10 months old.

Well we all know I’m not okay with it, so I won’t harp on that… today C-dubs & Laner are 10 MONTHS OLD!  Wow boys, you are definitely all over the place now. Nonstop crawling, pulling up, standing, climbing, & getting into things – let’s just say I can fall asleep pretty easily at night. 😉  You’re so adorable & so much fun though!

the only smiley picture today, and C's not even looking (love how he's laughing at his bro though - so cute)...

...because they won't sit still & smile anymore! (note that we'd already lost the shorts at this point)...

...this is what happens if I try to make them. maybe we'll try again tomorrow - but had to throw this outtake in there for the memories 😉

At 10 months old (I don’t think you really care what your adjusted age is anymore!), you both:

  • eat 4 times a day, take 2 naps (at 10 & 2:30 – usually 1.5- 2 hours in the morning and 1-1.5 hours in the afternoon), & sleep about 12 hours at night (C almost always wakes up first, and L sleeps in for half an hour to an hour longer)
  • pull up on anything and everything, and are trying to cruise.  Lane was a bit cautious at first, but he has officially thrown caution to the wind and is fearless now too.  You both tend to sport a bruise or two at all times now from tumbles & bonks…but get right back up & try it again.  It can get a little crazy around here sometimes with two wobbly adventurers!
  • are determined crawlers, though you don’t really care to get off your belly, the army crawl is pretty efficient and speedy when you see something you want immediately. Lane, you get up on all fours here and there.
  • eat a TON of finger foods. You eat anything we give you – veggies, fruits (mango, strawberries, & bananas are favorites), whole wheat bread, yogurt, cheese, meat (Great Grandpa bought Bojangles on Sunday & we kept tearing off the skin & giving you chunks of chicken – I had to go get another chicken breast because you ate all of mine!), & BEANS – you love any kind of beans.
  • have learned to give high-fives, kisses/hugs (Cullen), and that patting your mouth/making a noise at the same time is a fun trick.
  • think “walking” while someone holds your hands is the thrill of all thrills.

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • have become quite a momma’s boy – pretty attached to mommy right now.
  • have decided you really like your paci.
  • can stand holding on to something very well & have learned to get down from something once you’ve pulled up on it instead of just blindly falling & trusting mommy will be there to catch you.
  • may have said your first word – we think you’ve learned to say “mama” discriminately.  You’ve done it twice wanting mama, so we’ll see if it keeps up or was just a fluke!  heart-breaker.

Lane Davis, you:

  • may have curly hair! It looks like it’s starting to curl – a blue-eyed, blonde, curly haired child… who’d have dreamt it?
  • have come into your own & don’t let your “big” brother bully you around anymore – you’re crawling all over him & taking his toys now too!
  • love to “cruise” when standing – why would you stand still when you can keep moving from one end of something to the other?  However, you often try to do things you’re not quite steady enough for yet – resulting in some tumbles.  You’re getting pretty tough fast!
  • you like to give big bear hugs to your brother – he, however, is not quite as fond of receiving them blindly from the back while trying to stand up.

We love you both so much!


3 responses

  1. oh my. hmm where to start…can’t believe it’s been 10 months since these cutie pies started stealing the hearts of Brian and I. Love the pictures and sweet blog…happy 10 month bday to Lane and Cullen! 🙂

  2. Adjusted age for what? It is bittersweet that they are on target developmentally which means they are growing up way too fast! Thanks so much for the blog, it’s great to keep track of them from afar. Lauren, I don’t know how you do it! It is true that each age has it’s moments (except possilbe 13!) that you treasure. I am glad you are enjoying these days so!

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