for about 50% of your meal now, but we don’t DARE take your fork away!
  • favorites:  book-Goodnight Moon, song–BINGO, Ring around the Rosy
  • have become a much better sleeper! (in general)  you’ve quit trying to fight it at all & point to your crib when you’re ready, blow me kisses as I walk out the door, and conk out the second I put you down.  You do however know that as long as we live here, if you wake up, someone will come get you to snuggle for a while…
  • are a sterotypical firstborn–headstrong (for good & bad), in charge, a leader, protective, orderly

Lane Davis, you:

  • are an insanely strong climber… if I turn my head for 2 seconds we’ll find you up on the craziest things, having no idea how you managed to get up there.  You have no fear & are TOUGH. How we’ve managed to avoid the ER for 18 months, I’m flabbergasted… but thankful.
  • are super, super attached to your bunny – still suck your thumb when you’re holding it.
  • are the bigger eater of the two at the moment–you like utensils, but you also just want to get it in FAST!
  • favorites: book–Moo, Baa, La La La; song–BINGO, lullabies
  • love to go over to the stereo cabinet & open it up so mommy can turn it on to “das!” (dance) – you love dance parties.
  • still obsessed with “bath” – every meal should end with “ba! ba!” in your opinion. Although your brother stays in the tub longer–you gotta get your streaking in.  You love to run around naked before we put your PJ’s on!
  • are a stereotypical younger brother/baby of the family–easygoing, sensitive, follower, laidback/go with the flow.  It cracks me up that you both fit these molds seeing as you’re ONE MINUTE apart!


if you need a laugh…

…watch this.  I never knew pulling a cushion off of a chair was so hilarious… but apparently tons of things are hilarious when you’re getting into mischief with your twin brother!  We’ve had lots of incidences like these lately and I LOVE how much they crack each other up & enjoy playing together.  Age 1 1/2 is a barrel of fun, at least lately!

such a great b-day!

Saturday was my birthday & it was a great one – I’m blessed to have such wonderful family & friends in my life to celebrate with. This is one I want to remember for a while!

I got some wonderful time with my family, to myself (God bless Jeff for taking the boys for a bit & leaving me with Starbucks!), with some sweet friends, & alone with my hubs!  Ash had given us a night away (with babysitting–hello, great present!) for Christmas/birthdays so we used it that night, and along with Jeff’s {really great} corporate discount, we got to enjoy a night at the Charlotte RITZ CARLTON!  Yeah, we totally didn’t belong there, but we lived it up like we did anyway 😉

The new hotel is pretty much amazing – we already miss that insanely comfortable bed (slept in until TEN! those with young children know that’s jackpot!) and had a blast enjoying the Aqua Lounge pool & spa on the top floor overlooking Uptown.  We walked to Dandelion Market for a great dinner as well.

It was a fabulous birthday – one of my best! – and now back to reality. ha.  But THANK YOU Ashley for the hotel & babysitting, as well as Kyle & my parents for helping…. and Jeff for coordinating it all & being so thoughtful!  I am one lucky lady.

snow day numero dos

This must be the year for Charlotte snow!  We got a “blizzard” (of Southern proportions) of 5-6 inches that caused school to shut down for 3 days (& Daddy got to stay home with us & work from home, too!) here – even more in areas around us!

The boys really enjoy snow… Cullen cried whenever we tried to bring him back inside.  Thankfully Grandma Z was willing to give him some extra time outside with her (twist her arm!). Lane came down with a pretty bad cough/cold so he didn’t get to enjoy it as much, sadly.  C got it too, but it didn’t seem to affect him as much.  They are snow bunnies!

We loved the snow but are certainly glad we can be out and about now – mama was beginning to go a little stir-crazy!  Snow days are another ballgame with two active toddlers!

house update

We realized we never really updated everyone on the house situation.  We did a lot of house hunting in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and eventually found a house that we love (a great house in not-so-great condition that we can have fun fixing up, with a huge yard/wooded area for our boys, in our same neighborhood!)–however, it’s a short sale, which we weren’t sure we wanted to get into–they can be messy and long.  Boo.  However, we both felt like we needed to at least give it a shot & give the Lord an opportunity to work.  We placed an offer on it a little before Christmas.  Right now we’re just in the waiting game – the seller obviously accepted but we’re waiting on the bank, which can be a long process.  We’re still actively looking for other houses in the meantime (we can pull our offer off & put a new one on a different house at any time) but haven’t found anything else we’re excited about right now.  We would love your prayers for this situation–for an answer soon, for wisdom to know how long to wait & when to call it quits, and that if it’s God will this house would be ours!  Thanks.

