How are they going to fit in there???

Well, I figure it’s time for me to chime in with my thoughts on finding out that we’d be having twins. I think I was in a daze for about a day or two following the fateful words by the ultrasound technician. My first reaction (once it finally began to set in): “How in the world are TWO babies going to fit into my wife’s belly?” I mean, look at her…. not exactly a plus-size model. Let’s just say this could be interesting.
So far, this has been quite an adventure. Sleep and food have defined our lives lately. I always have considered myself someone who was pretty good at helping around the house, but I’ve realized how much work it is to get dinner on the table (or in bed) and try to keep the house in order. With everything that’s been going on, Lauren has been quite tired and nauseous basically non-stop. I’m so proud of her for hanging in there and still being such a great encouragement to me in spite of what’s going on inside of her. I’m definitely blessed to be able to have these babies with the love of my life.
I know our lives are going to completely change very soon… but I couldn’t be more excited. I’m all in and can’t wait for what’s in store! -J

"I think I have a surprise for you…"

… there’s TWO.

We went in for the first ultrasound, and got the surprise of our lives. Turns out we’ve made some twins!

There you have it – my belly. with TWO babies in it. Let me tell you what a shock it is to walk in to what you think is a routine ultrasound, hoping to see one healthy heartbeat – and all of a sudden things are being labeled “Baby A” and “Baby B!”

I saw it right away – but thought, “I don’t know anything about ultrasounds, that can’t be right…” until 2 seconds later when the tech said those words I’ll NEVER forget – “I think I have a surprise for you.” Jeff just started laughing.

We’re excited, scared, and feeling very blessed to be starting this journey. We’d love your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and for our two sweet babes!

Hey – when we go for something, we go all out.