we’re two peas in a pod!



…this is just the costume warm-up – they’ve got another whole outfit for tonight!  couldn’t resist this though.


thankful thursday

Today I am thankful for:

  • little chubby fingers that clasp around mine
  • hot vegetable beef soup (my mother-in-law’s recipe – yum!) on a chilly fall day
  • a husband who is so loving and helpful – I don’t think I can thank him enough!
  • emails & messages from sweet friends that brighten my day (especially when I’m stuck at home)
  • the boys’ health, praying it continues through this crazy flu season!
  • a God whose plans are better than ours, and who provides for our every need
  • our families – tried and true, they’re the best
  • two pairs of big blue eyes smiling up at me – there’s nothing like it!

What are you thankful for today?

three months old


Boys, today you are three months old!  It seems like we just got you home.  You continue to be great babies and bring us so much joy – even during the crazy moments.  Having twins is definitely challenging, but we are both really seeing what a unique blessing it is as well!

You both:

  • still sleep from about 9-10 pm till 8-9 am with 2 wake-ups to eat… anytime you feel like dropping one of those, mom & dad would be fine with it!  but we won’t complain too much – you’re pretty good sleepers (most of the time).
  • are usually eating 6 times a day.
  • are so very loved – by us, by your families (man do they fight over who gets to hold you – and there are two of you… what we we do if we’d only had one baby?!), and by our sweet friends (you have a lot of “uncles” & “aunties”!)


Cullen Wayne, you:

  • are still super laid-back and pretty much only scream when you’re hungry (but boy, when you want your food, you want it now!).  You’re our little cuddlebug.
  • aren’t too interested in tummy time or trying to roll over – you’d rather just chill or fall asleep.  Guess you’ll do it when you feel like it and not a moment sooner!
  • are holding your head up better & can turn your head from side to side when on your tummy, IF you feel like it 😉
  • just started smiling at us – so cute with those big kissable chubby cheeks!



Lane Davis, you:

  • are an active little boy and want to be constantly moving when you’re awake! you have to be swaddled to calm down & go to sleep.  You definitely need a little more attention than your brother – Mr. Social.
  • love mornings!  Where did you get that from? not your parents!  You are full of smiles when we get you up in the morning.
  • are holding your head up really well and can keep it up or roll over when on your tummy.
  • have mastered smiling at us, especially when you’re being a booger so we can’t possibly get mad at you 😉  I love it when I smile at you and you smile back.



We love you!

fun weekend ahead!

Lane & Cullen are going to get lots of lovin’ the rest of the weekend – Aunt Ashley’s home on her fall break from college along with her roommate Steph, and my college roommate Tina is here all the way from Colorado!  I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for a while!


Ash & Steph

Tina Jo!

Tina Jo!

Roomies reunited

Roomies reunited


silly Cullen

silly Cullen


Happy Birthday Grandma Z!

Happy birthday, Mom/Grandma – we love you very much.  You are an amazing mother and did a GREAT job raising all three of your children – and you are already a fantastic grandma to these two boys.  They are going to love you so much, and probably whine to go to Grandma’s house every time they’re sick of me. 🙂  Thanks for all you do for us and the great example you are – we are all blessed to have you for a mother/grandmother.


Two Boys – Dad’s perspective

I’ve been promising Lauren a blog post for the last few weeks, but have yet to deliver.  I have been trying to figure out exactly what I should say and how to go about saying it.  I realize that I haven’t really posted how I feel about being  a dad and what it’s like for me to have two sons.   Well, here goes…

  • I have never been more in love with two people who need more care or attention and cannot reciprocate love in any recognizable fashion.  These boys have truly captured my heart and I swell up with pride every time I think about them.  I love nothing more than to hurry home and see my sweet family.  I feel whole and complete as a dad and it’s something I can’t explain for anyone who isn’t a parent.


  • I have so much respect for my wife and SAHMs (that’s “Stay At Home Moms” for those of you not in the know)… seriously, when did I learn abbreviations like this?  But I digress… she is absolutely amazing with them and gets more accomplished during the day while taking care of two boys and an attention-starved dog than I could ever hope to without those distractions.  I’m convinced that if we put a panel of moms together, in 20 minutes we’d have a balanced budget, health-care reform that won’t cripple our nation for the next 200 years and a delicious meal for dinner.  L, I’m so stinking proud of you and love you more and more each day.


  • I never thought that I’d be feeding twin boys at 2:3oish AM every night while trying to coordinate bibs, boppies and bottles in a semi-awake state (at best).  Seriously, if someone would’ve told me a year ago that this would be my life right now I would have laughed so hard at them (after immediately punching them in the face), but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  I love being a part of their lives as much as possible and even though most nights are a hot mess trying to feed, burp and change them while I’m a bleary-eyed zombie there are some nights when everything just clicks and it’s the most glorious experience in the world.


