thankful thursday

Having twins is hard – but I’m so grateful for my sweet boys.  Often I feel like they make it kind of easy (for having 2!).  I wanted to write down some reasons I’m thankful for my boys right this moment, to look back on when we have a rough day (haha-I wrote this yesterday, and this morning C-man woke up at 6:15 for some crazy reason, in the crankiest, “don’t even think about not holding me” mood – apparently I needed it this morning already!).

1. They have gotten to where they’ll happily scoot around and play together for a good 30-45+ minutes.  Without me.  I so love sitting & enjoying my morning coffee & bagel while I watch their brother relationship in its beginnings.

2. They love each other – they wrestle, jibber jabber back & forth to each other, and even try to “hug” each other now and then… as long as the love doesn’t escalate to hair pulling, it’s all good.

3. They’re GREAT in a stroller & out in public!  We were in Wal-mart today for an hour and they were perfect.  Thank goodness, cause your daddy was going to starve if I didn’t pick up some groceries, and now we’re ready (with baby sunscreen & floats) for the pool to open this weekend.

4. They’ve pretty much always been really good sleepers.  Slept through the night early, and still sleep a lot and well. We always say God knew if we were going to have the craziness of 2, we at least needed to rest up!

5. They almost never get sick, they have really taken to solid foods and feeding themselves, and the Lord has been SO gracious to us in that they’ve not dealt with most issues that the vast majority of preemies face.

6. Even on days where Crankypants Cullen is in full force and Laidback Lane vanishes, or I’m feeling stir-crazy because it’s so much more difficult to get out with two babies – I catch a glimpse of Cullen’s full-face smile and Lane’s two new adorable little front teeth.  Cullen comes crawling over to me and grabs at me to pull him up for a sweaty hug.  Lane starts babbling “dada” nonstop in his precious little voice.  One of them does something funny and the other starts laughing at his brother–and I realize that even though twins ARE challenging at times, I’m THANKFUL that our family gets to experience something that most don’t!


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