cribs, take two

Here are a few pictures of the new bedding – we both love it!  The bumpers are reversible so we used one side for each crib.  Once the boys are here we’ll put up pictures of the walls, etc.  We’re planning to put monograms above each crib – but knowing me, we won’t be ordering anything involving names until they are here and those names are in INK on the birth certificates!

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28 weeks.

We hit the 28-week mark on Saturday and had our follow-up scan from 2 weeks ago today.  Here’s what’s been going on:

-Nausea/”morning” sickness is back… who named that mess morning sickness anyway?  Good times.  It’s ok, when your very health-conscious mother tells you to go get a milkshake because that would be “nutritious” right now – I’ll take it! 🙂

-I had a change of heart and redid the nursery this weekend – new bedding, but now I’m in love with it!  Pictures coming soon once we get it all set up.  My mom is wonderful for letting me be indecisive and just wanting me to find something I love!  I’m going to blame it on pregnancy – nesting?

-At our ultrasound today, Big Boy (Baby A) had apparently gained almost a pound in the past 2 weeks, while Baby B only gained a few ounces…meaning they are getting farther apart.  Baby B is measuring right on track now (not ahead anymore as he has been) and Baby A is still a few weeks ahead (his whole body apparently, not just his head).  They’re sending me back down to the Women’s Institute (the high-risk dr. I went to for my 18 wk appt) for a consultation to see if there’s anything they would do differently.  He again said he didn’t want to get too alarmed, because third trimester ultrasounds aren’t great and the estimates can definitely be off – but the difference is enough that they need to have me check with the specialists.  It’s good that neither baby is measuring behind – the only thing that worries me is that Baby B seems to be growing slower and slower each time – at one point he was 2 weeks ahead and he’s not ahead at all anymore.  That’s totally fine right now – I guess I’m just worried about if that trend continues, he’ll start getting behind and that’s when they really get concerned.  However, that’s just me worrying – God is in control and He already knows the outcome!  I’m trying not to worry about it, as right now the doctor is really pleased with everything else and hopefully the scans are just off – we cetainly know lots of people whose ultrasounds were way wrong in predicting their babies’ sizes!

The good news is we got a lot of cute 3D ultrasound pictures of both of them!  You can really see their little faces – cute.  (Jeff promises to scan them & get them up this week!) We’re joking that Baby A looks like Jeff and Baby B looks like me – so maybe we just have a Jeff baby & a Lauren baby in there (well, a boy version of me… which would be… Kyle?! ha).  Or it obviously could just be the way they’re growing in utero and they could even out pretty quickly once they’re outside and are getting the same nutrition.  We’ll just have to see!  We definitely appreciate your continued prayers for these boys’ growth & delivery in the right timing.

-We’re taking a multiples class at the hospital on Wednesday… should be interesting!

And here’s the belly in all its 28-week glory.  Right now I’m estimated to be carrying almost 6 lbs of babies… that’s just about like 1 full-term baby!  I’ll always wonder what that would be like… ha.  It’s hard to believe how close we’re getting to these babes getting here!  We cannot wait.

28 wks

Happy Father’s Day

to some very special men:

Dad Zaepfel.  affectionately referred to as “Big Z,” “Pops” and “Insane Wayne.”  I was a huge Daddy’s girl growing up.  Proud of it – he’s the best and I’m so thankful for the close relationship we still have.

Dad Pyles. aka “Big Kev,” “Papa Pyles” – don’t let him fool you, he’s a teddy bear.  We have some very recent wedding photos to prove it.  Jeff really appreciates how involved you were when he was growing up.

Our Grandpas.  I’m pretty sure we snagged the best ones.

We love you!!!

also this guy, soon to be the father of my children:

IMG_0471Look how much fun he’s having with our little giraffe friend.  You know he’s gonna be good at this.  Happy “Almost a Father” Day to J!  Thanks for being my babies’ daddy.

Hilton Head 2009

Back from the beach!  I just love being at the beach and hate leaving – but we had a great time!  My family spends this week in Hilton Head every summer, and this year we also spent time with Jeff’s family since his sister, Kristen, got married on Thursday!  Pictures…

Congrats Kristen & Ron!  We also took Tucker with us and he LOVED the water this time, but forgot our camera on beach walks so we don’t have any pictures of it!  Oh well.   Next year’s beach trip will be pretty different with two little boys (I do love beach babies in their suits, sun hats, and glasses playing in the sand!)… thank goodness we’ll have Grandma & Grandpa Z to help show them beach life.

26 weeks

26 weeks-ful of twins.

26 weeks-ful of twins.


-School’s OUT for summer!  And for a very long time for me.  I plan on enjoying this last summer break and resting as much as I can to keep these babies baking as long as possible… I then report to my two tiny little bosses at my new, very FULL-time job in August. (wait, no, I’M the boss…)

-We had another growth scan today and FINALLY got some cute profile/ face pictures of the boys!  The highlight being a 3D face photo of Baby B (Baby A wasn’t feeling the paparazzi). We’ll try to get them scanned in & posted soon.

