10 months old.

Well we all know I’m not okay with it, so I won’t harp on that… today C-dubs & Laner are 10 MONTHS OLD! ¬†Wow boys, you are definitely all over the place now. Nonstop crawling, pulling up, standing, climbing, & getting into things – let’s just say I can fall asleep pretty easily at night. ūüėČ ¬†You’re so adorable & so much fun though!

the only smiley picture today, and C's not even looking (love how he's laughing at his bro though - so cute)...

...because they won't sit still & smile anymore! (note that we'd already lost the shorts at this point)...

...this is what happens if I try to make them. maybe we'll try again tomorrow - but had to throw this outtake in there for the memories ūüėČ

At 10 months old (I don’t think you really care what your adjusted age is anymore!), you both:

  • eat 4 times a day, take 2 naps (at 10 & 2:30 – usually 1.5- 2 hours in the morning and 1-1.5 hours in the afternoon), & sleep about 12 hours at night (C almost always wakes up first, and L sleeps in for half an hour to an hour longer)
  • pull up on anything and everything, and are trying to cruise. ¬†Lane was a bit cautious at first, but he has officially thrown caution to the wind and is fearless now too. ¬†You both tend to sport a bruise or two at all times now from tumbles & bonks…but get right back up & try it again. ¬†It can get a little crazy around here sometimes with two wobbly adventurers!
  • are determined crawlers, though you don’t really care to get off your belly, the army crawl is pretty efficient and speedy when you see something you want immediately. Lane, you get up on all fours here and there.
  • eat a TON of finger foods. You eat anything we give you – veggies, fruits (mango, strawberries, & bananas are favorites), whole wheat bread, yogurt, cheese, meat (Great Grandpa bought Bojangles on Sunday & we kept tearing off the skin & giving you chunks of chicken – I had to go get another chicken breast because you ate all of mine!), & BEANS – you love any kind of beans.
  • have learned to give high-fives, kisses/hugs (Cullen), and that patting your mouth/making a noise at the same time is a fun trick.
  • think “walking” while someone holds your hands is the thrill of all thrills.

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • have become quite a momma’s boy – pretty attached to mommy right now.
  • have decided you really like your paci.
  • can stand holding on to something very well & have learned to get down from something once you’ve pulled up on it instead of just blindly falling & trusting mommy will be there to catch you.
  • may have said your first word – we think you’ve learned to say “mama” discriminately. ¬†You’ve done it twice wanting mama, so we’ll see if it keeps up or was just a fluke! ¬†heart-breaker.

Lane Davis, you:

  • may have curly hair! It looks like it’s starting to curl – a blue-eyed, blonde, curly haired child… who’d have dreamt it?
  • have come into your own & don’t let your “big” brother bully you around anymore – you’re crawling all over him & taking his toys now too!
  • love to “cruise” when standing – why would you stand still when you can keep moving from one end of something to the other? ¬†However, you often try to do things you’re not quite steady enough for yet – resulting in some tumbles. ¬†You’re getting pretty tough fast!
  • you like to give big bear hugs to your brother – he, however, is not quite as fond of receiving them blindly from the back while trying to stand up.

We love you both so much!

I am not okay…

I am not okay with how fast these boys are growing up. ¬†I am not okay with the fact that it will soon be June, and then I’ll have to face the fact that my sweet babies will be turning ONE the next month… seriously?! I am not okay with how fast Cullen is learning standing/taking steps. I am not okay with the fact that Lane looked like a toddler in his button-down shirt & khakis for church yesterday.

However… clearly I don’t have a choice about these matters- and no magical superpower to make time stand still, so I’m soaking it all up right now and wishing they could just stay this age for a long time! ¬†I am seriously in love with these little guys… no matter how worn out I am from daily keeping them from a trip to the ER. ¬†I just need 4 arms. ¬†That’d be nice.

P.S. Keep the date night ideas coming – we’ve really been enjoying hearing all the suggestions so far!

Date Night Contest!

Some friends of mine & our adorable, albeit sometimes slightly rowdy babes (we have all boys but one – what’s been in the water around here?) meet on Wednesday mornings for a Bible study. We were talking the other day about date night ideas – trying to share some new ones since we’re starting to run out of creativity! ¬†Jessica just had a Mommy Advice Contest on her blog, so it was suggested to have a date night idea contest on my blog. ¬†SO…. here we go!

Pretty please share your best date night ideas! Things you’ve done in the past, thought of doing soon, or dreamed of doing at some point in the future… we’re especially looking for dates that can include small children for part of it, or “date night in” ideas for once the babies go to bed, as babysitters aren’t always easy to find, but any suggestions are welcome – simple & easy all the way to extravagant! The contest will be open for one week – leave a comment to participate. ¬†The winner will be announced next weekend and will receive a {small} prize. ūüôā

Can’t wait to hear what y’all come up with – and we can all load up on new ideas from each other!

Thanks in advance – and my husband thanks you as well, I’m sure…

getting big!

