more teeth and more pictures

More “baby book” (cause this is it, boys!) recording – Cullen got his first tooth yesterday, and we realized Lane has not one but two teeth now!  Apparently it’s teething time around here!  When I can get some pictures I will… they’re not too keen on showing them off yet.

And to make this post slightly more interesting – some random pictures from my phone:

they love to hold hands in the stroller - so. sweet.

Help! missed the mark a little bit feeding himself...

They almost always wake up at the same time from naps now, & I'll hear them in the monitor "talking" to each other. They love when I put one in the other's crib so they can play for a bit before they get up!


anything you can do…

Not to be outdone, Cullen decided to start “talking” up a storm too – the day after his brother.  I think he saw me repeating Lane all day, and he kept trying his best to imitate me.  He’d move his lips but no sound would come out – about an hour later, he got it… and our house just got LOUD. 😉  Love it!

also, Cullen received his first “celebrity” autograph the other day – Cullen Jones (the Olympic swimmer) came to my mom’s school and she scored this for him!

For all of you who know how obsessed with the Olympics I am…. I was pretty pumped.  C-man didn’t quite share my level of excitement yet, but he will – soon enough!

9 months old.

ooohhh I can’t believe my little babies are already NINE months old.  ok, I get it now – I used to wonder why every mom in the world kept saying “I just can’t believe they’re ___ months old now, it goes so fast…” – but just file that under “mom things I totally understand now.”  but anyway…

CULLEN AND LANE ARE 9 MONTHS TODAY.  They’re not little babies anymore… it’s so hard to believe and it’s quite bittersweet, but this is SUCH a fun age!  They are doing something new almost every day, and I just feel so proud of my little 3 1/2 & 4 lb preemie babies – I can’t believe how well they’ve done & continue to do!  What a blessing from the Lord.

At 9 months, you both:

  • eat 4 times a day (definitely more interested in solid foods than milk now!), sleep from around 7:30-7:30 and take 2 solid naps – this has been great for mommy!
  • On a bittersweet note, you’re both done nursing as of this week… Lane weaned himself a couple of weeks ago, and Cullen just finished a few days ago.  Whew!  I’m proud of myself for making it this long, and am so glad we stuck with it (I never knew what kind of a commitment that would be!).  It was definitely sad realizing you were both done & that bonding is over, but am also enjoying the freedom! I got to sleep in and let Daddy feed you this week!  The timing actually was nice since it was Auntie Jenny’s wedding this weekend & I was MIA for 3 days… you smart boys must’ve known. ha.
  • love taking baths together  – you can both sit up in your blow-up tub and love to splash each other and play with your toys.
  • love peek-a-boo and pulling the sheet off of your heads.
  • still love Tucker – if he goes in another room, you both start following him – it’s pretty comical.
  • are both sitting up and scooting/army crawling… two mobile babies – it makes things easier and yet crazier all at the same time!
  • love to be naked & hate when we put clothes on you.  You hang out in your diapers a lot around the house!
  • like to blow “raspberries” – Cullen likes to blow them on my shoulder, arm,  or neck; Lane just makes the noise & cracks himself up… and you both love when we do it to you.

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • are getting SO fast army crawling around everywhere–we’ve had to put baby gates up and you HATE them.  When you reach the gate you throw a huge tantrum! When you crawl, you always go for a spurt, stop & slap the floor with your hand a few times, then take another spurt, stop & slap the floor… we like to call it your Wojo move – getting ready to be a Duke basketball star.
  • Speaking of tantrums, you’re starting to develop quite the temper – if we take something away from you, you throw a fit thrashing on the floor & screaming… and then your dad & I just look at each other going “what are we in for?!”
  • have the BEST laugh… you’re becoming known for it.
  • will eat ANYTHING, literally ANYTHING, you can get your hands on.  This is GREAT for mealtime–not so great for playtime when you go after shoes, Tucker’s bones, cords, paper, and your favorite – cell phones.
  • take great naps once again – hallelujah!  At night, you’ve started waking up around 4-5 am here and there… we’re not sure why, but you usually just cry for a few minutes and go back to sleep on your own, with the exception of a few nights you took an entire bottle before you’d go back to bed (growth spurt?!).
  • have the most hilarious wild hair – I don’t even try to control it anymore.  Every time you wake up it’s a new masterpiece – love it.