  • These boys are quite possibly the stinkiest things in the world, but I absolutely love cuddling with them.  I’m not kidding you… if we want to effectively interrogate terrorists, forget waterboarding… just put them in a room with several sleeping infants.  Every night when I walk into their room for their feeding, I get slapped in the face with stink.  It’s overpowering and there have been several occasions when I feel as though I’ve swallowed some of it.  This has led to severe indigestion.


  • Saturday and Sunday afternoons are a little piece of heaven.  Relaxing on the couch while watching college/NFL football with your son(s) sleeping on your chest is one of God’s greatest gifts to man.  I can’t wait until these boys are old enough to wrestle around and play football with in the backyard, but for now I love just lying around and watching football.

God has richly blessed us and we cannot thank Him enough for his goodness.  There are some times (albeit few and far between) when we feel like we’re losing our minds and that we’re ringmasters at the circus, but never could we have asked for better gifts.  I love my family and am the luckiest guy in the world to have such an amazing partner with which to share this adventure!


2 (& 1/2) month stats

Checkup went well yesterday – Dr. G said he was “astounded” at how fast they’re growing & gaining weight.  I’m glad & proud that they’re getting so big, but it makes me a little sad/sentimental, too… welcome to motherhood, I guess!

Here are the stats – keep in mind, this is for full-term 2 month olds – NOT adjusted for them being little preemies (geez, Cullen!):

CULLEN: Weight – 10 lbs, 9 oz (45th percentile); Height: 22 in (25th %);  Head: 16 in (75th %!!!)

LANE: Weight – 9 lbs, 5 oz (15th percentile); Height – 20 1/2 in (not quite on the charts yet!); Head: 14 3/4 in (10th %)

So they’re doing great – just slightly concerned at how fast Cullen’s head is growing (but we all know it’s been big all along).  He thinks it’s because he favors his left side so much that it’s just still misshapen a bit (called torticollis/plagiocephaly) which can make the measurements off.  However, if it keeps growing too fast he’ll need a CT scan to make sure everything’s ok.  He had a few scans in the NICU that were fine, so we’re hoping it will resolve itself by doing the neck stretching exercises & therapies he gave us (they both go to physical therapy in a month as well & they’ll work on it with us too).  Obviously his head has been a concern for a while, so we’ll continue to pray that it’s not a big deal & fixes itself – and try not to worry too much!

They got shots, too (Daddy accompanied them – I can’t do it!), and we had some very fussy babies for the bedtime hour last night.  Cullen was especially unhappy, which is very uncharacteristic of him – thus, a late-night run for Infant Tylenol!  Serves us right – we should’ve been prepared. Worked like a charm though and they seem to be back to normal today, thankfully.

Thank you, Lord, for healthy boys!  They’ve sure come a long way.

I love long weekends.

This weekend, Jeff’s parents came down (and Kristen came for the day on Saturday) to see the boys – it had been about a month and I know they couldn’t believe how much they’d grown!  We had a nice time & they let us sneak out on a fun date Sunday night too! 🙂  Thanks Grammy & Grandpa Pyles!

Jeff had yesterday off from work and it was so nice to spend a weekday together – I love having him around to help with the boys, too.  It’s crazy (but adorable) how fast they will calm down if you lay them on his chest… I keep telling him I wish he could leave it with me when it goes to work – it’s like a magic spot!

I slacked on taking pictures this weekend – better get back on it this week… they are growing & changing every day!  Here are a few though. We go to the pediatrician tomorrow & we’re looking forward to seeing what they weigh – and hopefully getting “house arrest” lightened a bit?!

Grammy loving on her grandsons - they loved getting held all weekend!

Grammy loving on her grandsons - they loved getting held all weekend!

Cullen the rockstar... or guitar hero.  Thanks for the outfit, Megan - SO cute!

Cullen the rockstar... or guitar hero. Thanks for the outfit, Megan - SO cute!

Lane, Mr. Social - he doesn't want to miss anything!

Lane, Mr. Social - he doesn't want to miss anything!

Laidback Cullen - who'd rather just go to sleep when it's tummy time.

Laidback Cullen - who'd rather just go to sleep when it's tummy time.


This little cutie made my DAY this morning:


(Lane) He woke up before his brother this morning and just wanted to hang out – he was in such a happy mood (and he’d been a little high-maintenance the past couple of days!).  Then he locked eyes with me and gave me his first huge, genuine SMILE!  I’ve always loved when babies smile at you (even the little newborn smirks & grins!) – but it is just so much sweeter when it’s your own child!  They’re really starting to focus and interact with us – so fun.

In other good news, both boys got released from the eye doctor yesterday – no ROP (retinopathy of prematurity) and the blood vessels in their eyes have fully matured with no issues!  Praise the Lord – and thank goodness, no more of those copays every other week. 😉