we heart our moms.

Mother’s Day is almost here – and we love our mothers!  We have both moms in town, so Jeff & I are hosting a Mother’s Day lunch for them.  I am looking forward to my first official Mother’s Day – but it still doesn’t really feel like this is a holiday for ME – I thought it was just for MY mom?!

A few words for our mamas:

From Lauren: I am immensely more grateful for my mom this year after experiencing all you go through being pregnant and raising babies (having just 9 months of motherhood under my belt!).  Wow – first of all thanks for THAT, Mom.  Having a baby (or babies, in our case) for some reason makes me automatically take my mom’s advice as law.  I think I’ve followed approximately 99% of her suggestions so far-the woman is WISE.  She has also helped me SO much with the boys, I can’t even begin to say thanks.  She joked when we found out we were having twins that I would actually need her now – that with one I would’ve been fine on my own, but with two she’ll actually be NEEDED.  Well I’m sure I would’ve still leaned on her plenty with just one, but with two – I indeed NEED her.  I’m so thankful she lives just down the road; when she comes over I can truly relax and the boys just light up when they see her.  She (along with my dad and brother) babysits often & lets us have a social life for which I am incredibly grateful.  My mom & I used to butt heads when I was younger because we were so much alike.  Now, I am proud to call her one of my best friends and am honored to be so much like her (and pray I set the same example for my children that she did for me!).  She is an amazing, godly woman and a wonderful mother …and now Gramma.  I love you, Mom!

From Jeff: My mom may be one of the most selfless people I know.  For my whole life, she’s always been more concerned about making sure that her family was taken care of than anything for herself.  She was always there for any of my various practices, games, broken bones, bruises, emotional hurts, etc. with love and encouragement growing up and continues to always put her family first to this day.  I don’t know many people who would choose to spend most, if not all, of their vacation time visiting family, but that’s exactly what my parents do.  I’m very thankful for my mom’s laid-back personality… I think it has rubbed off a bit on me and made me a better dad to our boys.  You have to go with the flow a little more when you’ve got twins (and even more for boys) and I think that part of the reason I can handle the crazy moments is because of the way my mom handled things with my sister and I growing up.  I’m also so glad that we get to spend this weekend with her… I realize it has little or nothing to do with ME and everything to do with her grandsons, but it’s great to be able to spend this weekend with my family.  I know how much it killed her to miss coming down in the month of April due to tax season (mom works for the city income tax department) and it’s great to see her and my dad interact with their grandkids and how much joy it brings to them.  Thanks for being there for me mom, today and always.  I love you and Happy Mother’s Day!


happy cinco de mayo!

We figured it was important to teach the boys how to enjoy this holiday early –

They were so good at the restaurant!  (I mean how could Cullen not have a great time stuffing his face with beans, tortilla chips, & corn?)  Fun fun.

what if everyone

My friend Stephanie took these pictures at our “What If Everyone” project on Saturday.  We were at the Free Store at Area 15, a free yard sale for homeless/low-income families.  It broke my heart to see some of the families, especially the little kids (definitely reminded me of some of the kids I used to teach).  I fell in love with this little girl…

with Holly & Jenn

the yard sale

playing with the kids while their parents shopped

our buddy Jack painting - great helper! (soon, L & C, soon!)

It was neat to see all that the ministry is doing for those people in our city.  It definitely put into perspective that we need to be so grateful for the way God has blessed us, and continue to find ways to serve others.

9 month stats

Stats & Percentiles so I don’t forget... (NOT adjusted for prematurity – both on the 9 month charts for every category! yeah boys!)


Weight – 18 lbs, 4 oz (10-25th percentile)

Height – 28 1/4 (50th)

Head – 18 3/4 in (DOWN in percentile – on the charts again at 97th percentile!!! Awesome that it’s leveling off already)


Weight – 17 lbs, 13 oz (5th)

Height – 27 in (10th)

Head – 17 1/2 (25th)

Two peas in a pod (and Lane's constant pucker face, until he realizes those teeth aren't going anywhere!)

cheap entertainment