Grandma will miss her little helpers when they're gone!

busy but blessed

How I think I’ll remember this little phase of life with Cullen & Lane-busy but blessed.  Toddlerhood – scratch that – TWIN toddlerhood… it’s hard to describe – so wonderful, hilarious, challenging and exhausting all at the same time.  I’m busy, the boys are busy (busy, busy, busy!) – but I’m blessed and they are a blessing (though I may need a gentle reminder of that during the 5:00-6:00 hour each day, phew).  It seems like just yesterday they were tiny, snuggly babies and though I miss that (oh, how I miss that!), I am truly enjoying this age even more than I thought I would–what little people they are becoming!

I love when they come running to me for a hug–love the word “mama” coming from their lips (unless it’s 5:30 & it’s a whiny “mamaaaa!” cried needily as they cling to my knees).  I love that they are twins as well as brothers–two kinds of relationships I’ve never experienced, but get the privilege of observing so intimately.  It warms my heart that the first person Cullen wants to see once I’ve picked him up out of his crib is his “bro-bro” as he shouts & points to him excitedly.  I fill with pride when I watch him take care of his “younger” brother with a sweet intuition I didn’t know existed at this young age.  He always seems to know what Lane needs.  I can’t help but crack up every time I watch Lane laugh hilariously at something Cole does (or when C’s in a foul mood and L thinks it’s pretty funny).  They are so different, yet such a pair!

Things aren’t always blissful, though–any parent knows this.  There are times when they’re both upset and needy and I’m not quite sure how to handle it.  There are days where I simply have to put them down for a nap early because we all need a break from each other.  They fight over toys and get too rough with each other–and it’s hard to figure out how to manage that when they are both so young.  Sometimes my confidence gets shattered and my frustration level goes through the roof.  Yet each day I know I’m learning patience and how to be more selfless; two things I’ve struggled with throughout my life–clearly God knew this would teach me in a way nothing else could!

Throughout it all, though–in every new stage we enter and each milestone we master–I am well aware that these two little men God has given me are blessings.  They make me laugh harder than just about anyone (except perhaps my husband), they love me just as much when I’m in my sweatpants, exhausted & sporting some unfortunate bedhead, as when I’m all prettied up and reading them their favorite book.  Thank goodness for children (and for my heavenly Father who loves me just the same as well!).

One of my goals for this year is to be more in the moment with you, my sweet boys–more ready to drop whatever I feel like I want to do & enjoy YOU–because this all goes by way too fast.  I pray that I’ll learn to be more self-sacrificial and put the needs of my three men above my own.  I still have a lot to learn, but goodness, you are teaching me SO much. You challenge me, you wear me out, you make me fall more in love with you daily.  I love you boys!

christmas rd. 2

We enjoyed having Christmas with the Pyles family last weekend when they were able to come down.  C-bug & Laner Lane got to meet Aunt Kristen & Uncle Ron’s new puppy, Maggie… they loved her (and her food – go figure. why do my boys have a thing for finding dog food & eating it?!) until she realized she could drag them around by their hood – which was funny for us but apparently not so much for them!  We were all spoiled with too many sweet gifts, and now I will be able to find my way around again since our recently stolen GPS has been replaced.  Jeff is thankful, I don’t think he loves my frantic “I’m lost!” calls.

and on an unrelated note – but very worth noting! – my Grandpa & his new fiance’ Rosie visited us over New Year’s as well – the boys are very excited to welcome a new great grandma in February!  (and we’re looking forward to the big event in Florida! We love Rosie & are so glad Grandpa is so happy.)

love their laughs.

It’s been too long since I posted a video…

A little snippet of our snack time silliness! (also I just let C watch the video on my laptop – he laughed so hard & continued the funny pointing at the screen while shouting “no! you!”… funny boy!)

hello, goodbye

Hello 2011… goodbye 2010.

Well we said we were hoping for a more “boring” 2010 … ha.  2010 ended up being anything but boring!  We sold a house, lost a job, moved out, moved in with my family, endured unemployment, got a new job, and watched our sons go from non-mobile little babies to active, hilarious toddlers… to name a few things.

Perhaps this will be our year to be boring?  Probably not… but we are looking forward to whatever is in store regardless!  Certainly we’re looking forward to getting a home of our own again, and continuing to watch the boys grow (hard to believe we’ll have TWO 2-year olds by July!)–as well as whatever else the Lord has for us.  We’re just thankful that he already knows!

our sweetest blessings