Lane Davis, you:

  • LOVE jumping/bouncing – in the Jumparoo, in our laps – anywhere.  You just want to be moving.
  • are definitely a pickier eater than your brother… but we keep making you try things and eventually you (usually) will eat it.
  • just started being able to scoot around with your brother which has made you much happier.  You also get on all fours and rock back & forth like you want to crawl.
  • are still unbelievably happy when you wake up in the mornings and after your naps – it’s our favorite time with you!
  • have become more snuggly and give “hugs” around the neck when you want to cuddle.
  • cut your first tooth this month, and still don’t understand what that sharp thing on your gum is – you’re constantly sticking your tongue out & in, feeling it.
  • woke up this morning babbling in consonants – neither of you has been very vocal (except sort of “twinspeaking” to each other!) but today we woke up to you in the monitor happily shouting “dadadada…babababa…dadada!” and now you’re just talking nonstop!  We grabbed the camera –

We love you both more every month!

mr. + mrs. fritz

We’ve been totally MIA because we’ve spent the last several days getting Jenny & Tanner hitched!  Even though it did rain, things came together and the wedding was beautiful & so much fun!  I have zero pictures from the actual event, but hopefully will get some soon – others and the photographer took plenty. 😉  The boys did get to come for a little while and were quite a hit – thanks Aunt Kristen & Uncle Ron for all of your help! (and to all our various babysitters throughout the weekend – I’m SO grateful!)

A quick shot of us ladies just before she put her dress on… and I had to snag a photo of the gorgeous bride to throw in here.  More pictures to come!

I’ve got a thing for boys.

One year ago today… we found out that we were having two baby boys.  I never thought I’d have twins – and didn’t imagine I’d have two sons before any daughters (our family has quite a long line of firstborn girls!). I had really been hoping for a boy and a girl, but man – if I’d known then what I know now – I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am in love with these little men.  I love having two of the same sex.  Already they they just love being with each other, and I’m so excited for all they’ll get to experience together – from the pool this summer, to trucks, trains, dirt, & all things BOY – bring it on.  I can honestly say I’m so enjoying being a boy mom for now & am ready to jump right in on the roughhousing, sports, & hilariousness.

…and nothing melts my heart like seeing all of my men together.  I couldn’t be happier watching my husband and sons love on each other!  Thank you, Lord, for unexpected surprises – you are so good to us.

fun weekend – and some firsts!

We had a nice weekend celebrating Jeff’s birthday on Friday & Sunday, and celebrating our friends Buddy & Brianna’s vow renewal party on Saturday – fun fun!  Also had a lot of baby firsts this weekend – both boys are officially sitting independently now, and Lane has started scooting as well (he was previously doing the get-everywhere-by-rolling thing, but hated getting left behind when C took off after something!) – oh man, my life is getting interesting… ha.  But they’re loving wrestling each other and finding all kinds of new “toys” (Tucker’s food & water bowls?!).  The boys also got to take a bath together finally after my blow-up baby tub yard sale find Saturday morning.  They had a blast playing with each other, their toys, and splashing everywhere.  So cute.  And- Lane cut a TOOTH on Saturday! We couldn’t believe it, he hadn’t been fussing or anything.  Cullen’s still a gummy boy – for now. 🙂   Pictures…

So there you go, grandparents – lots to report, your grandsons are doing new things every day!

the birthday video

This is a video we put together for Jeff as a birthday surprise – a little snapshot of his family of four when he turned 28.  I love how it turned out & so did he!

Thank you, phatnotions (or… Brian & his lovely assistant) for your technical genius! 🙂


Happy Birthday Jeffrey Thomas Pyles!

“We love you Dada – you are the best daddy in the world & we’re so blessed to be your sons!  Thanks for getting us out of our cribs every morning when mommy wants to keep sleeping, for wrestling & playing around with us, making us laugh, and always telling us how much you love us!” -Cullen & Lane (yes, that’s a direct quote – for J’s birthday they decided to not only say their first word, but full on sentences.)

Happy birthday, honey – you’ve always been an amazing husband, and now you’re an incredible father as well – I’m not at all surprised, but I am so blessed.  Thanks for ALL you do for all three of us – I am so grateful for you! Love you!

hanging with Uncle Kyle

Cullen & Lane love spending time with their fun uncle!  And I’ll brag on him for a sec – he is REALLY good with them!  (ladies, grab this one up while you can!  Especially if you’re an NC State fan – haha)

We love you, Uncle Kyle!  {Go Pack!}