Bridge Run Weekend

This weekend Jeff & I headed to Charleston, SC with two of our favorite couples – the Patnodes & the Wilders – to run the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K and enjoy a weekend away!  Yes, our first weekend away from the babies!  We left them in the very good hands of Gramma & Grandpops (and prayed things would go well so they might be willing to do it again sometime in the next few years – ha) and hit the road!

It was quite a weekend… Jeff & Bert are planning a joint post about some of the more memorable/hilarious moments, so I’ll leave that to them – but we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time with wonderful friends !   We didn’t quite have the time/ability to train as faithfully as our last 10K (hmmm, I wonder why…) so we were just happy to run the whole thing & complete it in once piece (success for all 6 of us!).  Then we got to enjoy lots of delicious food, walking (and walking, and walking…) around King St., the battery, and other Charleston sights, and spending some quality kid-free time with Bert, Holly, Brian, & Jennifer.

The boys didn’t seem too phased by us being gone – I think they enjoyed being spoiled by their grandparents for a few days (& Aunt Ash & Uncle Kyle for a bit!). 🙂  Jeff & I definitely missed them, but enjoyed our little break – I think caring for twins every day makes you a little more ready for some “me/us time” away!  We were all pretty happy to see each other again on Sunday, though.

Some weekend highlights in photos (apparently the guys don’t really like getting their pictures taken):

the view from our starting position - took about 10 minutes to even reach the starting line!

Jeff & me just before the race started

up since 5 am...let's get started!

enjoying brunch after the race at Hominy Grill - yum!

Holly, Jen, & I waited all weekend for Cupcake! We earned these!

the girls on our porch... wait till you hear about our house!

just the two of us

While we were away:

And reunited with our boys at home:

Thanks Patnodes & Wilders for a great trip – and THANK YOU, thank you, thank you Mom & Daddy for allowing us to go and taking such good care of Cullen & Lane while we were gone!  We love you!


8 months old.

(this is the best we could do today - they are getting SO squirmy!)

Our little guys are 8 months old today!

At 8 months old, you both:

  • eat 4 times a day and take 2 naps (sometimes 3 still).
  • can sit with minimal assistance pretty well – unassisted, it depends on if you want to or not – if you don’t realize we’re not holding you, you’ll do it for up to a couple of minutes… but you both still get a little nervous when you realize you’re on your own.
  • sleep every night with your blue monogrammed bunnies and your Sophies (giraffes) – you LOVE them.
  • have become obsessed with cellphones – Grandpops & Uncle Kyle gave you each an old (sanitized) one of theirs to have so you’d quit eating Mommy’s phone!
  • love being tossed up in the air & lifted up & down over & over again (giving my arms a workout!)
  • still have no teeth – but have surely been acting like some might be on their way…

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • just started scooting – fast and all the way across the room!  Before, you could just steamroll over to wherever you needed to, but now you’re a man on a mission!
  • fed yourself with your fingers for the first time this month – little pieces of soft bread – and definitely favored your left hand, which made your daddy pretty excited 😉
  • have been napping much better this month, for the most part… I think sleeping on your belly and switching to 2 naps helped.
  • have started showing signs of a temper!  If we take something away from you, you get M-A-D & scream! oh dear…
  • have the best smile – you scrunch up your eyes & smile with your entire face!  and your laugh – I could listen to that all. day. long.
  • graduated from physical therapy & continue to amaze us with how much you can do – you’re leading the way right now!

Lane Davis, you:

  • are scooting… backwards, which frustrates you to no end!  If something’s fairly close you can get to it, but when it’s far away and you start going backwards (because you get on all fours like you’re about to crawl, instead of army crawling like your brother) you get all confused & upset.  The good thing is you’re rolling more so you get to things that way.
  • fed yourself with your fingers for the first time – you’re not as into it as Cullen (you fed most of your pieces to Tucker 🙂 ), but you did it!  You seem to use your right hand more.
  • have been SO happy and easygoing lately – remember back when we thought you’d be our high-maintenance baby?! ha.  you’re usually easy & fun!
  • continue to be a champ sleeper – long naps, and long nights.  If you were our only baby, we’d be waaaay spoiled in the sleep department (although your brother’s not that bad either, you’re just fantastic!).
  • love, love, love the Jumperoo, especially when we turn some music on for you to bounce to.  You’ll hang out in there jumping & laughing for quite a while.
  • love being upside down!  We call you our little monkey; you’re quite the acrobat!  You’re so strong.

