lock up your daughters…

We’re having 2 baby boys!!!

The babies were great for the ultrasound (the tech kept commenting about how cooperative they were – mommy says STAY THAT WAY!) and definitely were NOT shy about letting us know they were boys! 

They looked great – the ultrasound took about an hour and was extremely in-depth… so far these boys are healthy and perfect.  They are even measuring big right now (one is measuring over a week ahead, one is measuring a couple of days ahead) – we’ll see if that holds up… but it would be a good thing since they will probably come at least a little early.   Everything went so well that Lauren was released from the high-risk doctor – praise the Lord!  The pregnancy is still technically high-risk because of multiples, but as low as it can be for twins, which is a huge relief. 

Here’s Mom & Dad Zaepfel finding out that two grandsons are on the way:



We’re thanking the Lord for our two boys!

“Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from Him.” -Psalm 127:3


18 weeks


Felt them moving this week – a lot!  You can also feel them from the outside – at least the one on top who’s squished up against the skin.  Unbelieveable!  We’re looking forward to seeing how they’re laying at our ultrasound tomorrow so we can know WHAT body parts keep sticking out!  (It’s probably not too flattering when you’re not sure if you’re touching your child’s head… or butt!)

Tomorrow is our big high-tech ultrasound uptown with the high risk doctor.  We’re praying everything goes smoothly and that they are healthy and growing just as they should be.  We’re looking forward to getting some more twin-specific questions answered as well.  And OF COURSE, hopefully finding out just what we’re dealing with as long as they cooperate!  Don’t be modest, babies! 

birthday boy!

Happy Birthday Jeff!

We love you. 

we might have a lead on some names…

So one of my second grade groups is REALLY into the babies thing (they just found out a couple of weeks ago).  Today, a few of them decided to throw out some name options for me.  Here are the highlights:

  • Flower and Heart
  • Spiderman and Superman (or Batman, or X-man, or the Hulk – all perfectly acceptable options)
  • Dora and Diego
  • Monster and Truck
  • Super and Awesomeness

With all of these fabulous suggestions, we shouldn’t have any problem picking out a couple, right?!

16 weeks

16 weeks… we had an appt. today which should’ve just been a routine check-up, but they could only find one heartbeat with the dopplers after searching for several minutes. Frightening – but I just kept praying and Jeff was holding my hand, and God really gave me a peace that everything was going to be ok. The doctor decided to bring in the ultrasound machine and he was able to find both hearbeats – turns out one baby was on top of the other and not letting us hear the other heartbeat! They’re tricksters already.

Everything looked good, and we got a chance to see them for a minute on the ultrasound unexpectedly which is always awesome. We were amazed at how much they have grown since we saw them at 8 weeks. They were blobs then, and now we could see 2 bodies including arms, spines, and eye sockets. It’s amazing to see how God is creating them inside of me! Praise the Lord that everything was okay.
I blacked out twice yesterday so he tested me for anemia but it was fine – just my normal blood sugar issues it seems. I have been instructed to eat a high protein breakfast each morning, so it sounds like Chef Jeff will be whipping up some omelettes & quiches! yessss.

2 WEEKS TO THE BIG ULTRASOUND! And then we’ll really have to start working on the name game… we’re not doing so swell on that yet – suggestions anyone?

and the belly:

oh my.

Ashley sent us this photo the other day – apparently she’s decided it’s a must-have baby shower present. Or not.

It’s called a Peekaru. Call us scared.
PS – imagine 2 heads coming out of that thing.