-The boys are still measuring a little big (just about a week ahead now, which is totally fine and less ahead than they were) but unfortunately they are now measuring too far apart.  The doctors are fine with up to a 15% difference but they’re now measuring more than that.  Baby A was estimated at about 2 1/2 lbs. while Baby B was closer to just 2 lbs.  He said not to be too alarmed yet, just that we need to monitor them more closely and see if the discrepancy keeps getting any bigger or if they even out a little.  If it doesn’t clear up, we’d have to start considering an early delivery (it may mean Baby A is getting more nutrients and Baby B isn’t getting enough) which we’re hoping to avoid, obviously! I have to go back in 2 weeks for a scan to check on that.  I’ll also have my glucose test that day, yippee.   So we’ll just continue to pray for the next 2 weeks, trust that God is in control and hopefully we’ll get some reassuring news at the next appointment.

-We’re off to the beach this week for Zaepfel family vacation and Kristen & Ron’s wedding!  Looking forward to some good time with both families.  Now I just have to resist that hot tub…

Peepee Teepees

Peepee Teepees... "for the sprinkling weewee!"

Peepee Teepees... "for the sprinkling weewee!"

Seriously… W.T.Harris?!?!  Lauren and I have spent a good chunk of the afternoon organizing and putting things in their place after a trip to BRU (That’s Babies R’ Us for those not in the know) and the last thing we were putting away were these things.  I mean, have moms now thought of everything?  There doesn’t seem to be a single new invention that could be created now that we have Peepee Teepees.  I’ve been thinking… if a grown man were to use one of these things, how far would these projectiles fly?  Before you provide your answer in the comments, perhaps I should explain exactly what a Peepee Teepee is… these are cone shaped absorbent cloths to use when changing little boys.  Basically, you cover your boy’s man business with a Peepee Teepee so that you don’t get sprayed in the face or all over your clothes.  These are to prevent a double changing (one for the baby and then a second for you).  Basically, these may be the sweetest inventions ever and I’m kind of ticked that I didn’t come up with the idea.

Alright, so I guess I’ve been a little lax on posting and thought I’d update everyone as to what Daddy has been thinking over the past few weeks.  As Lauren has already posted, we had our sweet, celebrity-style ultrasound where we walked right in and were in and out in less than 40 minutes including the ultrasound (P.S. I think I have a man-crush on Dr. Campbell).  We had a shower a week ago with my co-workers which was a blast… we got lots of good stuff, were fed some gourmet food and played some ridiculous games… let’s just say that if there was ever an Olympic competition for drinking beer out of a baby bottle, yours truly would be bringing home the Gold… guaranteed.  Lots of fun was had and we’ve continued to be blessed by how generous everyone has been to us.  These boys sure are going to have a lot of people to thank for their sweet duds and awesome accommodations.

Guys, turns out that once the cribs, dresser and other essentials are in the nursery, you AREN’T completely finished with the room.  I made the mistake of mentioning how the room was ALMOST complete the other day when Lauren was around and she quickly corrected me saying “It’s so cute that you think once the cribs are up in the room, it’s almost done”… guess I’ve still got a lot to learn before the boys arrive.  Speaking of that, we’re getting ready to begin the 3rd trimester.  Lauren’s been starting to get pretty uncomfortable lately and I think more than anything is concerned that it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.  We’re praying that these boys want to stay in the womb for another 8-10 weeks (give or take an hour or two), but at the same time praying for Lauren to be able to handle the end of a twin pregnancy semi-well.  It’s been scorching hot here in Charlotte and my wife’s internal body temperature is hovering somewhere around 186 degrees.  NOTHING is cool enough nor is there really any excuse to go outside right now.  Case in point… Lauren normally LOVES to go out and get the mail every day.  I mean this is a serious obsession and she’s quite ticked at me if I get it before she has the chance.  Today… not so much.  I was going to mail out a thank-you note and she made sure to mention that I should get the mail when I went out to send it…. BLEW.MY.MIND.  Pregnancy does some weird things to a woman and this is another repercussion.  (Insert wonderful compliment about my lovely wife here)… seriously, she’s been a trooper (not Trooper, that’s the name of her cousin’s soon to be born son).  I’m so impressed with her and falling in love with her more and more every day.

Until the next time,


welcome to my crib

Cribs are set up!  Here’s a little preview of the cribs, bedding, and finished walls – big thanks to my husband for the beadboard/trim/paint (shoutout to BP for his help – esp. since your pay was only a beer and gratitude!), Mom & Dad Z and Kristen for each buying a crib, and Mom & Dad Z for the bedding (and my mom dealing with my neverending indecisiveness)!  The basics are complete… now we just need some decorations, and of course some baby boys to put in there!


my boys

IMG_1020They make me laugh.

I love these boys I live with – and soon there will be two more at the Pyles casa!  I’m going to be so outnumbered… but I can’t wait.  That just means I get to be queen of the castle, right?!

IMG_1017Tucker has no idea what’s about to hit him.  Enjoy all the attention while you can, buddy.  You may be cute, but babies are cuter.