2009: year in review

also known as, “What a difference a year makes!”

January 2009:  Right around my birthday (best birthday present ever!), we find out I’m pregnant.  We were so excited for Baby Pyles, due in September.  It makes me laugh to think about… we had no idea what was in store!

Jeff's present to find out - a Cavs onesie... had no idea we'd need two!

February 2009:  We go in for an 8-week ultrasound and get the surprise of our lives – we’re having TWINS.  We could no longer keep the secret and spread the news to everyone.

We were so shocked that we probably looked at this ultrasound a thousand times that week.

March 2009:  We celebrate our third anniversary.  No picture of it though – I think because I was so sick still, but we did enjoy a night away together, figuring we should make the most of our time left as just the two of us!

April 2009:  We decided to find out what we were having (originally with just one it was going to be a delivery surprise)… our big ultrasound goes perfectly and we learn there are TWO BOYS in there!

May – June 2009: Lots of amazing baby showers.  Babies keep on growin’.

July 2009:  After a pretty uncomplicated twin pregnancy, I land in the hospital with preeclampsia the day the Peru team leaves, taking with it 4 very important people.  I remember my sister telling the boys to behave while she was gone and stay in my belly.  They did not listen.  On July 26, we became parents when our amazing little boys were born!

August 2009:  Our boys overcame many obstacles in the NICU, growing each day.   This was probably the hardest month of our lives, but we grew even closer & our marriage became even stronger – as well as our relationship with the Lord.

September 2009:  Cullen & Lane come home!!! We were so happy to finally settle in as a family of four.

October – November – December 2009:  Life is different now – more challenging, but incredibly more rewarding.  We are so in love with our sons and so thankful to God for our twin surprise.   What a year 2009 was – thank you Lord for overwhelming us with two precious blessings, incredibly supportive families and friends, and your obvious provision every step of the way.  It’s been an amazing year!

Happy New Year to all!  We’re planning on a slightly more boring 2010… ha – if you can ever call life with twins boring. 😉


cullen rolling over

So in an effort to try to be fair (a daily struggle with twins!), I realized Cullen needed a video of him rolling over since I put Lane’s up a while back.  He’s only been doing it here and there so it was hard to record, but today he mastered it & did it about 8 times in a row.  It seems like ever since we started weekly PT, he’s been hitting milestone after milestone & catching up quickly – so proud of him!

Cullen & Lane’s first Christmas

Since both families wanted to be a part of the boys’ first Christmas, we all celebrated together in Charlotte – Jeff’s family drove down from Ohio to join all of us here.  We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church and then had dinner together at our house along with Jeff’s sister’s new family.  Big crowd, LOTS of good food, and of course tons of attention for these little boys.  We did our traditional Christmas brunch at my parents’, came home for a nap, and went back for the big turkey dinner.  Of course the boys had no idea what was going on, but we had fun opening their presents for them! 😉  Christmas with babies is definitely different, but so special.

all dressed up for their first Christmas Eve service

the four of us on Christmas Eve

Zaepfel family

Pyles family

opening presents - they lasted about 5 minutes 😉

the boys must've been very good this year!

reading the Christmas story for the first time on Christmas morning

Grandma & Grandpops with Lane

hanging out with my Grandpa

our first family Christmas!

5 months old.

The boys are 5 months old today!  It was so special to celebrate their first Christmas yesterday, and I can’t believe how much they’ve grown/changed this month!

At 5 months, you both:

  • eat 5 times a day, sleep from 8-7:30, and take 3 naps (short ones for Cullen, longer ones for Lane)
  • wear 3-6 month clothes – C-man fills them out, Lane gets his sleeves rolled up 😉
  • have started to realize you have a brother and like to stare at each other & smile – so cute!
  • laugh out loud
  • usually fall asleep sucking your thumbs and we think it’s the CUTEST thing!

cute Buckeye boys... and Lane's "saucer eyes"

Cullen Wayne, you:

  • are getting very vocal – you like to babble & repeat us if we make the same sounds back to you.  You also have the cutest belly laugh when we tickle you.  That sound makes me smile like nothing else!
  • have gotten SO much better at holding your head up and have rolled from tummy to back a few times!  You still hate tummy time so you get mad most of the time before you do it, but if we catch you at a good time, you can.  The physical therapist has been SO pleased with how quickly you’re making progress!  Way to go, buddy.
  • are still our big eater – when you want your food, you let us know it – and you never leave a drop in a bottle.
  • are not a big napper at the moment… but you sleep so much at night that we just have to go with it, I guess.
  • have the biggest man-belch after you eat…  you can sometimes even outdo your daddy!
  • love to suck your thumb and one specific kind of paci – you refuse any other kind.

C-dubs dressed up for his first Christmas Eve service

Lane Davis, you:

  • are our active baby!  You are constantly wiggling & moving.  You want us to sit you up, hold you up standing, and I bet before too long you’ll be sitting up on your own. You’re going to be a wild man – but a charmer too!  Those long eyelashes & constant flirty smiles are irresistible.
  • love your sleep right now.  We usually have to wake you up from naps after a while so you can stay on the same schedule as your brother.  You fall right to sleep and wake up super happy & smiley!
  • love to suck on your thumb or fist and will take a paci, but usually only when you’re getting sleepy.
  • love the exersaucer, even though you’re still not quite tall enough to touch the floor & we have to stuff a blanket around you in it!
  • love to be kissed all over your face – you’ll smile back and laugh after each kiss

the classic Laner face - tongue always sticking out.

We’re so thankful that you both have remained so healthy thus far and are really enjoying this age!  We love you boys SO much.

we love Christmastime!

Christmas is almost here!  Jeff’s parents came in on Sunday night, so last night we took both families to Christmas at the Billy Graham Library – so pretty all lit up with carolers, bell players, hot cocoa/cider, a live nativity…  we bundled the boys up and had a nice little outing that put us all in the Christmas spirit!


Cullen in the warm barn with Grandma Z

our family by the tree

Uncle Kyle kept Lane warm & snug all night

Cullen and Grandma P listening to the carolers

I love my Grandpa!

It’s nice having “live-in” grandparents this week – today I got to go out to lunch with Jenny & Katie, AND tonight Jeff & I went out with Brian & Jennifer and Bert & Holly.  What a fun day!  We’re so looking forward to the boys’ first Christmas – it makes this season even more special.

family hangout time