Date Night Contest!

Some friends of mine & our adorable, albeit sometimes slightly rowdy babes (we have all boys but one – what’s been in the water around here?) meet on Wednesday mornings for a Bible study. We were talking the other day about date night ideas – trying to share some new ones since we’re starting to run out of creativity!  Jessica just had a Mommy Advice Contest on her blog, so it was suggested to have a date night idea contest on my blog.  SO…. here we go!

Pretty please share your best date night ideas! Things you’ve done in the past, thought of doing soon, or dreamed of doing at some point in the future… we’re especially looking for dates that can include small children for part of it, or “date night in” ideas for once the babies go to bed, as babysitters aren’t always easy to find, but any suggestions are welcome – simple & easy all the way to extravagant! The contest will be open for one week – leave a comment to participate.  The winner will be announced next weekend and will receive a {small} prize. 🙂

Can’t wait to hear what y’all come up with – and we can all load up on new ideas from each other!

Thanks in advance – and my husband thanks you as well, I’m sure…


12 responses

  1. alphabet dates. (okay so maybe that means 26 dates but go with me on this.) each date has a “theme” that begins with the letter you are on and you go in order beginning with A. lots of them could be done once my nephews go to bed. ex: A – art (do something artsy together) B – bake (bake some yummy goodies together) C – chick flick …so on and so forth.

  2. I like the alphabet idea!

    One date that was fun was going out to play miniature golf together… and whoever one the game got to purchase a shirt of their choosing.

    Unfortunately, the person who ended up winning also wanted to purchase jewelry to go with her shirt, so make sure you don’t let that happen. 🙂

  3. Can’t wait to read all these ideas!!! Here is my contribution. Chalk this one up to the “haven’t done it but would like to” category, because we are pretty lame. A friend of mine suggested this one. Her husband picks up sushi on the way home from work. (They use Charlotte half off – to get gift certificates for half the cost. Anyways, after the kids are in bed they spread out a blanket in the living room and eat the sushi on the floor with candles around. Then they might watch a movie or whatever. Sounds like a great time to me! Thanks, Arin!

  4. A favorite combination of ours is cocktail shrimp, a really good chewy bread, sharp cheese, crisp grapes and a bottle of wine. Either eaten in your pretty lingerie (it’s ok the food is all meant to eat cold) in candlelight and soft music or eaten out in the yard on a blanket (with the baby monitor nearby of course).

    Another date night in is foudue. Cheese fondue and chocolate fondue are both EASY. If you must have a main course grill a steak but who really needs meat if you have cheese and chocolate? Finish it off with decaf coffee with whipped cream (Bailey’s or Kahlu if you like) and chocolate shavings on top. The only rule with this one is the entire time you are doing the fondue you must NOT TALK ABOUT THE KIDS!

  5. Progressive dinner at your favorite restaurants – appetizer somewhere – on to soup or salad – on to entre – on to dessert – on to Irish Coffee or whatever to end!!

  6. Trade Friday night babysitting with another couple. Take your kids over to your friend’s house at bedtime on Friday, and enjoy sleeping in on Saturday with a nice breakfast in bed. Pick the kids up at noon and switch places the next week. One night away (at home) is sure is worth the morning you have all the kids! ( of course, you could use grandma and grandpa for this if you are very lucky and have them close by!!!!!!)

  7. Dan and I do the ‘bookstore date’ often. We each get two or three (interesting or funny) books and then go to the coffee shop in the bookstore. We read, talk, show pictures and try our best to not talk about Ari! And if you do it right, you only have to pay for the coffee!

  8. Hey Lauren a few of our fav places are Dave and Busters, the Epicenter bowling center and movie theater in Uptown, the Crepe Cellar in NODA (and then you can walk around Noda and usually there is some sort of concert or art on the sidewalk), and fondue at Melting Pot(all of these are “if you have a babysitter options”). There are also lots of out door movie spots during the summer and you can bring a picnic lunch, OR Pops in the Park at the South Park mall on Sunday afternoons (really fun with friends…most folks bring wine and a picnic to this as well and children are welcome…just a little passed bed time 4th of July is best bc there is a great fireworks display). We also enjoy the date nights in, with a redbox, wine and picnic on the floor or playing bananagrams. Hope that helps, have fun and of course let us know how it goes.

