15 weeks

Week 15 – our babies are the size of navel oranges! (I really can’t believe I have TWO babies the size of oranges in my belly!) I am finally starting to feel better, though still getting sick at night a good bit (this pregnancy thing is not so fun – I’m becoming more and more grateful we’re getting a 2 for 1 deal!). I still don’t really have any cravings, and I keep waiting to feel “ravenous” like they say should happen in 2nd trimester (especially with twins). So far Jeff’s had it pretty easy – I haven’t sent him on any crazy food runs!
I really hadn’t had much of a belly until this week -but this week it started to pop out! (It seemed like overnight, literally!) I guess you can’t really hide 2 oranges in your belly for long, can you? So for all who have asked, here’s a little peek:

And THE COUNTDOWN IS ON! We find out the babies’ sexes in 3 weeks, on April 20th! Place your bets now – we put a poll on the blog for fun. We seriously cannot WAIT to see what’s in there.

why J will be a great dad: reason #2,568.

I’ve been home sick today with laryngitis and a nasty cough (I’m finally feeling relief from “morning” sickness now that we’re out of 1st trimester – so of course I catch a virus from the kids at school!)… I’m laying in bed and all of a sudden hear all of these kids – look out the back window, and there’s Jeff in our backyard, surrounded by probably half of the kids who live in our neighborhood – who came over to play with him and Tucker. I think he knew 2 of these kids before today, but does that surprise anyone?

He cracks me up – but he’s so good with them. These babies are getting a great one!

An epidemic that’s sweeping the nation…

I’m not sure if everyone knows about the latest disease that has infiltrated this great country of ours… My wife has unfortunately suffered this for several years. In fact, ever since I’ve known her this has been a concern. However, this problem has been magnified by her pregnancy and she cannot seem to find any relief. I’m sending this out to anyone who may know of a cure for this evil, terrible syndrome… maybe you’ve heard of it:
Do you lie awake at night with leg jitters that just won’t quit? Do your legs possess the energy of a 8-yr old on a pixie stick high? Do you have to perform calf-raises at midnight just to calm down your nervous twitches? You too may be the victim of this ruthless disease… let’s all join together and find a REAL cure for it. Support groups are forming in your areas…
In all seriousness, Lauren has been having quite a bit of trouble sleeping lately and we’re hoping that now that we’re through the 1st trimester that maybe this will begin to be less of an issue. Today we get to go and make her first maternity clothes purchases… thank goodness for Friends and Family events at Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy!
Until next time… -J

"Well, we didn’t find a third…"

oh so funny, doctor. We probably would’ve fainted right then and there…

but for real – we had our 12/13 week appt. today and got to hear the heartbeats for the first time! It was kind of a circus trying to find both of them (it takes 2 nurses, 2 dopplers, and a lot of playing around!) but they did and everything’s looking good – both heartbeats were somewhere around 16o bpm which is great for this stage. It’s so amazing to listen to their heartbeats – what a mighty God we serve!

…so in Jenn’s words – it’s time to get to decorating that nursery for 2! We should find out the sexes in 6 weeks, too – we can’t WAIT for that. (Originally we wanted to not find out and be surprised, but with the BIG twins surprise – Lauren’s gonna need to plan!)

three years!

On March 4, 2006 I made the single best decision of my life and married this fine man:

But seriously, he is amazing and I’m so thankful for him today! I can’t wait to see how the Lord deepens my love for him even more in year 4 with this new adventure we’re beginning! Thanks for all you do for me and for being such a godly, sweet, caring, cute, and hilarious husband and best friend, J…I love you. -L

Snow Day!

Snow Day #3 in Charlotte – third time’s the charm, I guess – the first two couldn’t even really be enjoyed because the (not much) snow melted right away (and making up snow days is SO not as much fun when you’re the teacher, not the student!) …this time we got a pretty good amount (for here – I know you’re laughing up there in Ohio, Mom & Dad Pyles!). And since it will NOT be enjoyable when we have to make it up in May, we figured we should make the most of it today!
Our house

Tucker loves it!
Brian & Jennifer came over for some fun in the snow! Clearly, what’s a snow day without grilled cheese sandwiches & soup, building a snowman with two heads, snowball fights, and cookies & hot cocoa?!

Our little family of 3… ummmm, 5??!

…and Tuck attacks the snow angel.