what’s going on.

A little Pyles family update:
  • The boys are 13 months now… you can tell I don’t keep track as well anymore when someone asked me how old they were and I said “they just turned one… oh, wait, no, they’re actually 13 months already.” WHY DOES TIME FLY BY SO FAST?!
  • Lane  has totally taken off on the walking the past few days (with a huge smile on his face, and he actually claps excitedly as he walks – so cute!), not quite full-time yet – but more and more every day!  Cullen is trying his best to do the same as soon as possible–he REALLY likes when we clap for him 🙂  It’s hard to describe the proud feeling of watching them toddle around… it’s awesome!
  • Cullen has been really independent and happy lately, and Lane has been more needy and clingy, just wanting me to hold him (or send him off walking!).  Our sons switch personalities a lot…
  • We got rid of all the bottles a week or so ago… they really hadn’t been using them except at night sometimes, so in the midst of packing I decided they weren’t going with us!  The boys never even noticed, they love their straw sippy cups – but another “baby” thing gone – bittersweet!
  • Jeff’s last day of work is tomorrow, and we move this weekend.  Most of our things are already packed up so we’re hoping it will go smoothly.  Here we go… only the Lord knows where He’s taking us!
  • For those who are wondering, to update you – we haven’t bought a new house yet because of Jeff losing his job–we will be moving in with my parents temporarily until he secures a job and we can buy a new home (we’re still planning to stay in Charlotte, unless God has something crazy up his sleeve!).  Thank you Dad & Mom for taking all four of us in–we love you.
  • We are so thankful for friends & family who are supporting us with help, notes, messages, & prayers during this time of transition & uncertainty–you are such an encouragement to us.  Thank you. And thanks be to God who is clearly providing for us & taking care of us through this–so glad that he is in control and His plan is better than ours!

Lane & Cole at 12 months video:


gonna miss this…

We are almost finished packing up the house – many thanks to Dad & Mom Pyles & Ron & Kristen for all their help this weekend.  I’m going to miss this place, especially this room…

triplets… off to the races

We swapped babysitting nights with some friends of ours the other week (thanks for our night out Graham & Katie!)–so we all got to experience having triplets for an evening, as the boys’ buddy Titus is almost exactly the same age (his birthday is 3 days after theirs).  The threesome had a blast together–pretty much the whole night was spent having races around the house doing laps with their push toys.  Packing up the house to move out is getting me sentimental about memories here.  I will never forget the laps around this house all day every day with those things!  So much more fun with friends. 🙂

zac brown band!

On Saturday we got to spend a great evening with Brian & Jenn and Bert & Holly.  Our four little boys were in good hands with their respective grandparents, and we enjoyed an entire afternoon & evening together (without kids!) hanging out & going to the Zac Brown Band concert.  It was perfect timing for Jeff & I to unwind after a crazy few weeks–thanks so much for taking us, dear friends–we love you! (and a big thank-you to G-pops & G-ma for babysitting!)

the Patnodes - adorable.

the Wilders - no wonder their kids are so cute, look at them.

my handsome date.

yes, this is how I have to stand when we take pictures!

lovely ladies

sorry girls, these are spoken for.

our crew! thankful for these friendships.

Lane’s steps!

Lane was much harder to catch on video – he took some steps the same night Cullen did (but more “steps” and less “wobble-dive” the next day) – since then, he’s still been fairly cautious but still does it here & there, just never when the camera’s out, of course!  Here is a video of some of the steps we actually could get on camera!

And apparently today is his day to get brave – he’s letting go & walking a lot, with a huge proud smile on his face, and has taken 15+ steps a few times!  We figured he’d be the kind of baby who waited until he was 100% ready, and then just go for it and be a walker.  Looks like that’s about to happen!  Oh boy… 🙂

little brother

Lane Davis… only a minute younger, but totally fits the second child stereotype.  If we were going to have twins, we lucked out getting him as our “bonus baby.”  Most of the time he is laidback, easily entertained, consistent, and predictable.  When he’s upset, you know he must be hungry, tired, or not feeling like himself.  His emotions are not as extreme, but his happy little grin and sweet smiling blue eyes make each day a joy.  He is strong and tough–he’s constantly covered in bruises & scrapes but never cries more than a few seconds when he’s hurt.  He may be one of the best sleepers I know, bless him.  He LOVES his bunny, it calms him down within seconds–and it’s the cutest thing to see him grab the ears & put his thumb in his mouth, the only time he does that.  He’s not as sure of strangers and gets nervous that mommy’s going to leave.  He loves seeing his daddy after he’s been gone all day.  He’s cautious & careful, and likes to constantly change what he’s doing.  He is a sweetheart and a charmer.  Lane, my buddy, you have brought us such joy & made life with twins a little easier!  I love you so much.

big brother

This guy woke up in an exceptionally good mood yesterday – and his brother was taking an extra long nap, so we had some sweet quality time together, one on one.

Our C-bug is a character… we always say that Lane is very consistent and Cole’s the wild card.  He can be very needy & tough sometimes–but he can also be the MOST fun & hilarious.  He is ALL boy.  He has the best smile & laugh–that laugh can turn my day around.  He’s a lover and a snugglebug- he’ll hold his hands up for me to pick him up & cuddle him, and he’ll crawl over to me, wrap his arms around me, & give me an (open mouth) kiss.  He knows his favorite people and knows them well – his face lights up when he sees them.  He’s a studier–he’ll focus on one thing and study every part of it like an engineer.  He’s adventurous & takes risks.  When he’s mad, he’s MAD–but when he’s happy, he’s SO happy.  He loves waking up next to his brother and laughing & playing with him through the crib slats until we finally come break up the party.  When he awakens without Lane there, he wakes up grumpy.  He has the biggest hazel eyes that give away exactly how he’s feeling.  He loves food, spoons, a good shoulder to sleep on, the pool, and lots of attention and praise. Oh my sweet firstborn son, you have taught me so much–you’ve given me the most challenges, but also the biggest laughs and smiles.  I love you handsome boy!

lovin’ on mommy.

We realized that I almost always take the pictures, which means there aren’t many that I’m actually in!  Need to fix that… I was gone a lot of the weekend going to baby showers & the big Mothers of Multiples consignment sale (scored some great stuff for my boys… and they ended up being most interested in the hangers.  of course.) and Jeff captured some sweet moments right when I got home.  I love these little guys so much!