  9. 1) Breaktfast for Dinner: We break out the waffle iron and have homemade waffles with whipped cream & berries (of course bacon or sausage for the hubby). Best part, we drink mimosas.

    2) “Martini & a Movie” night. Pick one or two new recipes to try and take turns mixing fun cocktails. You’d be surprised how inexpensive the smaller liter bottles of liquor are…

  10. Take turns making date night a surprise – pick activities or plans that make your spouse excited 🙂 No cheating on revealing your plan – it’s more exciting that way! It could be something as simple as his/her favorite type of movie and dinner.

  11. OK – This came from Ray Cortese – the Pastor at grandpa’s church in Florida who was in Seminary with me – so edit the few that are unique to their location and it’s a pretty good list – (I need to do some of these with Gramma Z):

    Choose one of the ideas listed below (or come up with you own) and fill in for each day on the calendar during our The
    Beautiful Marriage series. Then be sure to do them!
    1. Give each other a back rub.
    2. Read one of the marriage articles for this week.
    3. Read the paper together and discuss a national or local issue.
    4. Take a walk together—hold hands.
    5. Go out for a soft serve cone.
    6. Go out to dinner—without the kids.
    7. Get up early enough to have coffee together before work.
    8. Plan a dream trip—even if you could never afford it.
    9. Ride bikes together after work.
    10. Go to a beach and have a glass of wine—bring crackers and cheese.
    11. Have another couple over and play a game.
    12. Find a poem for your spouse or write one.
    13. Go to a movie—buy popcorn.
    14. Cook a meal for your spouse.
    15. Serve together—go visit an elderly person, make someone cookies, meet a neighbor.
    16. Schedule a time to be intimate.
    17. Have an “I’m thankful for” night; put thought into all the ways you are thankful for your spouse.
    18. Make a plan to keep some things going after the 21 days.
    19. Make some fun “gift certificates” to redeem with each other … like “one free massage” or “one week of laundry.”
    20. Build a house of cards, play two games of black jack (no gambling unless you put the winnings in the plate next
    21. Go to a nursery—buy something to plant.
    22. Rent and watch an old movie that you saw together when you were first dating.
    23. List your favorite music groups from when you were a teen—then listen to them online together. Close the blinds if you
    are going to dance!
    24. Talk about the first couple of dates you went on together. What did you do? What you were thinking? What was the most
    creative date you went on back then?
    25. Rent a recent but favorite movie to watch again for the tenth time.
    26. Roast a marshmallow with or without your kids over a candle or stove top—make s’mores.
    27. Plan and pull off a practical joke on your teenagers or adult children. Google for a practical joke website.
    28. Buy tickets for a future show or sporting event in Tampa—so you have a fun planned event to look forward to.
    29. Stop by the store and buy your spouse their favorite candy.
    30. Get on your knees and pray together.
    31. Put a Bible on the kitchen table and read I Cor. 13:4-8 after, before or during a meal together every day for a week…or
    just once.
    32. Pull an old, but favorite book off the shelf and read the last chapter, best chapter, or favorite quote or event then talk
    about why you like the book.
    33. Get an old photo album and sit together on the couch and just let the memories or stories make you laugh or cry.
    34. Rent or buy a classic movie and watch it. Gone with the Wind, an Alfred Hitchcock, etc., or Google “classic films.”
    35. Wash the car together.
    36. Meet another couple who have been married longer than you for coffee and ask them how they’ve done it.
    37. Go to Wal-Mart and see who can find the best gift for the other person for under $3.
    38. Bake a cake (or your favorite dessert) together.
    39. Go to the mall together and pick out outfits for each other that you think look good and try them on (don’t buy anything).
    40. Drive out Ozello or Fort Island Trail and watch a sunset together.
    41. Go to “Plaster Paradise” in Historic Inverness and paint something together.

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