We love you both SO much!

being a twin has its advantages.

Some perks of being a twin:

1. There’s always someone to enjoy a nice cup of coffee and some conversation with you in the morning… or… a sippy cup of water & some babbles.

2. Your twin will always let you know if there’s something in your teeth– and probably even get it out for you.

3. You can become a Guitar Hero prodigy at an early age because one of you can master the frets while the other rocks it out on the whammy bar.

4.  Foot massages. ahhhh.

5.  You never have to eat alone.  If you get a little lonely over your oatmeal, you can just reach out & grab some love (“just call on me, brother, when you need a hand…”).

6. Sleepy stroller snuggles… the best part of the day (ok, maybe this is just Mommy’s favorite…!)

pictures and good news

We have been pretty busy lately, but here are some pictures (how many do I take a day?! Can’t help it, it seems like they’re always doing something cute!) to tide the grandparents over:

Last week we took Cullen to get his head re-checked and it had again grown enough to now be off the charts for his actual (non-adjusted for being a preemie) age.  He needed to get a CT scan so we took him yesterday morning (he had to get sedated, poor baby!).  It turns out that he does have hydrocephaly (extra fluid on the brain), but thankfully, it’s not compressing the brain or any nerves so he can be left alone!  We do not have to keep bringing him in to get checked and no more tests.  We’re so glad that after almost 8 months of watching this & lots of (expensive) tests, they’ve figured out what’s going on and he is okay!  He’ll just have a big head for a while until the fluid levels off eventually.  We love our little bighead and praise the Lord for his health.

jen’s shower!

Last weekend we had the privilege of showering our sweet Jenny with love (& gifts, of course!)  with a bridal shower.   Some of us bridesmaids hosted it at my house.  Meanwhile, Jeff whisked the boys away to Kernersville to visit Aunt Kristen, Uncle Ron, & Grammy & Grandpa Pyles for the day! They had a great time & I was able to focus on the shower…and stash every last baby item away upstairs!

We’re so excited for you, J – we love you & hope you enjoyed the shower… we can’t wait for the wedding –  SOON!

the spread including from-scratch mocha latte & lemon raspberry cupcakes - YUM!

guests beginning to arrive

friends since high school (middle school for J & me!) - Caro, Jo, Jen, me, Katie. love y'all!

we did not plan this - clearly, great minds think alike!

beer bread

Jeff saw this a little while ago and mentioned to me that he wanted to try it – so I stored it in the back of mind to make it soon.  Last night it was my turn to plan date night (in), so I baked some for him… ummmm, YUM!  Super easy, and earned me some points with the husband, ha! (he loved it)  Try it – here’s the recipe (love this food blog by the way).

can’t get enough.

The boys have been so much fun this past week – we finally made the transition to 2 longer naps instead of 3 short ones, and I’m enjoying having longer periods of awake time where we can actually do some fun things & get out of the house!  A couple of weeks ago we had a rough few days and I felt overwhelmed & stir-crazy… getting their feeding & nap schedule adjusted (always interesting with two!) has made for happy boys and a happy mom again!  I can’t get enough of these little boys right now!

Just some random cute pictures from the past while:


Daddy's home!

just talking with my dad

I LOVE that (drooly) smile!

Cullen's new funny face - the pucker face

And another video of them interacting – this time Lane laughing at Cullen… these are the moments that make having twins so special!

catching up!

Glad my husband finally posted again – I mean, he’s pretty funny.  Seriously though, I try to get him to post all the time, but it took a comment from his mother and me getting violently ill to make it happen.  figures!  🙂

So.. this weekend – I was sick all day Friday and Saturday morning.  By Sat. afternoon, I thought I was getting better so I went to the shower my mom hosted for one of my best friends, Jenny, who’s getting married next month (!!!).  Lots of fun & we’re getting so excited for Jen & Tanner’s wedding coming up!

That night my parents had offered to watch the boys overnight for the first time so Jeff & I could celebrate our anniversary by sleeping in for the first time in 7 months (you can imagine how much we were looking forward to it!).  I think I willed myself to feel better so we wouldn’t have to cancel.  We enjoyed our night together (thank you so much Mom & Dad for taking care of the boys… sorry they didn’t sleep great over there for you – they just wanted you to know how much they love the crib you bought them at their house! ha).

leaving our babes overnight for the first time!

pretty soon they'll be begging us to go to Grandma & GrandPops' house.

