oh, charlotte.

thursday afternoon.  {playing on a blanket outside in the warm sunshine}

friday afternoon.  {watching as the boys’ first snow starts falling}


why I love the south

So the other day my husband was eating pizza with hot sauce on it and said:

him: “I never used to put hot sauce on anything before I moved to the south – now I put it on everything!”

me: “You love living in the south now, don’t you? Just admit it.”

him: “Yeah, I do love living in the south.”

Hallelujah, the south has risen again!  Here are just a few of the many reasons why we love it down here:

  • Bojangles – go Bo, you’ll never go back.  Chicken supremes combo – biscuit and extra cajun spice on my fries…yummm. oh and even better when Grandpa’s buying the Tailgate Special on a Sunday afternoon!
  • the word y’all.  it’s just so stinkin’ convenient and really adorable when a sweet old lady says it.
  • the WEATHER.  y’all, I’ve gone for a couple of runs with the boys in the jogger and it’s been in the 60’s & sunny. IN JANUARY. I think my freckles popped out.
  • iced tea.  confession: I don’t really like sweet tea. I know, I know, don’t hate! I do love peach tea and raspberry tea and Arnold Palmers though… and sipping a glass in a rocker out on the patio or front porch.
  • everybody waves at you when you walk or drive by.
  • Paula Deen desserts – ok, you can make these anywhere, but she perfected them down here!
  • you can get to the beach or the mountains in just a short drive.
  • Southern Living. enough said.
  • a quick getaway to a farm that includes 4-wheeling, skeet shooting, long walks around a pond, and the definition of southern hospitality  is one of the best ways to spend a weekend!
  • my boys will probably end up having a cute little southern accent – love it.

6 months old

SIX months… really?!  SERIOUSLY, they are halfway to a YEAR?!  I’m in denial.  We’ve gotten to visit some precious newborns the past couple of weeks and my boys seem ginormous compared to them – it is incredible how fast babies grow.  Here’s what Cullen & Lane are up to these days!

At six months, you both:

  • are drool monsters.  You drool like crazy and put everything in your mouths – you are constantly chewing on your fists or thumbs.  No teeth yet though!
  • still eat 5-6 times a day (haven’t started solids yet… we tried once recently but you didn’t seem ready) and sleep from 7-7 at night with 3 naps during the day.  This month you’ve both randomly woken up a few times in the middle of the night, STARVING.  Must be growing boys!
  • like to babble back and forth to each other in the backseat of the car.  If Daddy or I try to talk back to you, you stop.  It’s like some secret twin conversation we’re not allowed in on!
  • love it when we read books to you – the teacher in me loves this!
  • LOVE to play airplane.
  • like to sit in your boppy seats on the counter and watch me cook – you’re great sous chefs!

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • love “This Little Piggy” or anytime we play with your feet
  • have gotten a little more attached to people you know and aren’t as keen on new people as your brother.  I love that you save your big smiles and love for special people, but will warm up to strangers after a little bit.
  • have soft, fuzzy hair that sticks straight up that I am obsessed with.  I love it so much, your dad makes fun of me.
  • like to “sing” in the car while you look at yourself making faces in the mirror.
  • seriously love ESPN and football.  If it’s on the TV, you will stare at it for ages.  Anything else, not interested.  You’re a boy after your daddy’s heart.
  • are learning to sit up by yourself – you can do it for a little while before you slump forward

Lane Davis, you:

  • have learned to shriek and love to “fake scream” to get attention when I’m not giving you as much as you think is acceptable. 😉
  • get bored with being in one place or doing one thing for very long – you keep me on my toes moving you around all day long! It might explain how you eat as much or more than your brother but weigh less, and sleep a ton more!
  • are still our charmer (flirt!) – you will smile and bat those eyelashes at anyone who will pay attention to you… not a shy boy.
  • still have these funny toes – your big toe could not be farther apart from the next and they are always wide open in a “v.”
  • love to hang upside down & be flipped all over the place.
  • can sit up by yourself for a little while until you fall sideways – you have the strength, just not the balance quite yet!

We love you both SO much!

family photos

Back in the beginning of December, we had family pictures taken by an old friend of mine, Julie (she has just started her photography business – Julie Simpson Photography) as a surprise for our families for Christmas (and of course, for cute Christmas cards!).  Here are some of our favorites! Click on the photo to make it larger.  Thanks Julie! 🙂

playtime with the pyles boys

Cullen & Lane are getting more and more fun to play with every day – it seems like they learn some new trick each day!

this guy loves to watch football with his dad

Lane does NOT like to sit down - he wants to be standing & moving 24/7... I'm in trouble!

taking a few seconds to practice sitting by himself - with some "encouragement" from his pup

C-man loves tummy time now! His head control & motor skills have improved drastically lately.

our cute little jumping bean! this active boy loves his jumparoo - and so does his brother!

nothing beats laughing at silly Mommy though 😉

the boys are back!

After a rough week battling – who knows what… starting to teethe? upset tummies?  sleep deprivation after us keeping them up late too many nights in a row? (that’s what we get for taking them out so much – oh well, it was fun!), yesterday was a wonderful day and my sweet, happy boys are back! (and so is my sanity… just kidding)

I love these boys regardless of how happy or cranky they are, but it sure is hard to see them miserable and not be able to figure out what’s wrong.  Being a mom challenges me in new ways every day – but I love it.

I mean, seriously – I am in love with cute little boys in overalls.  Especially these boys.

Tucker has become seriously more interested in them the past month or so – and they’re noticing him as well.  When Lane was upset, if the doggie would come over and lick his hand, he’d quit crying immediately.  nice work, Tuck.

ps – a late but very happy birthday to Ash & Steph!  (shout out?!)


We have our good days and bad days – and the good days definitely outweigh the bad, but phew – getting back into our regular routine after the holidays + getting shots = a tough few days!  After getting spoiled the past two weeks with all of the visitors, the boys did not really appreciate the fact that it was back to just me and they didn’t get constant one-on-one attention.  Then they got their RSV shots yesterday and last night we were up once with Cullen and every 2 hours with Lane, who was just very unhappy & uncomfortable, the poor little guy.  Man, after they’ve been sleeping through the night for a while, it’s rough getting up all night again!  Thankfully they seem to be back to their normal selves today.

When I have a moment or a couple of days like this, I keep thinking “this wouldn’t be that hard if it was just one baby…” I start feeling sorry for them and for me that I can’t hold them both at the same time or give them more individual attention.  I have to snap myself out of it and remind myself that they don’t know any different, they’re not being scarred for life by crying for a couple of minutes, and they’re still VERY loved little boys.  It is a blessing that God has given us two sons, and they are generally really great babies.  And, if we didn’t have twins, we wouldn’t get to enjoy moments like these:

What a blessing it will be for both of them to get to grow up with a lifelong friend, and what a blessing for us to get to watch it develop!