7 months old.

Our sons are seven months old today.  This has been a fun month – they’re doing so much more than they were just one short month ago!

I had to move the sign above them, because this is what happened if they saw it…

Everything in the mouth.

At 7 months, you both:

  • roll over both ways and can sit with a little help – I’m betting you’ll be doing it unassisted pretty soon
  • sleep from about 7-7 (longer for Lane, we have to wake you up almost every morning!) and take 2 or 3 naps a day
  • are big eaters!  you nurse 4 times a day, have 1 bottle of Neosure at night,  and eat solids 3 times a day – so far you like pretty much everything and eat lots of it! (even green beans after a few tries 🙂 )
  • love being sung to & doing chants – especially “BINGO,” “Old MacDonald,” “This Little Piggy,” and “I Love You Cullen/Lane”
  • still like reading books, but you want to chew on them more.
  • are chewing on everything (but no teeth yet!)
  • are grabbing our faces, hair, clothes, anything you can get your hands on – mommy can’t wear her hair down or her dangly earrings around you anymore! (why don’t you want your mama to look pretty?! ha)

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • are rolling all over the place – we set you down and 2 seconds later you’re on the other side of the room.  We’ve had to start babyproofing!  You became mobile literally overnight.  I guess physical therapy paid off because you’re even more mobile than your brother now.
  • love to play with your feet and for us to play with your feet.  They’re your favorite new toy.
  • Aren’t as crazy ravenous of an eater as you used to be–which has been a big relief to me, your source of food!
  • have become a tummy sleeper- the second you learned to roll over.  I’m happy about it because you sleep better now.
  • are in love with Tucker.  You love to “pet” him and if you’re crying I just call for him – as soon as he comes over to you, you’re fine.

Lane Davis, you:

  • have gotten very vocal this month!  you shriek and squeal all day – and now you’ve learned to blow raspberries/make a spitting noise, which you’ve decided to do 24/7.  The other night we even heard you on the monitor doing it in your crib when you stirred between sleep cycles – gave us a laugh.
  • are more into solid foods than milk, and more into standing than sitting… someone wants to be a big boy!
  • LOVE to hang upside down & be flipped around.  You’re a monkey!
  • are an all-star sleeper.  As soon as we zip you into your SleepSack, you turn onto your side, pop your thumb in your mouth, and you’re out.  You would sleep the day away if we let you.

We love you more than you’ll ever know!


my brother’s pretty funny.

The boys definitely notice each other and interact here and there, but the other day I got to see them really play together for the first time (and I ran to grab the camera). Every time I watch this video I get a huge smile on my face – it just makes me look forward to watching them grow up together – I hope they’ll be best buds!

they may be twins…

..but every day they show us how different they are!

Cullen after a meal:

pretty clean and neat – he sits still and doesn’t like getting his hands messy; he loves holding them out for Tucker to “clean” throughout the meal.  Poor dog, I keep telling him “no!” and the boy keeps on holding that tempting little hand out!

And then, you have Lane after a meal:

(and this is pretty clean for him) Always a mover, his hands will be all over the place while he’s eating–in between stuffing them both in his mouth right after you give him a bite.  By the end there’s food on his eyelashes, eyebrows, up his nose, in his hair… you name it.

I love love love that they each already have such unique personalities, and it’s so fun to watch them develop the bigger they get!

one thing they have in common though: their mom thinks they are BOTH cutie pies. 😉


This weekend we made a surprise trip up to Jeff’s hometown in Ohio to see family and friends.  His grandparents aren’t able to travel down so they hadn’t met the boys yet, and there are many folks in his church who hadn’t gotten to meet them either.  He lived in the same town his whole life (right next door to his grandparents) so they’re all very close & his church family has been wonderful to us… praying for the boys from the time we found out about them and helping out with lots of things we needed along the way!  It was special to introduce them to Cullen & Lane – they were quite the celebrities! 😉

Most importantly, the boys finally met their Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Pyles.  They were all pretty darn happy to see each other. 🙂  My sister got to come for a day as well, since she’s at college about an hour away from where we were.  So fun!  And, we survived our first long road trip.  The way up went pretty well – they slept most of the way.  Lane didn’t make a peep the entire 8 hours, and Cullen woke up a few times crying but nothing too bad.  The way home, however, not so much.  Lane was still the perfect traveler but C-man was NOT happy to be in his car seat and made that very clear; a tunnel was closed leaving us stuck sitting on the interstate with low fuel and two awake, hungry babies… and I think I hit my head about 8 times climbing back & forth from the front & back seats.  We’re exhausted & have no desire to travel again for a little while, but we survived!  And it was a sweet time with family which made it worth it.  I’ve never been more happy to pull into our driveway, though – and I think Cullen would say the same. 😉

pictures, of course!  {click the picture to make it larger}

love my valentine.

We won’t be around this weekend, so I just wanted to take a minute to brag on my valentine a few days early, cause he needs to know how much he’s loved!

I am so thankful to be married to Mr. Jeffrey Pyles.  He’s always been an amazing husband, but this year I am even more in awe of him as I’ve watched him become a father.  He loves and cares for me so much as a wife, and then loves and cares for me some more so that I can be the best mom I can be for these little men.

Jeff is godly, honorable, loyal to a fault, wise, selfless, and humble.  He’s also a ton of fun, a great conversationalist, and the most hilarious person I know.  He truly is my best friend.  I have some amazing men in my life and he had a lot to live up to – but let me tell you, he’s blown me away.  He loves me even in my most selfish, embarrassing, and unlovable moments.  He teaches me how to be a better Christian, friend, and partner as he continually seeks to become a better man, husband, and father.