Jeff had gotten me this for our anniversary (and my birthday combined, I got it as a giant surprise on a date night between the two dates!) – an anniversary band (a duplicate of my wedding band) that I’ve been hoping/wishing for since, oh… our for first anniversary.  I was SO surprised and I LOVE it! I’ve found myself staring at my hand constantly as if I just got engaged again. 🙂

Sunday I woke up even sicker and Jeff got a taste of being a stay at home mom for a couple of days, as you’ve read 🙂

The boys are getting more fun every day… and Cullen is working on becoming a pro wrestler, it looks like:

Soon enough his “little” brother will learn to dish it right back, I’m sure!

Glad things are back to “normal” around here and we’re looking forward to a fun & full weekend ahead!

Mr. Mom

For all of our faithful readers (Thanks Mom & Dad P. and Mom & Dad Z) who have been frantically pressing the F5 key for the past few days in search of a new post, have no fear as your time has come.

This past weekend, Lauren came down with a pretty nasty stomach bug and was out of commission for the past few days (this almost never happens).  That meant that good old dad was in charge of the boys for the weekend and yesterday… Let me just say that I now have an even higher level of respect for my wife and all she does throughout the work week.  I was more tired taking care of them and just making it through the day than I could ever be going to work during the day.  It truly is a non-stop effort and much more difficult playing zone defense (one parent on multiple children) than man-to-man.  I don’t think men give nearly enough credit to their “stay-at-home mom” wives.   It’s easy to get bogged down in work and feel like you’re having a bad day but will just get through it.  This task is not so easy when there are two boys relying on you for sustenance, entertainment and exercise/development.

I thought it would be best to bullet-point some of the pro’s and con’s from the last 3 days:


  • The bonding time you get with your kids is unbelievably magnified.  I felt much, much closer to the boys after spending so much quality time with them
  • Being able to stay in your PJs most of the day… cannot be overlooked.
  • Laughing and playing more than you have since you were a little kid… lots and lots of fun.
  • Seeing your boys do new things from day-to-day.  (Lane has now mastered “jumping” in the Jumperoo… the kid loves it… Also, if there were a professional rolling league, Cullen would be the frontrunner for league champ)
  • Walks – It’s awesome to pop the boys in the stroller and go strolling around our neighborhood during the day.  They love it and so do I.  It’s a no-brainer.
  • Being in charge of the day… besides feedings and naps, you can basically do what you want and play how you want with your kids.  That’s pretty dang cool.


  • Being in charge of the day… sometimes it’s pretty tough to come up with creative ideas or fun ideas that the boys love for more than 5-10 minutes.  Have you ever thought of how many 5-10 minute blocks there are throughout the day… in case you’re wondering, there are 72 5-10 minute blocks throughout the day (assuming your babies are awake for 9 hours a day and averaging 7.5 minutes per block of time… do I know this is quite nerdy? yes.  am I ok with it? obviously.)
  • Feeding your boys things they don’t love… peas, for example.  Lane has begun “spitting” his food back out if he isn’t in love with it.  Kind of funny the first couple times, not so funny the next 40 times.  Also, finding a spit pea in your hair or on your shirt a few hours later, pretty gross.
  • NapFails – This is a term Lauren and I use when one or both of the boys decide they don’t want to nap.  Naps are a REALLY good thing during the day… they help you recharge your batteries a bit as a parent, do a few things around the house or google important things like “how to get peas out of fabric”.  You know, the important things in life.
  • Sometimes it’s more than a little bit overwhelming trying to comfort/soothe two boys who are unhappy.  This is something I felt very inadequate doing and quite unsuccessful.  How do  I know that I struggle with this?  Lauren came downstairs in all of her sickness glory to help me.  There’s something about being a mom that just does a better job than dad at this; just the way God made us.

All in all, I’m so glad that I got to help for a few days and put into perspective what my wife does.  At the same time, however, I couldn’t be happier that she’s on the road to recovery and I’m back at work for part of the day today.  I love you so much, Lauren, and it’ll be ok if you don’t get sick for another 5-6 years.