The last couple of weeks, the boys have amazed us with what they’ve started doing. ¬†We keep joking that they’ve forgotten that they were PREEMIES and decided that they want to do anything their 9 month friends can do, too. ¬†They’ve had a burst of mobility – pulling up to standing on everything, trying to crawl up the stairs, and wanting to “walk” anytime someone can help them. ¬†Good thing we had these boys young, they’re a lot to keep up with! – but it sure is FUN to watch how excited they are.

Tuck & C-man now share a love of crawling under, in, around everything.

They love to crawl over & on top of each other.

He loves to stand & is fearless to take risks - he'll try to let go & walk right over to you if you're anywhere near! (which ends in a topple if you don't know he's lunging for you!)

when did you guys get old enough to do this?

Mr. Smiles - what a joy this little boy is to us!

Eating all kinds of table food now - apparently bibs even taste good.

These guys are Hoovers - they are BIG eaters... mealtime is a blast though, and much easier now for Mom! (Tucker's floor cleaning has become invaluable too)

congrats aunt ash!

Aunt Ashley graduated from college today – congratulations, we love you & are proud of you! ¬†Sorry we couldn’t make it up to PA for the ceremonies, but we’ll celebrate plenty soon enough – looking forward to having you home!

(taking these pictures is getting more and more "interesting"!)

Mother’s Day & Church Dedication pictures

thankful thursday

Having twins is hard – but I’m so grateful for my sweet boys. ¬†Often I feel like they make it kind of easy (for having 2!). ¬†I wanted to write down some reasons I’m thankful for my boys right this moment, to look back on when we have a rough day (haha-I wrote this yesterday, and this morning C-man woke up at 6:15 for some crazy reason, in the crankiest, “don’t even think about not holding me” mood – apparently I needed it this morning already!).

1. They have gotten to where they’ll happily scoot around and play together for a good 30-45+ minutes. ¬†Without me. ¬†I so love sitting & enjoying my morning coffee & bagel while I watch their brother relationship in its beginnings.

2. They love each other – they wrestle, jibber jabber back & forth to each other, and even try to “hug” each other now and then… as long as the love doesn’t escalate to hair pulling, it’s all good.

3. They’re GREAT in a stroller & out in public! ¬†We were in Wal-mart today for an hour and they were perfect. ¬†Thank goodness, cause your daddy was going to starve if I didn’t pick up some groceries, and now we’re ready (with baby sunscreen & floats) for the pool to open this weekend.

4. They’ve pretty much always been really good sleepers. ¬†Slept through the night early, and still sleep a lot and well. We always say God knew if we were going to have the craziness of 2, we at least needed to rest up!

5. They almost never get sick, they have really taken to solid foods and feeding themselves, and the Lord has been SO gracious to us in that they’ve not dealt with most issues that the vast majority of preemies face.

6. Even on days where Crankypants Cullen is in full force and Laidback Lane vanishes, or I’m feeling stir-crazy because it’s so much more difficult to get out with two babies – I catch a glimpse of Cullen’s full-face smile and Lane’s two new adorable little front teeth. ¬†Cullen comes crawling over to me and grabs at me to pull him up for a sweaty hug. ¬†Lane starts babbling “dada” nonstop in his precious little voice. ¬†One of them does something funny and the other starts laughing at his brother–and I realize that even though twins ARE challenging at times, I’m THANKFUL that our family gets to experience something that most don’t!

We love our mommy!

The boys asked me to put together a little post from them for their mom for Mother’s Day… it may be a day late, but their sentiments remain the same.

Lauren, you are an absolutely phenomenal mom to our sons… I can’t imagine doing what you do day-to-day. ¬†Not a day goes by that I don’t hear from someone that “I don’t know how y’all do it with two boys” and my reply always starts with “My wife is amazing… she is a rock star!” ¬†Truer words have not been spoken. ¬†You are so talented at being a mom… I’m just blown away by your ability to operate within the chaos that sometimes reigns here at Casa de Pyles.

Here are a few things the boys love especially about you:

  • Mommy, we love how patient you are when feeding us… we know sometimes we get distracted with everything around us (be it Tucker, window blinds, toys, each other… you name it)
  • Mommy, we love that you make us food. ¬†Sometimes we don’t love it… peas especially, but we love that you want us to eat good and healthy food.
  • Mommy, we love how you make us laugh… if we’re cranky or bump our heads, you are so great at tickling us and making us forget about what we were upset about.
  • We also love how you dance with us… we may be embarrassed by this later in life, but for now… there’s nothing like dancing around the kitchen with mommy.
  • Mommy, we love how you encourage us to crawl around the floor and pull up on stuff. ¬†We know we’re growing up faster than you might like us to, but we appreciate you helping us grow into little men. ¬†We’ll be walking before you know it! ūüėČ
  • We love when you take us on walks. ¬†We know that you may do it just to keep YOU sane, but we love being outside and to see our neighborhood.
  • Mommy, more than anything… we love you! ¬†You’re our mom and we can’t thank you enough for giving us life. ¬†Thank you for all you do for us!!!

Getting ready to be dedicated at church

Momma loving on her boys

Happy Mother's Day, mommy!

Happy first “official” Mother’s Day, baby!