Ohio Baby Shower

This past weekend we drove up to Ravenna, OH to see Jeff’s family for the weekend.  His mom threw us a shower at their church with all the ladies that have known him for so long (most have known him his entire life and watched him grow up!).  They spoiled us with baby stuff and cute outfits for the boys – we are so thankful and feel very blessed!


With Grandma Pyles (soon to be Great-Grandma!) :)

With Grandma Pyles (soon to be Great-Grandma!) 🙂

IMG_0870Pyles Family


22 weeks

What’s going on with us:

-They’re kicking!  Right about 21 weeks, I could feel both of them distinctly, and Jeff’s been able to feel them both from the outside.   It’s an awesome feeling – and really funny when they both kick me at the EXACT same time on both sides, as if they think it’s a fun little trick.  They really go crazy when Jeff puts his hand on my stomach – guess they love their daddy already!  They’re moving around a lot – which makes for some “interesting” belly shapes at any given moment.

-They are about the size of papayas now (so the internet says), and should each be around 1 pound and a foot long.  We have a growth scan in 2 weeks so we’ll see more specifics.

-We enjoyed watching Welles (our friends Holly & Bert’s baby boy) get dedicated at church today – how sweet it will be to bring our two boys to be dedicated to the Lord!

-Friday night was my cousin Peter & his wife Megan’s baby shower in Columbia – yay for baby boys!  Jeff’s sister Kristen is getting married next month in Hilton Head and we had her bridal shower last night in Kernersville.  We’re excited for their wedding on the beach and grateful that (as of now at least) I’ll be able to go be a part of it.

-My sister Ashley gets home from Spain this week!  She hasn’t seen me since January… get ready Ash, I look SLIGHTLY different. 😉

-The nursery is making some progress!  The beadboard is up and Jeff’s working on the trim – we’re really excited about how it’s turning out.  Unfortunately Pottery Barn Kids sold out of the bedding we’d fallen in love with… so we’re starting over on that – I’m only slightly bitter, I swear. 


22 wks

We’re grateful for your continued prayers for the pregnancy and the babies.  We have certainly been reminded that we can’t take anything for granted.  We know God is in control and already knows every step of these boys’ lives and we praise Him for that.

Happy Mother’s Day!

We have two wonderful mothers – we are so thankful for both of them and the way they love & care for us.  I know I (Lauren) am so thankful to have 2 great examples to follow as I become a mother soon.  We pray that God will bless them today and that they’ll know how loved and appreciated they are.  We love you, Mom Z & Mom P! 

MomLauren beach

20 weeks (a little late)

Well, 20 weeks was last Saturday (tomorrow is 21) – but here’s what they’re looking like on the inside:

Twins Week 20And from the outside:

20 wks

It’s the halfway point for a “normal” pregnancy, and definitely more than halfway for us!  The 20 week appt went great – the boys still tried to trick the nurses by only letting them find one heartbeat for quite a while – but the nurses finally won out this time.  We go back in a month and from here on out have growth scans at every appointment – a very exciting benefit of twins, we’ll get to see them every time now!

Proud Papa

(Jeff)  Two Boys!!!  When spoken, those words brought me so much joy (If heaven is anything like a dad finding out he’s getting not one, but TWO boys… it’ll be even more amazing than anyone could imagine).  You see, I never had a brother and although my sister and I have always been close, I always wanted to have a brother.  Someone to play catch in the backyard… someone to build forts with… someone to get into all kinds of trouble with… I mean, isn’t that what brothers are for?  I firmly believe that every boy needs a brother and the fact that my boys will have a twin brother with whom they can share life and adventures makes me so proud and happy.  I can already see them playing little league together and getting drafted #1 and #2 overall in the 2030 NFL Draft (either ILB and OLB or LT & RT… I don’t want to limit them too much… you know the whole freedom, let them develop and do their own things, don’t try to live vicariously through them, blah blah blah).

In all seriousness, I’m excited to train up my boys to love the Lord and to be Godly men.  I’m also excited for them to have a younger sister someday.  For those of you who know me well, you know that I’m a softie for little girls and need to have a daddy’s girl to spoil.  As an added bonus, our first girl will have 2 older brothers who will certainly be overprotective and make sure that she doesn’t get a date until she’s 35 (still a little too soon for her daddy, I’m sure).

Tomorrow we have another appointment at our regular doctor… it’s so hard to believe that Lauren is already 20 weeks along.  I’m so excited and can’t wait until August.  Boys, we’ve been praying for you and are anxiously awaiting your arrival!

MUD RUN 2009

Today was the much-anticipated MUD RUN 2009 in Greenville, SC.  Jeff, Brian, Bert, & Regi competed in a 4-mile, 35-obstacle race through the mud.  Intense.  and pretty entertaining.  Jennifer & I went to cheer them on and brought Jack with us to cheer on his daddy since Holly couldn’t make it (we missed you!).  Also, they may or may not have been named “Team Courtesy Flush,” complete with brown t-shirts with running toilet logos.  

The guys did a great job and finished in well under an hour – it was a fun afternoon!