getting big!

The last couple of weeks, the boys have amazed us with what they’ve started doing.  We keep joking that they’ve forgotten that they were PREEMIES and decided that they want to do anything their 9 month friends can do, too.  They’ve had a burst of mobility – pulling up to standing on everything, trying to crawl up the stairs, and wanting to “walk” anytime someone can help them.  Good thing we had these boys young, they’re a lot to keep up with! – but it sure is FUN to watch how excited they are.

Tuck & C-man now share a love of crawling under, in, around everything.

They love to crawl over & on top of each other.

He loves to stand & is fearless to take risks - he'll try to let go & walk right over to you if you're anywhere near! (which ends in a topple if you don't know he's lunging for you!)

when did you guys get old enough to do this?

Mr. Smiles - what a joy this little boy is to us!

Eating all kinds of table food now - apparently bibs even taste good.

These guys are Hoovers - they are BIG eaters... mealtime is a blast though, and much easier now for Mom! (Tucker's floor cleaning has become invaluable too)


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