wanna have some fun?

One night my dad was bouncing Lane around and he kept doing this headbang thing when he’d stop to make him keep going.  My dad kept asking him “oh, you wanna have some fun?!”  He’d shake his head like crazy while laughing hysterically.  Now, if you ask Lane, “Wanna have some fun?” he’ll start headbanging full force.  He constantly runs into GrandPops’ office with a huge smile on his face, shaking his head so hard you think he’s going to fall over.  At this point, all it takes is Lane SEEING him and he starts doing it to sucker him into coming over to play their little game.  This little guy loves his GrandPops (and “having some fun”) – so cute.


well, we tried.

The other day I thought it’d be fun to let the boys try finger painting.  I set it up on their high chair trays and let them go at it… unfortunately, they think anything on their tray should be eaten… and were none too happy you couldn’t eat the pretty colors!  It was perhaps the shortest-lived art project of all time.  Oh well, it’s the thought that counts, right?

At first, things seemed to be going well...

why would I wipe it on here when I can put it in my mouth??

things quickly took a turn for the worse.

Daddy to the rescue so no one eats too much paint (you can tell C-bug is SO grateful!)

what the heck is on my hand??

ok, time to call it quits!

the masterpieces (probably more Aunt Ash & Daddy's than the boys'!)

We’ll try chocolate pudding next time…although I’d bet not much of it makes it to the paper. 🙂



Because I can’t get enough of them in their pajamas… really, the world would be a better place if we all just lived in jammies all the time, I think.  And I can’t get over how big they look!

good morning handsome boys...nice bedhead.

pre-bedtime walk with Gma & Gpops!

Lane's face - hilarious. "Seriously, ma? enough with the pictures already"

I'm walking!

aaaand... it's time for bed.

our big walkers

I’ve neglected to put up some videos of the boys’ walking progress, especially for their Ohio grandparents to see!  The one of Lane is from about a week or so ago, and the one of Cullen is from a few days ago.  He’s doing great now, walking more & more every day (trying to keep up with his brother, I’m sure)!

Run for Mercy 5K!

This morning we joined a fun crew of people from our church (Mosaic) to run a 5K in support of Mercy Ministries.  Jeff & I had both registered before the great ankle injury of 2k10, so since he was out I conned my sister into running with me.  It was her first 5K and she ran the whole thing!  Great job Ash 🙂  (And it was not an easy one- cross country with lots of hills & rough terrain!  I was going to push the boys in the jogging stroller but when they warned about that right before the race started, I left them with Jeff, thankfully!)  Afterwards we hung out and enjoyed free Chic-fil-a, Rita’s, & the park with our friends.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning!

Mosaic runners

Cullen, Lane, & their (pretty darn cute) lady-friend, Ari - Mosaic's youngest participants 🙂

Tab & me at the starting line - she won her division, go Tabatha!

sisters & brothers

cheering on the runners

sprinting to the finish...haha

Ash's 1st race finish line!

Cullen enjoying a big ole post-race bagel with Tabatha 🙂

the transition

Well, we’ve been residents of Casa de Zaepfel for 2 weeks now… and it feels like we’re finally settling in.  It was a pretty easy move for Jeff & me and our “roommates/landlord” have been wonderful–but the boys had a really rough time for a while.  They love seeing Grandpops, Gramma Z & Uncle Kyle all the time, but I didn’t realize how much all of this change would affect them.  I’m not sure whose kids came to visit for a week & a half, but those clingy, needy, upset little children with all the trouble sleeping surely weren’t mine, right?  We both felt terrible and frustrated for a while not knowing what to do to make them feel secure again, but now they seem to be getting used to the new arrangement & are pretty much back to their normal selves.  We’re so thankful.

L & C?  Well, Lane is all over the house (I need to post some videos!), and although Cullen oddly refused to try to walk for about a week and regressed a bit (we think it was because of all the change), he’s back & walking good lengths here & there – I’m sure I’ll be proclaiming him a full-time walker any day now!    He’s also really starting to pick up some new words – so much fun!  He’s learned “bye bye,” “please,” “yes,” and some others lately – and trying to repeat us a lot.  (He needs to learn “Buckeyes” & “Wolfpack” next as football season is in FULL FORCE in this house!)  Jeff is still job searching and his ankle is still hurting pretty badly (I told you he would be too stubborn about taking it easy!) but thankfully it’s slowly starting to resemble an actual ankle again instead of a black, frostbitten appendage that needs amputation!

This is an interesting season for our family.  We are truly enjoying all the time with family, extra help with the boys, and getting to go out more often!  God is providing for us in such neat ways (I have to post a full story about that sometime soon).  We have to keep reminding ourselves of that when we have a week like this one, with $1300 in car repairs (for both cars), a massive cell phone bill because of all the extra conversations Jeff had to have about work-related things & finalizing the sale of our house, and other unexpected expenses.  It’s definitely a season where we are both being tested and must choose to GROW – to grow in our faith and in our marriage instead of them both suffering.  We’d so appreciate your prayers that we’ll do that during this time.  We have no idea if this will be a long or short season, what we will experience, or where we’ll end up when all of this is said and done–so we are just trying to look at it as an opportunity to learn trust, patience, and reliance on God.  That’s never a bad thing!

double trouble

C-bug managed to get a pen open & drew all over his brother the other day… while they were just quietly riding around in their carseats.  I had no idea until we got home & Jeff asked why Lane was covered in pen marks.  Just the beginning, I’m sure!

bedtime cuteness

I absolutely love when these guys are in their PJ’s, fresh out of the bath… ready for a little playtime, stories, prayers, and bed.

never a dull moment

Apparently we like to keep things pretty darn interesting around here… cause we don’t have enough going on.

I give you, Jeff’s ankle (courtesy of his weekly basketball game with the guys):

That would be a grade 3 (aka, the worst possible) sprain.  You know, just some ruptured ligaments & stuff like that.  He’ll be in a brace and out of commission for the next 4-6 weeks…. doing lots of this:

So give him some sympathy!  (and maybe give me some too?  guess I’m taking care of 3 boys now…ha) Seriously though, tell him to REST.  Because he’s stubborn as all get out, and is already trying to do too much (no, you CANNOT run in our 5K next weekend!)