For example–he has gotten up with the boys as much as I have since they’ve been born.  He is the first one out of bed in the morning to get them up, change their diaper, and bring them to me to eat.  I try hard to let him have a few minutes to himself when he gets home from work, but sometimes that doesn’t happen–and he doesn’t complain.  Since we have twins, we both have bedtime duty and we both have to go on man to man defense when they get cranky.  There aren’t a lot of chances for breaks but he’s always happy for time with them.  I knew God had given me a really helpful man for a husband, but didn’t realize how much I’d NEED that until we had twins!  Thanks, Lord.

So–thanks for being my valentine for 8 years running, you’re the best!

Love you. -L


We’ve started solids this week… these boys LOVE food.  Maybe it was waiting until 6 months to really start, but they are having no problems figuring out how to chow down on some rice cereal.  The first few tries, I ended up refilling the bowl 3-4 times!  Yesterday I gave them each a piece of banana in a mesh strainer toy to distract them for a few minutes so I could get a few things done (it wasn’t even “mealtime”) – yeah, they ended up eating an entire banana between the two of them and were ready for more if I’d let them.

Lane’s approach is to have mom shove a big spoonful into his mouth and then take all his fingers and shove them in too – very messy but hilarious!  If he could eat his fingers, I’m pretty sure he would.

Cullen, on the other hand, is very patient and hardly messy at all – as long as you keep the spoonfuls coming!

It’s been pretty entertaining and I actually enjoy having some time where they’re both strapped in and giving me all their attention!

In other things for the record – Cullen finally mastered rolling from back to front today!  I turned around for a minute and when I looked back, he was on the other side of the rug… I figured he must’ve done it so I kept watching and sure enough, he did it again.  He’s a little roly poly now! Is it weird that I’m excited he finally hit a milestone before Lane?!  It’s funny because Lane rolled from his tummy super early – but is too impatient to keep trying to do it on his back… he just gives up and screams, even though he is seriously almost all the way over.  These two are the tortoise and the hare sometimes!

I’d bet $20 C-man will sit unassisted first, too – I’m pretty sure Lane actually could already but this is what happens anytime you try to make him (by FORCING him to bend):

He does NOT want to sit, he wants to stand – and walk!  Funny kid.

They both want to be mobile SO badly… giving me quite a workout trying to constantly help them both! 😉

out of NC – into the “promised land”

On Saturday we finally got brave enough to venture outside of NC state lines… all the way into SC! ha.  We went to visit my aunt, uncle, cousins, & their kiddos in Chapin.  They have 4 babes on their side (and another coming very soon!); we have my 2 (and 6 out of the 7 are BOYS).  We’re clearly behind but I think I’ve done my part for a while, and since my brother & sister aren’t married yet I doubt we’ll be catching up anytime soon!  We had a lot of fun – I didn’t get many pictures because there were just too many cuties to hold & play with – who can stop and take a picture?

the grandmas doing what they LOVE doing!

playtime with Maggie!

Trooper was born 2 days after L&C but is about twice their size. He's happy though! Lane looks terrified and we woke poor Cullen from a deep sleep to make him take this picture.

love this one! Mags being her "Gamma" (or Tina Turner?!)

Next time we’ll have to get a picture with all of them – including Brody, Henry, and baby Evan who will be here any day, so exciting!  Thanks for having us guys – the boys had such a great time they slept all the way home. 😉

our little bighead!

After a morning of ultrasounds, the results look good for now – apparently our little buddy just has a big noggin (to fit that massive brain in, obviously)!  He just needs to go once a month for head measurements to continue monitoring the growth.  As for the abdominal ultrasound, they did not find anything major – apparently the lump is from a lobe on his liver.  One of them is more prominent, but overall his liver isn’t too enlarged so they’re not concerned right now – again, it will just keep getting monitored.  We are so glad he’s okay – and it was a good reminder not to take for granted the fact that we have two healthy babies.  We’re especially thankful for that today!

Lately Cullen finds it hysterical when I say “bless you” after someone sneezes – here’s a video of our sweet boy, who we think has quite an adorable head no matter what size it is. 😉

6 month stats

Today was the boys’ 6 month visit.  Here are the stats and their percentiles for 6 month olds (not adjusted):


Weight – 15 lbs, 9 oz (10-25th percentile)

Height – 26 1/2 in (50th)

Head – 18 1/4 in (98th)


Weight – 14 lbs, 7 oz (5-10th percentile)

Height – 25 1/2 (10-25th)

Head -16 3/4 in (20-25th)

As you can see, Cullen’s head was in an even higher percentile range than last time.  The good news: he does NOT want him to get a cranial band – the shape looks fine.  Praise the Lord!  The bad news – it’s still getting too big too fast.  At this point, he needs to have an ultrasound to get it checked out & make sure there’s not too much fluid on his brain.  If the ultrasound doesn’t show anything, he’s ok (probably just has a big head) and just has to keep getting his head circumference checked every month.  If something looks off, he’ll need a CT scan.  He also found a hard lump/mass in his belly… so he will be getting an abdominal ultrasound as well.  It could be as simple as a back-up/blockage in his colon; if it’s not, he didn’t really expound on what else it could be (a little scary).  That appointment is on Friday, so we would certainly appreciate your prayers for our little boy (we are praying he just has a big head and a lot of poop – weird prayer huh?!).  Thank you!